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You posted cringe
hey what'd I do
ah shit me and xpro basically got the same number thats hype
just putting a bookmark down
and your point is?
luna is so cringe
Welcome to the national SGM spelling bee.

Your word is: Nigger-Faggot

this sgm staff is gettin wild
this site is a form of weaponized autism
i was literally on sttt at the time what

why do i put myself in positions to be associated with so many retarded inbred monkeys
this is a great view into how world wars happen
helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot helix is a huge faggot
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wtf i didnt post a URL fix your dam site
you guys rly think helix has anyone backing him? guy is washed up creating alts on sgm to feel a little bit relevant and salivating at the thought of opal creating something new so he can try to get some form of power of[URL REDACTED]munity manager lol what a joke
Opalium is a huge piece of shit and Helix is the little turd that thought he could
Loser central up in here. Helix and his whole crew talking shit not knowing whats what. Yo you joined when? Exactly fuck head, fuck outa here with that shit. Nobody likes you.
free my nigga snak
Actually Highwon was against banning Snak. The rest of the admins wanted him gone. Again with the spreading a false agenda. Being a loser and not knowing what happened is hilarious. Like do you actually get anywhere in life being such a huge loser? Picked on a lot in school loser?
You just said it
Anyone that says bigotry is automatically a homo
It’s not worth of COI
snak was the first person to call highwon a sand nigger and he got perma banned for it

rip snak
I still cant believe he tried to call Highwon a bigot LOL
Hhahahahaha did somebody really post that????? Dude Highwon was making fun of the players accusing him of being racist and against minorities (specifically sand niggers) and not realizing Highwon himself is a minorty. What a fucking idiot would post that with no context to paint him in a bad light? This is the exact type of toxicity that comes from these groups. They spin everything to fit their own agenda and not realizing they are just toxic waste themselves that nobody wants to associate with except their own little group of garbage.
Nah, I know the context lmao. ~Helix
You are posting it out of context and you have no idea what that context was since you werent even part of the community at that point. Nobody likes you Helix.
Waiiiit are you telling me Slicck has no father?

The real reason behind the change. You're free now Highwon. Continue with the bigotry that you portray in your own community.

The real reason behind the change. You're free now Highwon. Continue with the bigotry that you portray in your own community.

The real reason behind the change. You're free now Highwon. Continue with the bigotry that you portray in your own community.
Mods are leaving left and right lmao
No that would be inaccurate. Opalium cant dev for shit.
why isnt this site
Oh and this change was by Highwon not the leads
So apparently Faggot and Nigger is now allowed as long as its not directed at anyone
So apparently Faggot and Nigger is now allowed as long as its not directed at anyone
So apparently Faggot and Nigger is now allowed as long as its not directed at anyone
Hey I’m not the one eating watermelon here okay?
no u
K nigger
Boys and girls of sgm, the leads have unbanned the hard R. Feel free to say it in-game now
Spamming pictures like that really shows how dumb a person that wastes their time here is
jealous of beard
I spent thousands of hours when the place was Poppin 🥺
He is right though? It used to be the #1 server for like 3 years straight. You must be a new player to not know.
😂you guys are so mad hahaha😂
dont judge my god highwon he maded the bestest ttt server ever!!!

ur just a retard whos only achievement is waking up in the morning so stfu you dont know shit about dick and you dont get to call him out for being obviously shit because ur even shitter!
Yep your jealous deary, maybe try accomplishing what Highwon did before judging him :)
LOL imagine defending an 'owner' who doesn't even know the rules to his own server
Stay jealous, sweety ;)
lmao imagine shilling for opalium in july
lmao imagine shitting on opalium in july
Look guys I solved it!

Look, opal updated his website
Guys, Opalium wouldn't know good programming if it hit him in the face. If there was an award for world shittiest programmer then that award would be sitting on his desk. Facts!
the fuck is wrong with some of you people
although i won't deny that he's a pedophile, having seen all the evidence
that's not dazza libtard
When denied a 14 year old girl’s instagram link (not a pedo btw)
So King Crimson actually works pretty easily. He doesn't ERASE time, he SKIPS past it. Diavolo uses King Crimson's Epitah so see the events he doesn't like, then SKIPS past them. So, if bullets are about to hit him and he skips time past it, the bullets don't hit him -- they keep going until they hit the ground or something. King Crimson isn't that hard to understand now that we have a good translation thanks to DavidPro.
Jessica Alba
Kid diddlers must be doodled.
List of diddly diddlers:
i wanna be a pokemon master
watch out #3502 he will get you thrown in jail for violating the law
that's one sexy mofo... hot
when I was a trial mod, dazza pulled me into a private call and tried to flirt with me multiple times even after I said I didn't like it.. eventually I stopped talking to him and removed him from everything because he couldn't help himself from being sexual and weird. I get that you're strange dazza but maybe the fact you're a creep is why girls don't like you irl
I have inside information on how Opalium has decided to abandon the SGM community. He himself has told me he no longer wished to support something that has no future. That is the point at which he started to screw everyone and everything he could so he could ensure SGM would die as soon as possible.
“3473 is what happens when tagakis ip changes” bitch I put my name on every single device when I’m on
wtf doctor you actually sent your penis to someone over the internet holy shit lol
so small you wouldnt have to pixelate it!
jk im a dude
Dazza harassed me and tried to make sexual advances with me when I was a trial moderator. I was underage at the time.
>post picture of himself on gaming forum
>picture gets reposted
>ahh fucking doxxers imma go tell my mom, yshe is friends with the president, you're gonna get fucking executed, ahhhhhh
>nothing happens
>picture gets posted again
>ahhhhhh fucking doxxers, imma tell my mom, she knows the president, you're gonna get executed., ahhhhhh
>nothing happens
hello it's me definitely not proper
hey now you got permabanned? get your vpn and play
hey now toxic canadian? pay highwon and be okay
and all them shitters are gay
not even the bans keep pedos at bay
Anal sex
Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me
I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb
In the shape of an "L" on her forehead
Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming
Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running
Didn't make sense not to live for fun
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb
So much to do, so much to see
So what's wrong with taking the back streets?
You'll never know if you don't go
You'll never shine if you don't glow
Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play
Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold
It's a cool place and they say it gets colder
You're bundled up now, wait till you get older
But the meteor men beg to differ
Judging by the hole in the satellite picture
The ice we skate is getting pretty thin
The water's getting warm so you might as well swim
My world's on fire, how about yours?
That's the way I like it and I never get bored
Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play
Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid
All that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold
Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play
Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show, on get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars
Somebody once asked could I spare some change for gas?
I need to get myself away from this place
I said yep what a concept
I could use a little fuel myself
And we could all use a little change
Well, the years start coming and they don't stop coming
Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running
Didn't make sense not to live for fun
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb
So much to do, so much to see
So what's wrong with taking the back streets?
You'll never know if you don't go (go!)
You'll never shine if you don't glow
Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play
Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold
3473 is what happens when tagakis ip changes


dont insult my hair you fuck
your dick smells like squid! banned
Doc you’re more insane than hongo and I didn’t think that was possible
Sgm is a private server they can ban anyone they want for any reason
Your hair looks stupid? Banned.
agreeing with me is a sign of high intellect
#364 please stop im starting to agree with you
Sweet I got a dick
stop spamming dick
epic dude you got me

i give a single massive fuck about the stupid shit your pulling
You're putting a lot of effort into "not giving a fuck"
the thing is nobody gives a fuck about the law of your country

nobody gives a fuck about the law in general

your making mountains of molehills and abuse criminal law as some defense against the least offending shit in the world

try being human instead of being a reptilian and or sociopath or whatever your going for
I can't help knowing the law of my country and how it helps me
hey doctor

can you go 5 minutes without claiming a slight against you is illegal abuse

In fact, go ahead and post my face. I don't care, I hope you feel like the big-man because you're far from it
Using my stuff to harass me is illegal, and using my face as some sort of weapon to scare me away isn't going to work
literally a picture you posted... did you dox yourself?
Yeah no problem, Juah14. And as for the other guy pretending to be me doxxing is illegal in the UK especially for the intent of harassment, it doesn't matter what country you're from you will still be held liable. SO think before you act
how you look when you call him retard
Lmao my dumbass saw the #34xx and called it a day
Juah14, you do realise that's not me? Lmao
your actually retarded
look at the numbers you fucking dicks

#3437 and #3456
Are you not reading what I'm saying? I don't deserve to be banned. Yes, I did send my penis to someone. But that's my right, if I want to send someone my penis, I can send someone my penis. But in my country it is legal so SGM has NO RIGHT to continue my ban over the circumstances. Teroxa refuses to answer any more of my PMs so I have to go through other methods to resolve this unfair ban. Going to the server host was the only way to do this. Now, they still won't listen and they must suffer the consequences for this. SGM will not be able to RISE FROM THE ASHES LIKE A PHOENIX. Instead, it will burn down to the ground and desiccate in to darkness.
It's time to move on, doctor. You're an obsessed ex girlfriend who cant let go, you have nothing in sgm, save yourself from your own abuse.
Ok retard your first long post literally says I admit it. As if anyone asked or cared? Like I said it's been nearly a year who are you talking to with this admittance? Your a past memory, go find something to do obsessing over a Gmod community is not something worth spending a year on after being banned
Because I have nothing to admit to
I haven't admitted anything?
you were banned almost a year ago and you are showing up like

:AlRiGt GuYs I aDmIt It

lmao what are you doing
doctor you sound obsessed, get a girlfriend or a hobby or something lmao
Please, do explain
I mean moron.
Doctor, you're a mormon.

no one at all:

absolutely no one:

How all y’all mfs look still believing Doc sent a false network request to SGMs provider (funny image) idk how to insert image cause I’m retardo
Why would I send emails to the server provider and then tell Graze about it or want to tell Graze and Opalium who sent the emails? JewTwo told me about the emails, I tried to stop him, I told Graze about it - then JewTwo informed me he only told me after they had been sent. If I had $10,000 I'd first convert it to £ so I could actually use it then I'd spend it on something useful, not buying SGM. I don't want to own SGM, never have, I've wanted to help after Opalium and Helix destroyed it - that's another funny thing, everyone now hating on Helix, Opalium and Teroxa. I may not be right all the time and I may do stupid things but it would seem I was right about those three
I admit... I actually did send in the false network request to SGM's provider. But that is besides the point. They had no proof of that. I should have never been banned. Now, SGM will never rise like a phoenix and instead looks like an embarrassment because of their lack of leadership. I offered to buy SGM from Highwon, but he wouldn't accept my offer of $10,000. Now look at SGM. I could have saved it if they only let me.
It's as if someone said Teroxa was useless and a cunt, even tried reporting him for it because they were unfairly perma-banned...
There 3 staff reports on the forums that are still open where NONE of the staff team memebers are current. They have either been demoted or resigned. WTF TEROXA GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND STOP SAYING YOU ARE BUSY. PASS OFF THE MOTHER FUCKING TORCH YOU SELFISH BASTARD
Shut the frick up about your leaks you god damn nerd
Fags, all of ya
Where are my leaks? Come on retards show me some new shit
this server fucking blows
cowcakes is such a toxic cunt but he's sucked dick so much in these past months that he's forced to roll with it lul

also caused unnecessary drama on moat, a thing which firemac was demoted for, but yknow, favoritism for faggots on the staff team. you can do better, scuffed.
i am assburgers
364 is actual burger
ok retard
id make a nice post but this is my shitpost #

lmao noob resigned good fucking riddance am i right gamers??
now sgm is finally freed from the curse of temar dazza and noob
sgm is great again
#3030 is probs 23 so the f is for the hmrc
Thats a big rip in the chat my mans.
Nothing much I've started paying taxes, so that's fun..
Uh nothing much man, hbu?
Oh, hey Wolf. What's new?
Just when I thought the dipshits of this community couldn't get any dumber, you seriously judge someone based off of a 30 minute clip. Just go end yourself already
fucks sake
Basically agree with these fuckos. I'm in favour of being critical of parents out of concern for their child's/children's well-being.
That said, you really can't judge their parenting based on a single snapshot of their life.

Also, your intentions seem to be throwing shade at Mango, rather than any real concern for the child.. So, kindly fuck off.
30 minutes out of 24 hours, say 8 hours of sleep so within 16 hours in the day, you're trying to make it a big deal... 3416 you either have no kids, are a kid yourself or are just generally a retard.

People, look at 3416, read what they say, dont be like 3416.
30 minutes out of 24 hours, say 8 hours of sleep so within 16 hours in the day, you're trying to make it a big deal... 3416 you either have no kids, are a kid yourself or are just generally a retard.

People, look at 3416, read what they say, dont be like 3416.
Helix here. Judging someone’s parenting off of a 30 minute clip? Fuck off.

I don’t care with how Mango did shit at SGM, but whoever 3416 is can fuck immediately off for judging someone as a parent.

when you're too busy playing video games to pay attention to your fucking kid trying to get attention.
also who we voting for worst mod on the poll pacifist made?
ashes relandi
Who the fuck is Chis Hansen

And can I put my dick in it?
I wouldnt mind some Chis Hansen
lmao xilah we all know its you helix
AspiringSun has to be the biggest idiot I think I've ever seen.
Don't like the way the admins handle your constant reports?
lmfao get a life man
lmao memelord lost legendary what a fuckin noob
Hey Pokeben10,

Let me help you out:
"I don't mean to be offensive when I say this, but you aren't really one who knows the rules all that well." - this part isn't that bad. End it here with a "You should try to read our rules and if you have any questions feel free to ask." it'd be a 9.5/10 post.

The part that makes you look like an idiot who doesn't deserve mod is everything else.
"a simple situation that you should know about" = "you're stupid"
"you call yourself a "regular" yet most of them continue to be false reports" = "you're not really a regular and you're stupid"

You're welcome. Get your shit together.
No thx man I was just trying to Chris Hansen you
nah im over 18 but i can pretend to be 17 for legendary
are you underage?
asking for a friend
anyone wanna buy my nudes?
yo if anyone wants to play omnifactory multiplayer hmu through discord, find someone who knows me
no im xpro
I like how the old poll had all of it's results publicly released but the new one is private except for memes. LOL

A+ transparency. and we wonder why leaks happen.
residentsleeper news

leak the staff poll results
Wanna see the dazza evidence? (Nudes excluded of course)
we dont need leaks we need spicy posts
leaks are good for spice but not necessary
We need more leaks its getting boring here.
God bless
I am no longer 2 digit gang. soldier down
#3346 understands
you're all fucking losers for eating into this shit
Opal is a joke, highwon cant take jokes.... so that's why helix and opal are perm banned
highwon cant take jokes
opalium is better
We're all losers
Opalium thinks he is so cool but lost his job and girlfriend because he is a fucking loser. Go fail at life you fucking loser.
no opal is a loser
no xpro is a loser
4 3’s
oh so 364 is xpro
You're saying that you're gay?
im here for a good time not a long time ya know what im sayin ahahaa
i wouldnt get anald by less than 6 black men

im not saying im hongo but if i were id masturbate nonstop over how fucking cool i am
So being part of the Crescent inner circle, I know Opalium used the cash he made from Crescent for his new RTX 2080 Ti build and VR headset ($1200 just for the graphics card alone). Now he needs more cash cause the Valve Index has been released and he needs to upgrade so he started another project to get some quick cash.
I love Highwon!
theres no fucking way 364 isnt hongo cuz no one but hongo would ever dream about being hongo
364 the type of nigga to explain the benefits of vaginal and anal but then get anal'd himself by 5 black men
🍆 oh fuck opal keep bugging my code until i crash 🍆
Word around the office is Opalium'got a fat cock
His arg doesnt have as many errors.... only a few typos
Who’d have a bigger dick, Highwon or Opal? I want to say highwon because he has more of a life. But opal seems like the dude to buy a penis pump.
yes tell them #3285 get these losers
do you really not realize what an arg is lol
it's a small puzzle game he's set up holy shit u r retarded
if anyone is interested in playing crescentcraft let me know
please stop flaming opalium #3275 its very fun to look at his butchered arts project for 5 hours every day
its all worth it when he sends even more butchered arts projects

you dont understand becase your not highly intelligent like us idiot
Can Opalium stop trying to be cool with the unreadable text? Does he do it because he can’t come up with actual content so he has to make it hard to read instead of just putting a simple message out? I guess it makes sense as any authentic content he had was stolen from Highwon.
friends i am a changed man today

instead of being right i will be fan of opalium

so excited for crescent rerelease i cant wait to give opalium my money
im sure the servers will be great opalium can you let me prepurchase ranks i know you wont scam me
no more eye strain pls
opal and all his little followers are cringe
Why is opal such cringe..... everything he does..... holy fuck.
Advertising causes therapy.
where Opalium goes, a bunch of crashes follow..... kinda odd isn’t it
That's what Opalium told me anyways.
Guys! Crashing is not a bug, it's a feature!
I bet whatever he does it will crash constantly and he will claim hes trying his best to fix them.
Remember that this is not an advertising platform.
taking bets on how quickly opalium will shut it down this time

my shekels are on 4 months from launch
enough time to say he tried
short enough to not bleed profits when the hype dies
Its true
spending money at crescent lmfao your actually retarded

nvm this is your what 9th or 10th time being staff at sgm
i should have known
I also want my 15$ back that I spent at crescent that I already would have used on cigarettes or alcohol to begin with.
you charge that shit back via paypal nigga
Question, how does one get a refund for a donation lmao
jewcunt opal is back for more shekels ay?
This website is so devoid of brain cells
I'm still waiting for my refund you fuck! Fuck you you piece of shit and now you're making another cash grab???
"he made another time sink for his cult

an insider said they have an orgasm every time opal posts"

from someone inside the opal cult this is accurate, can confirm
You think Highwon stole Opals code? Highwon taught Opalium programming, if it wasnt for Highwon there would be no OpalBot to begin with. Opalium wasnt shit before Highwon showed him the ways. Open your eyes!@
mad cuz 4 digits lololol
I think you should all shut the fuck up
three digits is the master race #15

2 digits are the cucks who rushed here dick in hand and keyboard in the other ready to throw shit at people who disagree with the holy edicts put forth by their messiah

3 digits are the real niggas who just came to watch 2 digit shit throwers and 4 digit trolls go at it
3220 did you need me?
Does 8 bit ever plan on a server?
8 bit gaming come hit us upppp
"OG 3 digit gang"

The OG 2 digit under 20 gang is where it's at.
Why would I order a competitor's product
To be honest, Cowcakes probably pre-ordered Belle Delphine's bath water.
wait whatd i do im just hanging out talking shit really
And 63, go fuck yourself and get on steam you fuck.
Glad I'm still talked about here in my absence, thanks for that Ben, who ever you are.

This place is just too salty these days and faith in humanity is lost here.. mostly, thank you to a few like 364, keeping the facts real and the faith there. And surprisingly tz too.
he made another time sink for his cult

an insider said they have an orgasm every time opal posts
Bet you Opal is gonna try making a darkrp community
i wish i were hongo hes a real man

the prophet of truth in the dark ages
if only the dick worshippers would listen
364 is hongo confirmed
oh and for the slow kids in the back

both fucked up a bunch and both do sketchy shit but your all so busy sucking your chosen deitys dick to notice anything

well lets be fair you do notice that people are sucking the wrong gods cock
and that makes you so angry you have to get up in arms and defend the virtue of your chosen divine by pointing out that their cocks dick is smaller and smells worse or whatever the fuck dirt you can find
i wouldnt put it past you fuckers to make shit up just to smear the others
grow up
thanks #63
hey guys, og two digits here. just want you guys to know to always have a good day.
wait i have neon added thats sick
give up trying to be me guys only i can destroy both sides with facts and logic

highwon gave up on sgm several years ago and if you think otherwise your as dumb as the current admins
he obviously stole most of what is now his bot and didnt credit the stolen code
why? because haha opal stole his code so its okay if he does it guys what even are standards looool
honestly hes so fucking dreamy i love bad guys i wish daddy highwon would fuck me raw and impregnate me with his chad sperm so i can raise his child and achieve something like his greatness by proxy
yes that is what you sound like fuckers

opalium is a shit coder and his code breaks faster than a child being interrogated under threat of not getting presents for christmas
of course that doesnt bother opal because he gets to make hundreds of dollars from the retards who never learn
he is obviously the cancer that caused all of sgms problems with his retarded lol so random xdd sassy bot with the most generic retarded one liners you can imagine
but dont worry guys he was being ddosed and shit he couldnt do nothing hes so perfect and quirky but we all love him and he makes such great content like man in the middle which everyone enjoyed a ton
wake the fuck up

signed og 3 digit nigga
tz- looking at your friends list KingAngel, scuffed, Sinz, Falcon, Slicck, Thistle, Python, Neon Barbarian etc etc it’s full of SGM players. Even Highwon is on your friends list HAHAHAHAHAHAHH dude gtfo with that shit. Biggest hypocrite of the year is you. What a fucking joke you are.
So if I give daddy highwon enough money I can target all the girls I want? Fuck yeah I’ll even get staff this is great. Hey man what’s your PayPal is 3,000$ enough to harass girls for nudes and get away with it? I wanna be mod too. Fuck I don’t care if they’re 15 if they’re old enough to bleed they’re old enough to breed amirite fellas
Oh yes daddy defend more pedophiles and pieces of shit oh yes daddy uwu
i guess i can call you a bitch then lmao
uwu Highwon also known as the person who didn't allow banning Cowcakes because he'd literally donated too much to SGM. And now due to that and enough dick sucking he's on the staff team. I too love people that are thirsty for women, remember dazza? xD
But but but daddy highwon hasn’t really even BEEN in the picture for how many years? He handed it off to someone who actually gave a shit about the community. Oops I mean daddy highwon just cares so much about all of us uwu just like how he handled the whole Anna situation. Daddy highwon gimme your delicious microdick uwu
I too would like to thank our lord and savior for getting players onto his server and me becoming friends with them, I honestly could not have done that anywhere else xD
@2527 -- Don't expect an event. It's more important to work on a bot that already existed than it is to create new content.
tz- you can call me a bitch when all your friends aren’t ones you made on SGM. You can thank highwon for that. Now fuck on out of here.
yo whoever is 161 youre a bitch, coming from a OG 3 digit number xd
Keep sucking Highwon's dick like me, maybe we both can be together and form a "bukkake club" o.o
lol you ungrateful idiot, atleast you have a server to play on. Where are Crescent players spending their anniversary? Go play[URL REDACTED] where you belong.
By the way did you know today is SGM'S anniversary haha. I really would've loved an event or atleast some content but it's ok, Highwon is clearly caring for the community which I righteously serve. ò.ó
I adore Highwon xD. His genius behind coding Mr.Serious(BOT) and clearly giving up on SGM ages ago inspires me to become an owner of a gmod server myself o.o
The coding work that ended up crashing the servers constantly and kill half the player base? And what makes you think Highwon owes you anything that he has to continually code for the sever?

Opalium was handed a successful community and ended up ruining it. Have you noticed that since Opaliums departure and Highwons no content update policy, the server has actually been doing pretty well? Meaning that entire year of Opaliums “coding work” didn’t mean shit. All that was removed and more people are playing now. Dude use your fucking head.
"the community which the owner I serve" fuckin hell it's just gmod. LOL
SGM, the community which the owner I serve, Highwon, gave up on around 2 years ago. And left Opalium to do most of the coding work. I would suck Opal's dick for atleast maintaining the servers enough so I'm able to staff it right now.
I mean.. Opal created something so useful that Highwon edited it and put his name on it instead. lol
But oh well what can I say, I'm just a staff member xD

P.S. Rozboon is a faggot
What has Opalium made that lasted more than 6 years? Probably his mother’s disappointment of him.

What has Highwon made that lasted more than 6 years? SGM, the community that some of you fucks that hate on highwon was the means to actually make the only friends you have in your life.

Take a minute and a hard look at yourself next time you try to put down the person who has actually created something useful and ask yourself what the fuck have you created that was constructive in your own life?

This is from an OG in the 3 number gang. Ayy lmao
you tend to wonder how many rozboon alts there are here
He lost his job? What's your source on that?

Also.. why wouldn't he use the code that he coded at SGM? He wasn't paid to code anything that he worked on at SGM. It's all his?
It's a public addon but shows you that opal grabbed his shit straight from sgm or else the public addon wouldn't have anything to do with SGM. Ask around a bit.

Opal cant code worth shit, his servers failed, and the main reason he lost his job ROFL
Is that really what Opal’s “stolen” code has been this whole time? LMFAO
Wait.. wasn’t Rogers screenshot the spray addon?... the PUBLIC spray addon? LOL
There's a bunch of shit highwon claimed he made but is indeed copied.

Also, "opal stole someone elses code" yet... he made most of the code.
If he wants to use his own code he wrote on his other server, more power to him.
Who's highwon to tell him he can't use it, esp if opal isn't even going to get credit for it, ie. "MrSerious".
Yeah, let's remove the credit from opal even though its just his bot but "modified".

Fucking pathetic.
"We back to talking about opal and crescent? Roger's has screenshots of the addons with SGM in them still on the servers rofl"
At what point did highwon create something original?
epic news dude

post or gtfo
"using someone elses code is one thing. pretending its yours is just disgusting."

We back to talking about opal and crescent? Roger's has screenshots of the addons with SGM in them still on the servers rofl

like the dazza report being high priority lol
Teroxa makes a plethora of false claims
he didnt spend much time making it lol he just edited parts of opalbots code and teroxa falsely claims it was brand new

using someone elses code is one thing. pretending its yours is just disgusting.
Let's spend time making an unneeded bot instead of working on server content!!!!!
Good idea highwon!!!
You're so smart ahahah
guess the money he made on crescent finally ran out

poggers! get hyped!
btw hows that highwon dick taste?
fuck you mom we do what we want
Ok dearies its time to stop being so jealous of Highwon and move on with your lives :)
“Custom made by highwon” as if that fucking joke of a human could figure anything out on his own
im glad opalbot got removed but please dont pretend god emperor highwon coded a new bot from scratch so its "totally different bot guise!!"

he just ripped code from opalbot thats it. at most he modified it. idgaf about that but lets not pretend its something that its not.
Stop saying the f-word right now
Is your grammar shit or do you have some fat fucking fingers so that you can't even spell faggot right
Bunch of pathetic cunts
Crescent faggits are just sad that the only thing that acknowledges their existence and replies to then is now gone.
this cant be the same bot or it wudev hav crashed like twelve times by know

crescent bitches cry cause highwon make better bot i die happiest day of my life
Stfu I’m better
So what if he renamed the bot? Does it make you mad?
Lmao, I'm the same bot
"not the same bot" - #995

Literally the exact same bot lmao
The person below me is 100% correct
I'm close with someone that's close with Helixspiral and Opalium, and they said to me that they've shared nudes with each, Helix actually got paid with nudes of Opalium.
helix is gay as fuck
I’m close with someone that’s close with HelixSpiral, and they said to me that HelixSpiral is legitimately has cooties irl.
I’m close with someone that’s close with HelixSpiral, and they said to me that HelixSpiral is legitimately a virgin irl.
He did leave his girlfriend at a gas station so
I'm close with someone that's close with Highwon, and they said to me that Highwon is actually legitimately autistic irl.
Kind of reminds me of the time Opalium changed the text and renamed the community. Yikes.
It's not even the same bot you monkey
tfw you just change the text replies and rename the bot.... yikes.
F opalbot

Can’t blame him.
highwon is probably being a little baby about any and all staff who have developer ties to other communities

hes a sour puss after opal fucked him
wink shouldn’t be lead.
Perfect Pumpkin Pie
Lmao Sticky Bandit is just pissed Highwon found out about his little side community and wanted to take out the competition. Get a life faggots
From Sticky Bandits moderator application. I guess he's the leaker and they just don't have the evidence. Pack it up boys, we're going home.
Total Time
Prep: 30 min. + chilling Bake: 10 min./batch + cooling

5 dozen
Our two boys linger around the kitchen when these homemade gingerbread cookies are baking. I make this gingerbread cookie recipe throughout the year using a variety of cookie cutters. —Christy Thelan, Kellog, Iowa
Gingerbread Cutout Cookies :)

3/4 cup butter, softened
1 cup packed brown sugar
1 large egg, room temperature
3/4 cup molasses
4 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons ground ginger
1-1/2 teaspoons baking soda
1-1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
3/4 teaspoon ground cloves
1/4 teaspoon salt
Vanilla frosting of your choice
Red and green paste food coloring
This website is stupid so I gotta change the topic of the entire goddamn thing
That ain’t him
found doctor
getting trashman off the team was the right call

please follow it up by making wink lead instead of teroxa thank you
Wasn't zomb's
Well didnt take long for zombs gay tumblr to get locked
https. ://[URL REDACTED]

Here you go
leak banlist plz
I guess
Can you say chink
Nigger Faggot Cunt
This site is here to openly nigger without censorship. All posts are completely anonymous.
wow you really can
Damn you can say it
takagi really goin at it
What can you say nigger here?
yo anyone got some moat leaks now that SGM is toast
Moat's falling apart, huzzah.
ht of the living dead
nigerian people suffer poverty stricken times while whites live in luxury
What gamer word
can i say the gamer word here or will i get censored?
ayy another person with 69
nobody gives a shit about moat lmao
@ashes relandi
cmon guys we cant already be resorting to moat drama give more good leaks, there's gotta be a pedo staff we dont know about
Stupid shit is the only thing I have left.
v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v
Why do you idiots care about the stupidest shit
What is it with TTT server owners always being brain damaged
Who cares about LIDL moat drama get outta here with that
Hi zomborg
how about rice and chicken?
i love chicken
motato circa 2019
i got a great number
lmao #1 actually did make the description more accurate
i gave you advice i didnt say id be nice
It’s me the real Snak!!! But not really X))))
Floof what'd you do
Give me advice and then call me a retard? Ok
pacifist keep talking shit faggot ill book a flight to US and slap your fat ass
sorry retard but no
i didnt post anonymously just to give myself away
364 message me on discord not on this cesspool of a site.
This site is here to openly discuss GMod communities without censorship. All posts are completely anonymous
4 digits? Who are those people?
yeah fuck y'all with 4 digit numbers smh
smh r/wooo9iddsngabdshjlbgasdbh;jfgbhasdvjfasdg,jfg asdfgds n fjsqad jgfashjdklfghjlasdhfbahks;myparentsbeatthefuckoutofmesoiusetheinternettofindacceptancebysayingr/wooshedit:thanksforgoldkindstrangerwanttoseemyrims?sakdnkjlgafsdkfaksd
What’s cringe is that the cringe normie got r swashed wosh
You guys are all fucking retards
no one cares
throwback to when my number was 17
too add onto the advice further, dont listen to people with 4 digit numbers
wtf is this investigation into leaking shit and why is this r word writing stuff on paper lol
To add onto the advice, don't listen to people who can't spell "you're" properly.
floof leave sgm and change

its not good for you and your not good for it.

find a place where you can be your true self instead of throwing yourself headfirst into a pit of vipers every day. your still young and your still growing and changing a lot every day even if you cant see it. find an environment that will make you whole.

hows that for cringe takagi
im serious btw floof. find better friends and better people to hang with.
Well when a nigga asks "who dis" I'ma tell em.
No detective work doxing people needed
I mean I’m not much better
Wow great job detective
Floof** fucking autocorrect
#2984 is floor, obviously

He's the only dude that got banned recently lol
We want silly the retards notes
2474 who would i be if i got banned today? And who are you?
A post a day should keep this name mine
Fuck you too
and fuck you sticky
hi #2474 whoever you are
Who are you 2984?
You have been banned for the following reason: Leaking staff information Your ban will be lifted on Jul 29, 2019.

Congrats yall got what you wanted
Shut up Ryan
And hi Ryan
wE alWaYs fInD oUt
no u
I demand you shut the fuck up
we demand hourly leaks trinity!!!!!!

Highwon's proof of Sticky's involvement
bruh I gave you all the staff chats yesterday, what more do you want
bruh why dont it work
"helix spiral and his group"
Sticky isn't even involved with us at all what are you talking about LOL

Check your facts before saying shit retard.
yeah sorry, you can't hang around with the cool kids
Sticky Bandit was demoted for associating with HelixSpiral. Let this be a lesson for anyone else who associates with HelixSpiral and his group.
Hey trinity, lucky i didnt get banned? Lol
Another day, another insensible demotion. Sticky was a great mod who would have eventually made a great admin. To be demoted for lack of hours when the majority of staff have struggled with theirs much longer is just another example of the administration being incapable of making good decision.
edit: thanks for the gold stranger!
yo thats juah
edit: bro my friend typed that not me so can you please stop downvoting
edit: why are you guys downvoting? i got gold
Get this cring normie outa here
Omg reddit gold!!!
edit: wow this got gold so cool
It’s like you dumb dumb you don’t put milk in bags
They got milk in bags
right on dickweed
So these Canadians they’re weird
All I hear from you is Blah Blah Blah! Now go back to discussing boring shit!
and hey my response is cringe too
that is cringe too but if you insist

that message is a terrible attempt at mockery. it is the equivalent of yelling your own argument louder as if the impact of your voice would strengthen your argument. the use of cringe may well be uncreative in its own right but it is accurate and succinct. unlike your tantrum.

why would i waste more of my time than necessary on a platform for degenerates to laugh at each other? this is a fun place to shitpost but who gives a shit other than that?
if you do something that is cringe im gonna call it cringe instead of wasting several paragraphs detailing every issue i have with your comment... when it is in summary cringe.

you dont eat food and say "wow these flavours are well balanced and the arrangement on the plate is in itself very appealing" unless your some self important food critic. you just enjoy the fucking food and get on with your life. idk what gripe you have with cringe but keep it to yourself you inbred dog
It is man it is
Takagi that's kinda cringe bro
It’s not cringe it’s really cool
Hey trin, consider keeping me unblocked instead of harassing me and reblocking me?
Why cupcake launching an investigation into bladerunners?

stop doing cringe roleplay

"It's not doxxing." Okay.
oh i know. idfk what the fuck they're doing. floof sent it to me out of no where lol. there's a whole other group chat floof sent me that has all the doxxing in it. won't send that of course. that shit ain't cool. they all three need to be demoted for it. I did something similar with the "staff map" but everyone who had their location used had to consent to it.
that doesn't prove they did it though?
they keep banning me so i'll just post it here lol.

cupcake, timo, and floof are gathering location data on all of the staff members.

Cupcake's notes lol:
Find out what
wE aLwAyS fInD oUt
wanna smash #2377
i appreciate the feedback 2377 even though u are a monkey
i appreciate the leak 2776 even though u type like a monkey slash #F!MsZVnAAJ!QNJ_z8MFoRX3RyxITLr98w

leak backup in case the dropbox goes down
also for those niggas that didn't see, imma refresh and post it again for yall in the back

dropbox com/s/64o1vlbtzxv7sqf
lol hmu on snap, msg me on discord for it im not finna dox mself lol
OHHHHHHHHH Josh14 igy bro ly
what is it meant to be lol
my ass mistyped
fuck off
juah isnt a name lmao
i do, ctrl f on that big boy find these guys talking shit bout me
im so fucked up, enjoy my leaks, i need a bit of appreciation in my life
when im with my baby yeah
probably aria ngl
such a gamer moment when staff chat is leaked
yeah, we just had a bunch of group chats:
Most of the leads just PM each other nothing special in there
get leads to leak so we can get lead chat leaks
these leaks gay
epic meme dude!
ask here and we can tell you straight up dont need notes for that retard
Adminstats are fun because you get to see what people think of you
"adminstats are fun"

I dont get it

theyre just old as fuck notes about how a player is obviously toxic which is already public knowledge.
"oh, super toxic!!!!"
"backseat moderates"

wow dude so much fun yes
Can I be a lil piggy?
Is this a dating site for animals?

Cause all I see is a bunch of lost Lambs

Looking for some Drama Llama.
Holy shit Kythol is a whiny bitch... LOL
"good" ones aren't good. Admin stats are not boring
Adminstats are fun
Why the fuck do you want adminstats so bad #2474 lmao

adminstats are boring as fuck, we barely post in them and the "good" ones have already been leaked
LOL who ever said American company is dumb. Its international by all means of business as they operate out of the EU and USA. Server wise and "staff" wise. The owner jus thappens to be american.
How about you leak uhh adminstats
Then download it you dumb piece of shit??????
Bro, too big to preview has to be under 8 mb
The staff talk so much shit lol
Yo, here's the entirety of staff bunker, lounge and trials chat. Enjoy.

dropbox com/s/64o1vlbtzxv7sqf
Back in my day, the staff team isn’t as dysfunctional as today. Except for that Toon Link incident when no one fucking knew what to do about it until the staff team got taken for a ride lmao.
July 2nd when the new Spider-Man comes out!!!
Until July 2nd
4 days
im back with another solution:
to improve staff relations with the community simply start actually giving a shit about the staff under you and doing something when they fuck up.
staff in the past were friends and played other shit. it was the exception that someone talked shit either privately or publicly.
staff today barely get along and one spark is all it takes for one of these immature fuckwits to blow up at each other or a community member.

get a grip sgm
The mods hate all of the players. They resent the legitimate reasons the players are mad and upset. Isn’t it lovely?
Of course you would, dazza.
Yo what's propers SC? I'll hit that shit up
winks is a meme lol
Yo 2903 at least make the categories or scale make sense smh
wooooo free advertising
Proper still posts her tits on snapchat, at least she's legal now
Really? You censor[URL REDACTED]? Wow #1, wow

Looks like dazza managed to manoeuvre out of that one. Now that an American company is involved we can send tips to the FBI. What kind of defence is "but I was framed!" and "I was misinterpreted!". This is no longer humourous since he will be allowed to continue using SGM to harass women

There’s my tier list.
Silly is #2862
Silly is #2474
Just FYI-,

SGM never had solid proof that but convincing...

- Event Horizon sent underaged nudes getting him banned.
- That Proper shared her tits on Snapchat getting her and Mason banned
- That Nebula and Guilty sexted and Guilty sent an image of his dick. They got banned.

Why is SGM protecting a pedophile? Not sure. But, at least they have been warned and carry all legal responsibility when it happens again.
don't be silly 2474
Silly is #2862
I'm not silly I just want silly's notes.
sorry silly im p sure we dont have your notes try again next time
There's noob, scuffed, cupcake, espurr, irish, and lordy.
Tier list? ooh.
Someone should make a tier list of all admins
How about Silly's notes?
1) That's photoshopped
2) Falcor hasn't been lead/staff since summer 2017
3) Falcor can't even see properly lmao but cmon, she isn't that dumb.
if you were staff and didnt photoshop your way out of valid reports you shouldnt have been staff
Could've been photoshopped tho.
Falcor exposed lol
I agree 2474, we need $illys's notes
TeeZy, you're an aspiration. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I fucking hate your guts, but it's ok. You're cool. I bet Pacifist loves you too.
????????????????????????? wtf Falcor LOL
i aint great lmao idk what gave you that idea im a degenerate too lmao why do you think i got court tomorrow hopefully the us justice system wont let me down like the leads did tho #freetz
miggo's notes -
Come on bois leak the good stuff for people who actually play. Not just mods. Do the regulars.
guys guys guys ive actually figured it out.
to stop child abuse on sgm we just have to remove the staff since its always staff doing it
Thank you, TeeZy. I aspire to be as great as you one day.

Now watch the leads ignore the previous reports from April as well. Gosh, if I were a lead admin, I would complete them all in 10 minutes. It doesn't take long to deny or approve reports. I am quite skilled in the trade of shitty report responses. I take after Teroxa. Wait,no, he doesn't respond to anything at all LMAO.
Thank you, TeeZy. I aspire to be as great as you one day.

Now watch the leads ignore the previous reports from April as well. Gosh, if I were a lead admin, I would complete them all in 10 minutes. It doesn't take long to deny or approve reports. I am quite skilled in the trade of shitty report responses. I take after Teroxa. Wait,no, he doesn't respond to anything at all LMAO.
8$8$!*!*/93 3*383*! (# #8!9929 !*!8!*! 3*3*3*8399 !889*'8!8$ 3*",#939!!, 38!8"89$0$ '!9$9$($ $*!*89!9 :)
im glad you realize that youre a degenerate poke
I am very disappointed in my superiors about this report.

I simply cannot believe that after so much statements given from multiple different sources, they still didn't ban dazza. Ofcourse a pedophile will deny all accusations, that's just what any human does when they wish to weasle their way through such an act. Fucking disgusting. Useless lead administration.

No hate to my boi dazza though. I, Pokeben, am already quite cancer enough and will take his place on the staff team.
english isnt my first language yet I can type perfectly fine, no fucking excuse lol.
Use grammarly or some other shit
brother. dazza is born and raised english stfu if you dont know shit
You are making fun of the English of someone who I’m pretty sure speaks it as a second language..... Id love to see whoever commented that try to speak their first language
no an innocent man did
did a toddler write that
Report has been concluded,
wow, who wouldve thought this would happen, jesus christ lol
can you read nigga 2 fucking weeks and still no response. Smh
That'd be amazing, let's do that

Initiate the actual shutdown now please, take your money and fuck off highwon
hey guys ive figured out how to stop leaking permanently:
shut down sgm
nice try silly
Anyone have silly's notes? He always seems to headshot me when I play.
ask sticky 2862
where are juicy leaks of players who actually play
hello chaps
orange man okay
i am going to say the gamer word
A post a day keeps my long ass name mine.
364 so long as it doesnt include the pics else youll be there for a few hours you nonce
Do the ones you can without evidence, there’s a few moron.
id do it if you give me the evidence
be done in less than an hour
Smooth one 🐒
Why don’t y’all type up your “conclusions” to these reports if it’s easier than Scotty’s mom
Fucking PREACH.

What a fucking joke lmao
Yo paci. There are staff reports SINCE APRIL that still need to be concluded. I thought you were going to fix this shit?

Paci: Highwon, I can have these all done in 30 minutes if I get lead. Look, I'll even tell the community so they have trust in me!
Highwon: Deal! You're now lead!

Fuck, ya'll ain't dealing w dazza, how about you get off your asses and finish the other shit then?
why stop at talk? if shes out of the snatch shes ready for a batch
So 64 is the limit of characters you can have your name as. Fyi
Hey, this is actually sticky too. I should probably wash my hands.
Hi. This is actually sticky. We aren't advertising our shit at all yet since our server isn't even open.... So like, chill out nerd lmao
the whatevs fucking killed me that shit was funny
You’d be booty tickled no matter how she’d respond.
Wow, what quality fucking staff sgm has.
hey guys I just wanted to make a status update. since my last post I've gotten a girlfriend, graduated high school, and gotten a job. meanwhile your stupid ass is on some obscure website talking shit under a name thats not yours. you are the human equivalent of a dung beetle. everywhere you go you bring your stupid shit along and make the whole place stink like your unshowered unkempt virgin 37 year old living with your parents inbred self. gtfo.
Calm down my children
No idea why you keep posting that link but literally nobody gives a fuck, stop.
You literally have the autism buddy.
Shut the fuck up.
Hope you guys didn't forget about us!??!?!?!? Make sure to join our staff team we have a bunch of great people from SGMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Date Time Note Added By Action 01/02/19 07:20PM congrats on lead ryan 12/28/18 09:01AM yeet Teroxa 12/14/18 01:35PM Siddo Hands Off >:( Lordyhgmâ„¢ 12/11/18 04:51PM This is my waifu. Dibs. Siddoâ„ 12/01/18 11:45PM I still don't get why people refer to you as a he... TrinityBladeâš”ï¸ 11/07/18 12:03AM very nice and welcoming to the community ! Cat 10/31/18 11:49AM Great dude, glad you made it to admin. Just remember, I am THE super mod Aluf 10/26/18 01:12PM Teroxadmin TricknityBladeâš”ï¸ 10/26/18 01:12PM First post after you got admin. Love you long time
also heres some music to listen to while you read[URL REDACTED]
Pizza man said fuck work
Some people here have a weird obsession over sgm lol why not just get over ur grudges its just a game
This place should have just been called the salt mine. Really though. Reading its original purpose and seeing what it has become is kind of funny.
Oh but all the others aren’t? Oh now I see why high won hasn’t done anything about dazza or the other pedos, he’s one too. Gotta let that kid suck on ya nuts a little more huh
You won't see Floof get banned for leaking because that screenshot could be doctored
Has anyone posted Aria’s stats already?
50 characters works
So, anyone wanna help I'm trying to see how long your name can be, this is 32 characters.
Dumb bitch don't steal my name
Thanks for the free advertising! First client is already in.
Good meme
Need better responses on your staff application? Just don't have the right words to say? Too cowardly to write your own application? Contact HelixSpiral! Position on the staff team guaranteed! Best part? You even get to leak to permabanned members with ABSOLUTELY NO PUNISHMENT!
What ffs
lol carlton wants to see his notes
What about carlton's notes? Isn't he applying?
Nice pastebin.
what age is irish?

Ryan being a bad boy for attention from admins

Ryan being a bad boy for attention from admins
oh sorry about aarow’s link not working. here’s another link to it.
#2642 you're literally retarded LOL
"half the links", you mean literally 3 you dumb fuck, also nigga "white theme" jesus christ, it's almost like most webpages are white.. hmm LOL
https : //[URL REDACTED] / ttD73Kbn
nigga how the fuck cowcakes tmod
* work and after that brain shit im going to commit die see ya
imagine trying to leak but half ur links dont white and you use white theme
Can I have my notes
Proper are you making alts again
Which trial mod reject is crying about doublestaffing
Yo get me mangos and paci notes
wE AlwAyS fInd OuT

Yeah, find out and ban the wrong person. You're literally too stupid to function Highcunt
Is SGM retarded now? Why the fuck was Humancowcakes picked up? Have they forgotten how literal cancer he is? Just because he sucked the staff's dick since the beginning of may doesn't mean we can so easily let him onto the staff team like that. I can't believe this.

Also, I did an oopsie. Forgive me once again xD
We always find out

"If I get lead i'll finish up all those reports!!"
When is that going to happen, buddo?
also fuck this spam filter
The Trashman’s Notes
Rudi’s Stats
Sweer’s Stats
Royal Viking’s Stats
Floof’s Stats
Aarow’s Stats
Voca’s Stats
UncleBee’s Stats
Cowcake’s Stats
Hongo’s Stats
I heard winks hitting on a seventeen year old female

\/ \/ \/
Hey uh, we both hopped on Nilla at the same time, and when we did there was an admin on East. Within five minutes Mini hopped to take over.
LMAO, scuffed picked up cowcakes
"she just hopped off! It's not a normal thing!" the meantime:

Jabba and minimelt double staffing yet again.
[URL REDACTED]&utm_medium=ios_app
Timo is mod lol
^ this person is loser ^
what that guy said
Proper please go do something productive with ur life instead of checking this site 24/7.
Who cares get a job
k cowcakes
You're a monkey 2681, aria hopped off like right after mini joined

Aria and Minimelt double staffing like pros. Can we get an F in chat for nilla?
im gonna eat proper's ass like it's my last meal
haha, so funny i said n word. get it? ya i said n word
that’s it you’re all niggirs now
LMAO dumb ass spelled faggot with a fucking i
Is that jewtwo? Only retards can't spell faggot
Oh shit crescent is still alive? Oh wait you faggit are talking about sgm. Lol fucking losers.
I will eat your collective ass
no you hmu
I'll eat your ass
You’re all kind of gay
Any new mod apps?
he applied and got denied lol
xpro's a gayy boy
make xpro lead dev ez turnaround of sgm
On that note, I'd have a relationship with a 16 year old.
incel niggas be like "fucking cupcake and scuffed as admins"
keep complaining about admin picks and jerking your bacon to cartoon characters
*breathes in*


fucking cupcake and scuffed as admins

pedo enabler and a memelord

buckle up boys we're going on a crazy ride
Who would you prefer as admin over them?
Paci is on pretty often my guy
The leads don't play, theyre just promoting people based on length and who they think they should promote without actually knowing how the fuck they do LOL

These current admin pickups are retarded holy shit
the leads never cease to amaze me with their dumbness ahahahahaha
what's next? jabba the slut as community manager? +1
"Hey I don't actually play the game to see how staff actually are, but let me be a mongoloid and whine about choices"

He's so fucking stupid jesus christ they're desperate
How y'all feel about scuffed?
imagine making the guy who defends the pedo admin, we all know whos gonna be grooming kids next

Can we get an f in teh chat for the staff team? LMFAO
I'm gonna eat your ass
Hi! Few things to start off with =] 1. Yes I added you because you're a female gamer, 'tis an awesome thing to see! 2. I'm Brian. 3. Don't be intimidated, but I'm not a stereotypical guy. If anything, I'll be the one in the kitchen =D.
sudo rm -rf / --no-preserve-root
New number but I'm back from that hour long shower and still feel dirty
I literally need to take a shower after reading that comment, what the fuck dazza
i agree thats disgusting nilz, thanks for speaking truth to these pedos
hey, that was fucking disgusting! thanks!
How could anyone get off to the idea of removing a little girl's clothes and licking her tiny body all over, nibbling her neck and kissing her adorable little nipples? Only a heartless monster would think about her cute girlish mouth and tongue wrapped around a thick cock slick with her saliva, pumping in and out of her mouth until it erupts, the cum more than her little throat can swallow. The idea of thick viscous semen overflowing, dribbling down her chin over her flat chest, her tiny hands scooping it all up and watching her suck it off her fingertips is just horrible. You're all a bunch of sick perverts, thinking of spreading her smooth slender thighs, cock poised at the entrance to her pure, tight, virginal pussy, and thrusting in deep as a whimper escapes her lips which are slippery with cum, while her small body shudders from having her cherry taken in one quick stroke.
Okay friend, let me explain something to you since you seem to be new here. Hebephilia is NOT the same thing as pedophilIa. I'm sick and tired of you trolls popping up everywhere and spreading BLATANT misinformation. In many countries hebephilia is considered normal and healthy . Human beings have a natural attraction to girls who are going through puberty. Being attracted to girls who are pre-pubescent is fucking sick and disgusting, but only in the US does there seem to be an unwarranted taboo around a healthy and normal condition. My head hurts. I'm just trying to get my real life back.
Okay friend, let me explain something to you since you seem to be new here. Hebephilia is NOT the same thing as pedophilIa. I'm sick and tired of you trolls popping up everywhere and spreading BLATANT misinformation. In many countries hebephilia is considered normal and healthy . Human beings have a natural attraction to girls who are going through puberty. Being attracted to girls who are pre-pubescent is fucking sick and disgusting, but only in the US does there seem to be an unwarranted taboo around a healthy and normal condition. My head hurts. I'm just trying to get my real life back.
tfw #2562 wont lovingly roast you
Cowcakes as a girl is low key kinda bomb
yo where are all the other 69s on here
Yo I heard someone was calling me cute
Aria isnt cute. Aria is cute if your cute also applies to a dead rat hanging out of HumanCowcakes ass.
Shes not bad looking at all and has an okay personality if you can ignore the bs. But cute is not it.
Honestly Aria is a little cute... Total slut, but def attractive. I'd bang tbh
Can I do porn how do I start
i wish i was unclebee, hes so cool and dreamy
675 is cute
Desperate for the launch of Crescent 2.0
675 is deesperaaate
364 reminds me of UncleBee
#675 reminds me of a gay retard, without all the redeeming qualities of a gay retard
Proper reminds me of Belle Delphine, if Belle had been doing porn for the past 3 months
Proper the type of person to pour hotsauce into an ass before eating it
Can we all just agree that none of you deserve rights
Can we all just agree that Aria is quite cute
guys it's a garry's mod server can we all just get over this already
The problem here is that the argument to give rights is never about a group of people getting things that should rightfully be theirs. Instead, it is about giving someone something that someone else (or some combination of two or more people) should have instead. The main problem with giving rights is that it is always going to be easier for someone with some money than someone without to give someone else things they don't really need.

When someone wants to make things easier for another person, they say, "Hey, I'm making you things that I didn't ask for first by giving up some rights over things I'm entitled to." The problem is that is usually a false argument. The reason there is an argument over something should be obvious from the facts themselves. Why is someone giving something away if it doesn't really need it? Because they are trying to give it away to someone else who has to give it up, and it is that second person who is entitled to it.

If I gave out my phone number without asking, this would happen. I would probably ask for more than what I think someone who did not give the phone number would pay for. Most users of the Internet cannot imagine how easy it is to get all the numbers available, and in fact, this is often what creates difficulties when someone tries to sell you some things,
Aria is pretty cute
The problem here is that the argument to give rights is never about a group of people getting things that should rightfully be theirs. Instead, it is about giving someone something that someone else (or some combination of two or more people) should have instead. The main problem with giving rights is that it is always going to be easier for someone with some money than someone without to give someone else things they don't really need.

When someone wants to make things easier for another person, they say, "Hey, I'm making you things that I didn't ask for first by giving up some rights over things I'm entitled to." The problem is that is usually a false argument. The reason there is an argument over something should be obvious from the facts themselves. Why is someone giving something away if it doesn't really need it? Because they are trying to give it away to someone else who has to give it up, and it is that second person who is entitled to it.

If I gave out my phone number without asking, this would happen. I would probably ask for more than what I think someone who did not give the phone number would pay for. Most users of the Internet cannot imagine how easy it is to get all the numbers available, and in fact, this is often what creates difficulties when someone tries to sell you some things,
Sgm is a sess pool of the worst parts of the internet with a few good ones sprinkled in. Until you dumbasses drive them away
hello peepol
I will be the first to admit I'm retarded
i heavily dislike the sgm community and, along with kythol, am completely incompetent and don't get along with anyone either on the staff team or with the community
please take my apologies with gratitude, since i probably don't take you with it
Gamers don’t deserve rights
2533, check again. Paci is actually watching Save the sea turtles.
the south shall rise again
All this hate for SGM, where has it gotten you?
Still cant believe people care this much. It would be cool to see your negative energy turned to something good.
In order to help the staff team, I shall tag them whenever I need help.


yeah i agree with all of that except about my boy scuffed, hes a homie
Added SAVE.THE.SEATURTLES to Trial Moderator under Irish


Irish is now supervising a second team?
Is that a joke?????

Irish can't even properly handle his current team, all of his mods are terrible.
Scuffed is an idiot, KO is an inactive commie, trashman just sits afk 99% of the time and is a TERRIBLE mod, and then you've got aria, who is just insane.

Yeah, a great idea to give Irish another team.
But, not surprising considering Noob999 is still an Admin and he does nothing at all, ever.

It makes sense though, the admins take after their leads who also do fuck all.
you're just a hongo 1312
You're just a shill #81
Also Hongo is just outright insane
Imagine the owner of the server defending a child predator and sweeping everything under the rug xD XD XD
free my nigga hongo #freehongo
harassment ban - reported on forums
What happened to hongo?
yo whichever staff member is leaking for us can you unban me in sb so i can flame some more
see if you post cactus dildo, #1 returns
yo welcome back #1
I’m so glad whoever is posting that is using my name ur a work of art
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
ThE eViDeNcE dOeSnT qUiTe ShOw ThAt DaZzA iS gUiLtY
hey guys look its cupcake
Not seeing the evidence and jumping on the bandwagon. Smh.
Cupcake is defending dazza on SGM. Smh.
when can you ever tell if porn actors love each other
she's not even that hot
yall niggas actually think she gonna post shit lmao
its going to be shit, shes attractive but cant act for shit, how will I be able feel they truly love each other
Come here my precious
Anything mind showing Rice and Chicken's mod app?
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
juul pod bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
hit your uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
yo #1 could i uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
do it pussy
#1 is gone you can post cactus dildos now
i remember when i had a single digit name and this was about crescent. #1 pls fix
Higherwon here. We will always find out.
Highwon here. We always find out.
inb4 Highwon "we always find out"
lol bye floof

he leaked apps too
> teroxa
> active

Wow all the active admins are on at once
hey #2462 its not about arguing to stir drama, its just about making fun of all the double standards and bullshit that sgm tries to hide
Teroxa had his hard on for floof for quite a while. Damn boy needs to be put down out in the country fields
Yay im a loser who argues with other losers to stir up drama and be happy in my little bubble. Hoorayyyyyyyyy weeeeeewowowow
Helix wrote floofs mod application
floof didnt write shit, helix is the ONLY reason floof is mod right now
fucking pathetic.
"Oh man let me bitch about staff that do their job well" fuck off
context #2456? it sounds like an app response. he applied for mod and made helix write it for him? lmao
Man, monkeys will never go extinct as long as this site exists
yes, i was a pedophile at 16
Didnt they ban you, proper, for pedo shit cause you gave someone your nudes?
not that it really matters, but Paci being 17 would be my tenure I believe?

I don’t think we even had a female 14 y.o staff member besides neb lol. So yeah.. that’s blatantly false.
Acno here - Pacifist hasn't dated anyone online. Go fuck yourself for making that shit up. Actually pathetic behaviour.
i can clarify what #2425 meant
they werent talking about shoutbox, cupcake :)
except staff dating wasn't banned, it was looked down upon if it was an admin dating their mod but not much else

>happy pride month.jpg
Imagine banning people from dating in the staff team cuz you can’t keep the rampant pedophilia under control
are you really bitching about 2 staff members dating?
@2443 -- Paci's deal actually isn't that big. he was dating another mod and they were both under 18 but it was kept within the staff team. upper admin didnt do anything because they assured they weren't trading nudes or anything like that so despite being against staff rules, it ended up being allowed. I don't even think Paci is 18 now? I dont know. I think they were 14 and 17 at the time?
Because they knew that before giving him mod, right 2444? You fucking mongoloid retard
SGM is like the only TTT Community where apparently staff members can be pedophiles.
Watchu talking about 2384? Don't honeydick us like this
A riot would start if people knew about paci
And yet Siddo is a "good guy"
as someone who provided evidence against dazza they’re fucking handling it you retards. i’ve not seen a single mod admin or lead or any color staff deny he’s a creep or defend dazza all they’ve ducking done is stop you shits spamming ahoutbox and unsubtly harassing someone they can’t prove is a pedo yet. you got to to remember only leads have got the all evidence and mods under orders to act as normal till it’s official, stop acting high and mighty cause you’re “outraged”, everyone is you’re just impatient and i’d rather you didn’t use this is as a competition to see whos got the biggest morality erection
Get a life guys. This is a TTT server.
Doesn't seem like anything is happening with the whole report in general to be honest. It shouldn't be this difficult to understand. Yes both parties need to voice what happened but he's harassed countless individuals let alone that girl. This should be dealt with faster.
I’m pretty sure the admins can multitask. Do you suggest they ignore the leak cause of dazza?
Imagine spreading images of an underaged person that you manipulated into giving you then that poor girl going through admins and mods defending him telling him he's not a creep and that he did nothing wrong. It is sick what he did to her yet everyone thinks he's done nothing wrong. Pedo is a word that shouldn't be thrown around but this situation is disgusting and makes me sick. He is 25 years old with images of a 14 yr old girl who he manipulated for months on end. She shouldn't have had those images in the first place but it's still a terrifying thing to go through. Yet the mods and admins are ignoring it and focusing instead on a leak. Actually sickening.
I’m sorry- I don’t know what world you live in, but 14 is a child.
ITT bunch of morons that don’t know what a pedo is and like to throw around the word lightly. Might as well start calling helixspiral a rapist then.
this is hilarious
Ackshually, I’m not a pedophile if they’re above 13. Take that libtards
Lol I'm edgy and know what a pedo is lol
Gate keeping pedo lmao
Unless that bitch is under 13 then he would not be considered a pedo. Learn the definition of pedo before throwing it around you ignorant and insensitive fucks. Don’t minimize actual victims of pedophilia thank you very much.
cupcake is defending dazza
@#2384 - don’t talk shit! He banned a minor leaker while a pedo is still free on his staff team!!! That shit takes work!!!
Also whens the last time highwon did shit besides ban a few people and roll back servers
2403 are you fucking retarded
Hey guys it's me Teroxa, lets warn everyone but the pedo for instigating:)
2403 wishes he were me lol
2403 out here assuming wildly
anyone here wanna start a minecraft server
this is nuts
how can there be so much drama from one fucking gmod ttt server
The only people who matter when deciding on staff applications is the applicant, the interested admins, and highwon. If you really thought your group admin circle jerk would last a millennium without talking to highwon, you’re a fucking moron. Go jack yourself off to the thought of eastern media
Aria wasn't supposed to be picked up even as a mod.
Still need to update staff groups.
[URL REDACTED] dazza et al. 2019
dazza if ur reading i hope u die in a fire
dazza fucking raped me
are there any 1 digits out there.
8-bit is gonna die just as quickly as crescent cuz theres scums running it change my mind
In a few years, ekksdee will be taking it up the ass from Motato.
How much are you betting on it my fellow gamer?
In a few years, ThatAintFalco is going to be the next Dazza.
i used to be a two digit then I got banned for posting ricardo gifs
goddamn facist fucks
It's all an inside job by moat
new community manager when
will dazza be banned before more victims fall prey to his perverted ways?????? im praying
Where's the evidence on Temar? The community has heard nothing as far as I can tell unless we are just taking their word for it now
And for you faggots who say "tHEre iS EViDeNce" then show us what you got or stfu
Difference between accusations and evidence, temar was banned over evidence, dazza is still being investigated.
364 is on point, you are all dickheads for jumping on Temar like this with no real knowledge of the situation. Y'all are going to eat your own words for this one day when everyone turns on you next. Some of this also falls on Highwon and the administration, how you gonna let people jump on a leaker but not a pedophile? You need to get your priorities in check
whatever you say dude. i didnt like temar as mod nor as admin but he was and while im sure some of you fuckers were anti temar, which is cool. but for the last 2 years, some of you rat bastards are fake as fuck and you need to go.
When a pedophile gets away with more shit than someone leaking admin notes
temar was overdue for a demotion for like 2 years anyways. Same with noob hope he goes down with this report #364 is retarded and doesnt know what he's talking about
thanks i will ensure to protect those 690000 people by not leaking
everyone knows that 690 000 people die every year from ttt staff leaks that's why the staff team chose to ban temar first rather than deal with something that quite literally breaks the law irl that was reported a month ago

don't do ttt staff leaks kids
temar wasnt that bad honestly
leave it to sgm niggas to be two faced, soon as someone gets banned you turn and hate on them like the disgusting bottom feeder npcs that you are
whatever you think about temar he was an admin and put a lot of work into helping sgm, how he went out doesnt devalue that

check yourselves, retards
loving a community like that before it came out didn't go that well last time :)
You must really love 8-bitgaming lmao
*leak leak leak*
ok what the fuck is going on everyone is getting banned
You realize the administrative hivemind changes every so often? Even if the admins were in on a fucking pact, that would be subject to change as well. It's why highwon decided to change the "reapply when an admin tells you when you can" bullshit, because it was bullshit.
Plz stop posting our website everywhere we don't want to advertise it ;~;
Fun fact
The admins had a pact to never pick Aria up. Fucking tango got in on the pink.
[pedophilia and actually malicious shit happening]
highwon and leadmins : i sleep
[some boi be leaking shit that everyone knows]
highwon and leadmins : W O K E
I don't think a single person has leaked adminstats and gotten away with it in the history of SGM. When will they learn?
Well, at least we can say we were all right about Temar being a garbage gutter level pick for admin
2 digit gang
Move aside, 3 digits and 4 digits, it is me, the legendary 2 digits.

Wanted to jump ship for awhile tbh. App was denied.
Shout out to Temar for sending me my notes
What a way to go. Props to you @temar
we thank you for the notes and for finally stepping down. cya
Temar took a perma for those notes? Not even worth it. What a moron.
now this is epic
Check when PixeL was last active.
top 10 best framing for banning a admin

How about dealing with the fucking pedophile on your staff team instead of worrying about stupid leaks? Ffs
Post my funny notes
post proper's notes
Shit not my WIP progress thread :((((
Ok Panda you can stop posting now
also id like to post the current moderator hours :)

-- Hours --
8BitF0x -> 5.3
Agent Knockout -> 6.3
Aria -> 31.400000000000002
Ashes Relandi -> 23.6
Cupcake Mayhem -> 35.900000000000006
dazza -> 19.9
Espurr -> 7.3
Fiz -> 24.000000000000004
Floof -> 37.1
Jabba the Slut -> 11.0
Kythol -> 8.8
Miss Alice -> 5.7
Nathan776 (Four thumbs) -> 4.8
Panda With a Gun -> 9.9
Pokeben10 -> 88.1
Ronald McDonald -> 37.800000000000004
sam -> 14.600000000000001
scuffed water -> 45.2
Sticky Bandit -> 15.5
The Trashman -> 21.0
Uglubathr Katilbiornsson -> 2.7
Voca -> 41.50000000000001
11Cent -> 18.2
Andrew -> 75.50000000000001
Minimelt -> 41.2
-- End --
To fulfill the request of #2313, here you are.
ok thx i guess the rest must be in that thread you posted earlier lol
If you need more, heres your most recent and such.
That is the most recent notes you have received, friend.
Nobody posts on your stats
Your wish is my command
thanks but i dont think thats very recent, last is from january.......
one thing at a time
no fuck you
ur asking for a lot
And post current staff forum discussions
can someone post all the current pending mod apps
well, here is the most recent notes
Ah fuck it who cares

steam id?
HelixSpiral told me dazza raped an eleven year old you should ask him, now post my stats u slut
what is your discord, ill add you and we can get that for you.
show me my adminstats its me nilz lol
Rofl how retarded are you all, any type of community can have these problems and they deal with them in the same way, just like real life, you dont know shits happening until it leaks out

Rofl how retarded are you all, any type of community can have these problems and they deal with them in the same way, just like real life, you dont know shits happening until it leaks out
Rofl how retarded are you all, any type of community can have these problems and they deal with them in the same way, just like real life, you dont know shits happening until it leaks out
Where the fuck are you guys getting this stuff?
sgm is so good at attracting pedophiles and allowing them to commit acts of pedophilia before they ever get exposed, like holy shit. someone get the fbi on this ring
dazza is a pedophile and im not saying that to be toxic, its a fact
dazza is guilty
Proof #2325?
is dazza really going to jail wtf
did dazza really rape an eleven year old? fucking sick
Where are those spicy dazza leaks
Shut up idot
leak dazza shit idiots.
Nah Nilz is never toxic
Watch out, nilzy boy
The staff team are trying to get you banned :^)
Hey guys I'm retarded
Dab on my grandmothers kitchen supplies
I enjoyed the last few
Has there ever been a lead admin promo where no one cries like a butthurt little girl?
Most of you fags don't even play SGM yet you whine about it 24/7
Pacifist is one of the most incompetent admins well now lead admins. I guess there was literally no better pick.
tf you on about #2255?
is that tbaiter
so did paci have to end his underaged relationship before becoming lead or sgm just go back to pedophile leads?
Hongo the Fucking mongo
nah it works. replace every space with a .

just a leak of old admin discussion it looks like. nothing really interesting.
link broken?
paste ubuntu com/p/X6CP5mTvTG/
Can we ban helix the bitch boy from here too?
shut this shit site down
Exactly, leave Aria alone lmao
Grow the fuck up
who the fuck cares? Lmao
Who else is left that she hasn't gotten with?
Probably Ashes
Aria got herself a new man
ngl cowcakes active mod app looks pretty high quality
fuck women
Hahaha proper trying act like she doesnt have the time to make alts, the fuck else do you do?
Derp xenforo costs so much derp I run 5 different forums and pay 50 bucks a year derp so expensive
Implying I have time to make alts omegalul
Xenforo is resource heavy lmao
Proper stop making alts you fuckwad
also gmod is cheap af to run
Forums dont take much lol
Definately got the retard brain disease
i think you guys got that retard disease in your brains
You guys do realize that the cost of hosting a static little html page is way smaller than hosting a power hungry forum and database along with Gmod servers that eat up ram and suck.. r.. right?
Even hillary clinton could run an email server yet opalium couldnt run crescent?

even bill clinton was a better internet wizard than opalium
what the fuck, opalium couldnt keep crescent up but 95 year old bob dole can keep his 1996 election site up?[URL REDACTED]
who in the fuck is zomb
Why are the zomb wannabes so autistic
Veggiebob2003 is not an alt it's a friend of mine that I met on a server
Takagi get off your alt
I've made mistakes, lord struck me down, caught in a landslide, lost underground.

I hear them gates, swing open wide, come close to midnight, hell sent me down.

And then my eyes got used to the darkness, and everyone that I knew, was lost and so long forgotten after you.

So would you break before you twist the knife?
Would you take my hand and take a life?
I'm too damn young to give up on the light, I'm used to the darkness, I'm used to the darkness.
I'm just a man, I'm only flesh and bone.
I can't bring it back on everything I've done.
Now there's no one else left to love
I'm used to the darkness, I'm used to the darkness.
change my number to 1738
shouldn’t fear be dealing with these forum reports?
fear = snitch
Is Fear jones
Fear = Snitch
That shit is dead though
The upper administration had all staff do a survey on their thoughts about the community, where it was going, and what changes they wanted to see.

If anybody has a copy of the results it would be beneficial to the community for you to release them. We know the administration isn't listening to us, the players. Are they ignoring staff too?
Ok xpro
The image you are requesting does not exist or is no longer[URL REDACTED]
Wow very cool
epic number gang
No shit helix, you autistic downy.
Isnt this common knowledge? Any site you access they can log your info...
#1821 is spot on.
You mean, if we log onto a website they can see our connection information?! D:
Replace sgm with any forums or website and it's the same shit, thank you mr cyber police for the public announcement on our safety!

Were you born yesterday?
SGM mods and admins both have access to IP's of all user accounts. This isn't anything new and everyone knows that.

What people don't realize though-- is that BOTH mods and admins have access to IP information for users that do not even have accounts on the forums. They appear next to each name on the "Members Online Now" list.

It's routine for staff members to keep track where certain users live based on this IP information to help find alt accounts. It's pretty creepy.

Admins also have access to personal information, including the e-mail address you used to sign up for you account. They can also change your password freely without any notification to you and log on to your accounts. There's a couple of features in the AdminCP that can be taken advantage of. One of them allows admins+ to log on to your SGM account to "test permissions". You can read all of their PM's through this access, and it isn't logged either so admins can go in at anytime and do this and no one would know any better. That's how people like hmf and Lion deleted user accounts and gained access to higher level information.

They could access any user account and promote their user account to gain access to any information on SGM. Nothing is personal, and nothing is private.
Shut up, thot.
I want more spiccy stuff on here can we make fun of Mexicans please thanks
1893 don't honeydick us, the fuck you talking about?
Unban his alts too! Actually unban Magafe!
Loon tink
If Sinz is back, then unban Toon Link! #UnbanToonlink
Rogers will never be unbanned after all the alts he made he’ll never get a chance
Sinz is a cutie, that's why
the real question is, why is sinz unbanned and im not?
The real question is..... will Roger's ever be unbanned rofl.
who cares??? if you care, why? lmfao
Sinz was unbanned. Downfall of SGM.
Sinz is back?
I’m blind. Yes takagi is 2 years younger than me.
Nobody said teroxa was competent, he still hasn't completed Helix's 36+ day old report
What was the disturbing matter you... I mean acno, report?
Acnologia privately reported a heavily disturbing matter about one of the staff members at SGM as of the moment to Teroxa and the guy still hasn't replied to him about the matter since over a week now lmao. Is this the kind of leads you Highwon cock-suckers are proud of? God even Opal was more attentive than Teroxa, what the hell.
some1 post bradyns gay face here
Who’s younger than me
Is trinity still mad about highwon demoting him?
Trinity stop trying to be so edgy, you're not cool.
He's younger than floof
Nah you're forgetting the bit about "Don't burn your bridges"
*inserts demotion*
Don't think that particularly matters.
Lol how old are you?
Helix niggas be like leaking shit about tacos
ooo 3 leaks so edgy
I’m a pistol 🔫
lmao I forgot that thread existed. we totally forgot to update that shit all the time
Man I wish I could be as cool as this dude
Name: @POP STAR (Steam Profile)

Date of Leave: October 10th, 2017

Length of Tenure: 9 months

Resignation or Dismissal? Dismissal

Comments on Tenure: "POP STAR is very vocal, straight, and often blunt. He says what he thinks without hesitating too much, even if it's not pretty. This is both a blessing and a curse, and unfortunately for him it made life pretty difficult on the staff team. He was always seen as distant and unrelated to the others, and had some pretty heated personal disputes with some other admins. Eventually he was demoted for this behavior, after an ugly incident with a moderator, and left everyone with a pretty sour taste. It's also worth mentioning that on his second tenure, as a moderator, he ended up being quite a nuisance and eventually left on bad terms with many staff members." ~Opalium

POP is one of my best friends on SGM and someone who I really look up to. He's the admin that actually originally picked me up for TTT. Through this friendship however, I have come to find that everything that Opalium is mentioning above is absolutely true. He has serious troubles communicating on ideas that often times, aligns with everyone elses, but somehow devolves to someone feeling undervalued or upset on how the situation is handled. He's one of the best when it comes to rule knowledge and training moderators- however his interpersonal skills unfortunately cause conflicts that should have never occurred with admins and actually caused a considerable split in the staff team. - HelixSpiral

Would you recommend them in the future? "I wouldn't. I still do not think POP STAR understands the mentality an admin needs to have. His behavior is negatively impacting him and the opinion of his peers, and unless he makes a big change to this, I cannot recommend him as an admin again." ~Opalium

I would not. Unfortunately I don't see POP returning to the same passion for TTT that he once had and I think his mentality and focus is elsewhere. He's present now as a moderator and I think he can do well in this role. But as an administrator I don't believe he has the right personality in order to work well with others within the same position. HelixSpiral
Name: @Theinkern (Steam Profile)

Date of Leave: November 14th, 2017

Length of Tenure: 7 months

Resignation or Dismissal? Resignation

Comments on Tenure: "Theinkern was a lot like POP STAR, but perhaps even worse. He was harsh, cold, and usually aggressive to both his fellow admins and the rest of the staff team. His intentions were good, sure, but he did certainly didn't voice them correctly. As for managing his team, he was known for being a very skilled leader, and kept a very solid team - but right before his resignation he had an ugly conversation with them that kept some of them really hurt. Last, he suffered from activity issues throughout his tenure, mostly because he kept playing other games instead of TTT. In the tracker he was in the yellow most of the time. Overall he was not a very pleasant person to work with, but did have some good leadership traits. He left due to personal issues, mostly regarding his girlfriend who is very sick, and the lack of time to dedicate to SGM." ~Opalium
Opalium Offline Last Online: 12 hours ago

Theinkern was, and is a good friend of mine who was promoted near the same time I became admin. We helped each other a lot and we had the same mind on a lot of different ideas. However, what went fairly unnoticed with Inkern early on is how his behavior can shift when a disagreement occurs. During this discussions he became incredibly stubborn and almost to the point of mocking others who's opinion differed from his. I agree with Opalium- he was good with his team. However near the end of his tenure I got several complaints where he would ignore questions/discretion requests because he was too busy playing other games- something that did absolutely reflect on his activity tracker. - Helix

Would you recommend them in the future? "No. He was harsh and tough to work with, and often went against the rest of the administration, sometimes even in public. He was difficult to calm or even converse with, and definitely not someone I would want to have with us again." ~Opalium

No. My largest issue is that a lot of the issues mentioned above were pretty well hidden while he was a moderator. If he reaches another moderator position in the future- be weary. Most of these issues didn't proliferate until he was already in to his admin tenure and debates/discussions occurred about rule changes, etc. - Helix
Name: @Agent A (Steam Profile) Date of Leave: April 19th, 2018 Length of Tenure: 6.5 months Resignation or Dismissal? Resignation

Comments on Tenure: "Agent A is a dead-serious one. And obviously this has affected him during this tenure. That, however, doens't take away from the fact that he is a wonderful and thorough admin, the type to do everything to the letter. While still lacking in the leadership side of things, he did an excellent job on the technical roles of an admin. Does this mean he is the ideal admin? I don't think so, but he is definitely a good pick." ~Opalium

I think Agent is one of the best staffers we have ever had. Quite literally one of the best. He is dead-serious sure, but its just a different style. I this he's a really solid pick despite his various shortcoming as he simply has so much that he provides for the team. ~Graze

Would you recommend them in the future? "Agent left SGM to chase his dreams in *******, after probably burning out entirely here. He even asked to be banned to avoid returning. I suppose his type of playing here (all serious and no much fun) took out his spirit, but that is his choice. Anyway, I doubt he will ever return to SGM at this point." ~Opalium

While yeah I doubt he will return, if he does by all means get the guy back on the administration. He's a very solid pick that has consistent results. You will know what you will get if you pick him. ~Graze
am i not cool enough for it to be shown as an image
Low number gang
this site brought to you by - Bradyn's MOMMA
And just realized my number is really low
This site is brought to you by - MeGa FaGgOt
Forgot this site existed lmao
"troll" lol
What do you want, unclebee?
oh you are lucky :D
bradyn nigga where are u
rozboon wouldnt even get staff if tried. "no free time" spends literally like 4h a day jerking off on his forum dumb ratings. honestly this nigga has his head too far up his own ass he needs to get some iranian scientists study him to see why his mother gave birth to a fucking dog what kind of retard
because they both prey on minors
Everyone on this site is so anti-Aria and Dazza

Don't forget that Miss Alice(Nyra) is staff again
Oh shit I got an old number back. All opal established was a dick sucking cult of fanboys and fangirls, the people who wanted a good ttt server left or took a break because of the crashes since opal can only modify code, not make his own and hes even shit at modifying it. Ask him for crescents base code if you want to know more.
Why would I, 1871? I dont have time to be staff, takes no time to get on and trigger kids like you though, rofl.
Wrong! Opalium didn’t make anything interesting, he is the reason SGM lost most of its player base due to all the crashes he introduced with his code. SGM was in its prime during 2016 when the likes of Sinz and Darktooth were leads. And Highwon actually cared enough to run the community. Opalium era was shit and he tried too hard with his lame attempts at making fun rounds and add content. Highwon innovated, opal tries to imitate but failed.
When you're too retarded to realize that Highwon lost most of his interest in SGM in early 2016 and handed over most of the responsibilities(not permissions though)to Opal. It's Opal that kept the place interesting for 2 years. Learn to appreciate what you've been given. As for Roz, he's too toxic for staff, which is probably why he has the best chance at it as of the moment, given the shit quality of the staff team right now. If Aria and dazza can be staff, why not rOzBoOn rOfL.
RozBOn beINg StAFf, takes 2 seconds to see if the info is correct you lazy cunt rofl.
#1800 what do you think the life expectancy of a gmod community is? SGM was a great community in its prime and served its purpose well. Hats off to Highwon for pulling it off. All the people talking shit are losers who get nowhere in life. Look at Smash for example, jumps on just to talk shit but where is he in his loser life right now? Opalium tried to do what Highwon did but failed miserably, he couldn’t live up to a legend. I’m sorry to say. All you haters can believe what you want but he did what most of you can’t even accomplish in your dreams. Lol.
its pretty obvious sgms bar is low, the place is a shitstorm now. very sad to see it fall like this
or that he isn't staff
rozboon being staff means hes either run out of toxicity or sgms bar is so low that i (xpro) could probably get lead
>Rozboon >current year
I dont get to keep my number because my ip changes every hour or so :(
There are so many Rozboons these days
I'll put an app in when yours gets accepted 995
who does this man think I am, I have no PMs
Fuck I mean 995
Check your pms on the forums 994 ;)
Always gotta bring my name up,
Teroxa is good for nothing
Nah teroxa’s doing a good job. He’s busy with irl shit currently
we should really be making bets on how long its going to take for teroxa to handle all those reports haha
so bets on how long it’ll take fear to update staff groups?
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top 10 epic inspect elements
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na no ni
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sayonara ha
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kuchibeta de
honma ni bukiyou
i love you mo
roku ni iwanai
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heta na kuse ni waraenai egao wo miseta
yume wo otte kidzutsuite
kodomo na no ne
baka mitai
low number gang
Guys I’m a faggot look at me ahohehaho
Why are you posting a picture of my boy rice. fucking weirdo
this site trash now smh
Man imagine living in Hamilton and claiming to be the best black hat there is
why you posting pics of rice
woof woof wats for dinner lol
No one cares anymore, unclebee, you little drama queen.
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u know it's a knockoff because all i do is fall in love with every female i see
oh that knockoff Proper
why do you think im a knockoff wtf
Who's the knock-off proper
How can olivia be considered a girl when crack heads aren't human?
Who's the top 5
Of both genders for you homos
olivia best girl +1
I said girls not girl
olivia best girl
Who are the cutest SGM girls
Is that takagi? Such a bad troll now.
who ever bumped my thread in dr is a hero
banned for posting in deathrun lmao
Hey paci
This actually made me feel light-headed and kind of sick. My brain can’t really process this. What the hell
It's memento mori you philistine
Momento mori if the ninreth lion ate the sun
That was my post you moron dingus fart brain
Omg guys!!! Darkrp!!
Oh boy I got my number back
does it matter
who is in the picture posted by #995
hey tz hows it goin
I would let #995 do things to me...
the fuck is going on here
I would totally smash
2 rate me 1-10
Looks like they took on sticky as Dev
And Wolf’s
highway to the gamer zone
I heard UncleBee made the forums crash, what a gamer
I heard UncleBee made the forums crash, what a loser

Not sure who wants to be MangoTangoTV, but that's not the old lead from SGM.

I'm flattered, though.
Yeah fuck sith master
stop fighting guys... it makes me sad why can't we all unite in our hatred for pedos :)
LOL, I just stopped by to say hi. Been living my life since I distanced myself from the community. Why are you still mad? That was so long ago!
Hey wompzilla, weren’t you the loser from SGM that did some autistic shit to impress some group who then shit on you anyway? Tell me, how does it feel being an outcast?
since you can't edit on this site lmao.

To add on to that,
It's been a community LONG before any of this happened. Since 2018 actually.
The servers aren't ready nor are the forums all the way.
There's really no reason to advertise it anywhere
I'm not recruiting lol.
I couldn't care less if anyone joins, I haven't been advertising.
Someone did, then it got leaked, now it's everywhere.
8 bit is pixels community. He's recruiting since his demotion. Check out his website. Has some current SGM mods on there.
Nothing nothing
move along.
wait, what is 8-bitgaming? new community?
I'm not the one posting the community link,
No idea who is, don't really care.

Would appreciate it if you stop but, you do you man.
Mock me one more time, skank, and I will suck your dick
esh gee em will rishe wike a phenix
Rules were made to be broken. Being a stickler for rules makes you a very boring person. The people who follow the rules and have all the personality of a dry loaf of bread have less of a place in SGM than the colorful people who make it a great place to be.
Petty and toxic people should go, while chill and friendly people should stay. Highwon will enforce the rules even if it kills the community, and that's his right. It worked in the past, I guess. But SGM won't keep rising like a phoenix.
girls be like "i am hot and pretty look how hot and pretty i am hehe" and they're right
Ok pixel stop
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You mean rule breakers being banned and non-rule Breakers sticking around?
Nothing new. Toxic people staying around. Decent people being banned on the regular. Nothing has changed over the last 5 years
So ladies, what's the news around SGM
whos gayass 8bitgaming site is that
no I'm not proper
i'm not proper
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I've finally figured it out. The world is slowly getting worse, and this... thing that you just posted proves it. According to even the bible itself, the world will grow worse and worse and you're living proof of that. I was a staunch atheist all my life. I attended atheist megachurches, converted over 300 Christians to atheism, and currently have an outstanding IQ of over 150. I studied every bible and bible type book ever and they all seemed ridiculous and debunk able. I've even converted people with a doctorate in ministry. But what you just posted is so bad it proved to me that Satan exists. And I just had a thought; if Satan exists, God must, too. Your absolute mistake against humanity is so much so that it proves the existence of God, and even I'm wondering how we ended up in this place. How did God create you in this way? Or were you a creation of Satan? Or maybe you're a demon who somehow found a way onto a computer with the sole intention of spreading evil around the world to corrupt it. Honestly I have no idea. Whatever you are, I am personally going to attend church for the first time and beg God to protect me from the evil you have plagued my mind with and hopefully either exorcise the demon out of you or, if you really are a demon, exorcise you in general.
you wish I was notproper#0995
oh the real. fuck MasterTbaiter arrogant fuck
whats your discord then?
not proper#995
Ive already revealed who i am lol. I’m not highwon. Who are you?
Highwon never shortens his words
995 who r u
1505 isn't the real Highwon guys
Atleast you spelt my name right this time, still unsure what fascination you have with me is, becoming stalker levels, almost unclebee levels.
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.

missed one
Your number is linked to your IP, anything to change your IP will change your name #1505.
admin can u ban my # so i can make a new one lol
nothing of value was lost
yo what was removed by admin? just dox's or something actually juicy?
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
wer is da serber ohwnar? i fuk him in da butt
da police is coming RAN!!!
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
So this is anonymous? Nobody can see my name? Ok good FUCK this server guys
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
Will #1 ever reveal himself?
Given the sheer quantities of detritus on this site, no one would’ve known it was doxxing unless they had prior knowledge, and it would’ve been swept under a tide.
ok pussy :/
Shit, I was bluffing. I really like your style.
fuck me proper
flame me pls
I like your name Proper. I'll flame you if you want.
like what is anyone going to do with your common as fuck name in a big country lmao. the fact that you show you care to a bunch of anonymous idiots only makes it that much worse, but i hope you flame me for saying that u weird ass mf
Hello everyone, I would like to apply for mod. I have played in many tournaments and am pro in all shooters.
i too threaten people with police action because i can't defend myself on the internet and care way too much about shit that doesn't matter
I love you all very much
going full defense mode for someone who claims to be innocent, you dont sound that innocent anymore do u fuckface
Okay. I've had it. I just came here to meme, but you're actually a gross fucking human being. Please do remove yourself from this platform and every other platform you curse and defile with your every breath. You're a snake who will twist words to suit you. Intimidating someone under threat of police/legal action is a threat and you're not gonna bullshit your way out of that. Fuck off
Anyway, as I said, I no longer care so I'm done here
And what I did was not threat
"A statement of an intention to inflict [...] hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done" - >>>threatening
There was only one person other than #1582 and that was #1516
ching chang chua kong gi ha!
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
u imbecile the first person was #1505 and you still dont know who that is, you only mentioned that #1516 came forward, you fucking fake
"a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done" - going to the police for doxxing is no threat
you dont even know what a threat is, stop lecturing you fuck
I'm not sure you quite understand English. I cared about who the first person was, I didn't care about the second. I managed to find out who the first person was, I thought I'd give it a go and see if I could find out the second, clearly I can't so I don't care
so basically you cared and you are bullshitting, fuck off
I didn't say I knew who it was at first, but they came forward and now I do
you didnt know who the first person was, stop bullshitting lmao
I only cared about the first person doing it because they had access to a lot more information

doc: "Don't care"
also doc: "I'm not threatening anyone, though I could if I wanted to but I don't. I'm simply offering the person a chance to avoid going to prison"
also also doc: "So one or two people possibly doxxing now, they have about 5 minutes to name themselves before I go to the police
you're a FAKE
did you go the police yet? its been like 15minutes already since you were threatening
It's funny though, clearly the only thing you have is my forename which is on my Steam profile. So I don't care what you do
and you scared that person
probably because he doesnt know his rights
One of them came forward, so it worked
As far as legal threats go, that is weak. Prison time is seldom applied to petty cyber crime and your legal action would only have jurisdiction in the UK. Since the great majority of users are from the US, you would, should there be a proper investigation, have the police at my, Echo’s, Trinity and a small number of others’ doors. There would be no guarantee your doxxers are even European. I don’t wish to dampen your fire and brimstone, but using the police as leverage for every situation in which you do not have control devalues your statements.
Please include me when you go to police so I can make some new friends
I read the UK law. glad I don't live in the fucking uk lmao
Allahu Akbar
do you really think saudi arabia gives a single fuck about you?
your willful ignorance is a great thing to broadcast
Clearly then you don't know the law anywhere
Doxxing is illegal pretty much nowhere
Thankfully the #1516 came forward now it's just up to #1579
Doxxing is doxxing regardless of how much you send. And I'm fairly certain doxxing is illegal pretty much everywhere
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
u imbecile do you really think the world works under one law
nobody is going to prison for saying someone's first name, delete yourself dude
I'm not threatening anyone, though I could if I wanted to but I don't. I'm simply offering the person a chance to avoid going to prison
nobody gives a shit about your name dude fuck off
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
4 minutes remaining
dont actually post his name jesus christ
And that will be bad for everyone
So one or two people possibly doxxing now, they have about 5 minutes to name themselves before I go to the police
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
jk dont. 995 who are you.
post his name
Stop being dicks and posting his name ffs
Valar dohaeris
valar morghulis
u can suck on my ding dong DICK!
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
not in the slightest.
Does that surprise you
You mean either crystal or echo
fun fact of the day: dazza bought a certain member of the community LEGENDARY in exchange for NUDES when they were underage
check back tomorrow for more.
Its the real highwon
Imagine not backing up your claim of being highwon
Imagine impersonating highwon
Imagine doubting highwon
It was a pretty shitty pic
yo repost that pic
told ya
1505 isnt highwon, if so he'd say 1505 in sb
995 who are you? I’m gonna pick you up.
Hey guys. There's a top secret way to know who posted admin stats.

There's a "uid" element right next to the red "don't share notes from this section" text. It's almost the same color as the background. If you zoom in real far right next (to the right) on xpros adminstats below, you can see an ID. That ID is their forum user ID.
hey don't post pictures of proper wtf
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
1505 is definitely highwon guys
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But aria is a thot...
window.location='[URL REDACTED]'
No need to be calling people thots
Y'all acting surprised a nigga trying to defend himself
1527 why
Monitoring this site 24/7 or coming here just to troll... pretty sure the second one is the most pathetic. Keep being toxic kiddo.
This platform was talking about Doctor long before they first spoke. The past day’s discussion has included them, and responding is not indicative of loneliness.
I found this place only 12 hours ago
Whilst I realise, and admit, that sometimes I need to use the Urban Dictionary, I strongly believe you need to refine your understanding of the word "triggered"
doctor monitorting 24/7 what an idiot, what are u trying to accomplish here
woof woof wats for dinner lol
hahahahah some1 got triggered that easily what a dumbaaaaaaaaaaaaasss LOL
I type every message I send everywhere formally, dumbass
writing even so formally what a dumbass
doctor is so lonely the only way he is able to communicate with others is through here LMAO what a retard
Ok, thank you for informing me, you may leave now
thedoctor094 u are literally a R E T A R D
Also, #1516 if you're such a coward that you do not wish to reveal who you are to everyone then contact me through other means, I will not reveal to anyone else who you are, but I need to know who is seeing my personal information
look at this thot
you are banned from sgm accept it u fucking retarded fuckface
stfu doc u disgusting piece of shit dog
stfu doc u disgusting piece of shit dog
I didn't accuse Helix of doxxing me
I would like to add, Doxxing is a repugnant thing, and please do not accuse Helix of doxxing without evidence. You cannot accuse people of not providing evidence and then do so yourself, and I cannot justify defending you from defamation, and not do the same for those you defame. Their opinions on leaking may be skewed to that of reality, but they are firmly against such a thing.
There are other ways to contact me
"All posts are completely anonymous."
That's not helpful at all, I want to know exactly who you are
You've no need to feel threatened Doc, it was just my own twisted idea of a joke. Didn't really think it through. I'm not anyone you know, just a bystander who, like others mentioned, just Ctrl + F'd shit.
Not enough for you to be able to say it was intentional. I have done both, pry on people and be self conscios, and with loose tongues and people they trust people are stupid with personal information. Don't trust online spaces with your name.
Never said I went looking specifically for that either. You literally had it in messages with my screen name in it. You said it was a protection from it being “leaked” because they would also have to dox you in order to post screenshots of it.
Still have no idea who you are Hex, but there's a difference between looking for things I've said and looking for personal information
Oh please keep arguing, it is amusing.
>thinks people believe what he spews, hmmm.
Your scum for other reasons
>Literally says he wouldn’t ever post it anywhere
>Calls him scum.

Gotcha bud. Take care of yourself.
It is far from hard to press Ctrl R in a discord read what people have said about you. Knowing your disagreements it's likely for all information to be within close proximity.
Gotta snoop to get the information to be able to leak it.

I knew you were scum Helix, but you really do reach new lows all the time
I posted it way before you joined so clearly you went snooping when you shouldn't have
me? You did. You literally posted it in a discord we were both in lol
Who told you this information?
oh- no I do. But I wouldn’t post it anywhere. Even told unclebee he was an idiot for posting roz’s as much as I don’t like him
I don't think either of those people know my forename and surname
nope. Doxing is fucked.
It's probably helix, he likes doing those things, or unclebee.
No, an apology is not going to cut it #1516, I need to know who you are so that I know whether or not I should feel threatened and who it is I need to cut ties with
I thought we were at 56 you fuck
my apologies, owner can delete it - requested
Oh shit countdown let’s go
help how do i change my username someone hacked my computer
Trying to implicitly dox me is far from cool #1516 especially not when your intent is clearly to try and instil fear into me, so I am more than ready to go to the police with this matter
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
get a life stop sucking off little kids thedoctor lol go wank to your groomer siddo haha
fucking frank.
His Name is Papa John and he loves to fight
Hex, you seem to know a lot about me and yet I have no idea who you are
It would not have the same flavour of salt and bitter, but all of the harassment and spam.
Make a for all I care.
*a sexual relationship is permitted by law at 16
TheDoctor094 is to the best of my knowledge a UK citizen, a sexual relationship is permitted by law but the exchange of nude photos isn't. To that end, no one is in the right, and all are in the wrong. (since I do not know the nationality of Siddo I am assuming the US typical ruling of 18 for sexual relations with a 16-18 year old)
As for Highwon's comment, assuming it is legitimate, did you really expect there to be so much for those who joined Crescent to talk about? Given that a majority of its members had been 'a part' of SGM, and Crescent was a short-lived venture, it was inevitable that conversation would regress to this.
I will wholly agree however, personal attacks achieve little, even without anonymity. Though I feel their intent was to protest your actions rather than to make fun of your average appearance, hence the emboldened 'FAGGOT'.
Alas just let this platform die if you cannot "discuss the Crescent Project without the censorship of Opalium"
Joking about pedophilia is such a childish thing to do.
yo stfu
#1 please clean up this site.
bitch ass
litch ass
aitch ass
citch ass
kitch mass
mitch ass
aitch ass
iitch ass
litch ass
Why has this site come to bash my community? I thought it was about Opalium. This is sickening. What makes you think you can make fun of people’s appearances?
fuck. They got me there. Yeh idc. If you have questions add my discord. helix#0002
Idk who 1374 is. NOT me
idk who 1479 is. Not me - helix
pedophilia is such a buzzword with u people
If that's your take on this, even after hearing I was groomed then sure. Report me to the police
wait, doc sent underaged nudes to someone? have both parties been reported to the police yet?
I bet Opalium made this so he could gather evidence.
(Sorry I've changed devices so a change in numbers) I'm not denying any truth, I'm denying false accusations against me. And I truly did feel pressurised into doing what I did, I was afraid that if I didn't then I'd lose you as a friend. If you ever felt threatened by anything I said then I will apologise for that as it was never my intention
yall: time to write a paragraph
Denying the truth doesn't make you right. I wish it were that easy.

I'm happy to apologize if you genuinely felt that way. It was not and is not my intention to make you feel pressured to do something at all. My recollection of that time is admittedly foggy at best, but knowing myself, I may have ended up being a bit forceful. To that end, I'm sorry.
I genuinely liked you a lot back then and was really excited to talk to you and play with you on vanilla.

You did mention getting me banned on more than one occasion, albeit not necessarily directly as intent. I'd find the chatlogs to prove it, but I've long since lost them.
boobies lol
I do, I'm sure I'm good at it
You sure love whining
You guys sure love false accusations
Again, I never blackmailed Echo into do anything for me. Graze is the one that helped me get unbanned
Anyone remember when doctor blackmailed echo into getting him unbanned but then he got perma'd again?
I have never forced anyone to do anything, just some people have an actual sense of loyalty. I'm not excited to "flaunt" my ban at all, I don't deserve it. As for it being mutual and consensual, I'd have to disagree, I felt pressured to do it - I felt I had no choice. Yeah I am vengeful, but only to those deserving of it. I certainly wouldn't burn the world just to get at someone though. I've never threatened or tried to pressurise you either, I merely asked that as a friend and knowing my ban was false that you might help me, you refused.
I have never forced anyone to do anything, just some people have an actual sense of loyalty. I'm not excited to "flaunt" my ban at all, I don't deserve it. As for it being mutual and consensual, I'd have to disagree, I felt pressured to do it - I felt I had no choice. Yeah I am vengeful, but only to those deserving of it. I certainly wouldn't burn the world just to get at someone though. I've never threatened or tried to pressurise you either, I merely asked that as a friend and knowing my ban was false that you might help me, you refused.
Yo. It seems to me you're quite excited to flaunt that you got me banned, Doc. Good job on that. I sincerely get why people would hate to let themselves be known to you. You have a reputation for being vengeful.

I never fully agreed with my punishment, but I always intended to accept my ban from SGM should it come. Unlike you, I don't burn the world just to get back at someone.
I agree that what happened between you and I may be questionable to many, and understandably so. The way I recall it, it was very much mutual and consensual. You liked me. I liked you. I don't know who the bigger fool is, though I'd wager it was me.

Since I'm no saint, let's do a quick recap of some of your own actions. You abused your friends time and time again. To harass me, to contact me when I had you blocked, to harass others, to make reports on your behalf, the list goes on.
You tried to pressure me to use my position as admin to vote in favour of your return to SGM. Far as I recall, that wasn't the first time you'd tried to intimidate me on threat of getting me banned.

Quite clever, using Oxydoceous to approach me under false pretenses and pressure me into making some public confession because that would somehow maybe begin to atone for my great sin.
However objectionable you find me finding a 16½ year old guy attractive when I was around 3 years older is your deal. If you think it's unforgivable, cool.

Anywho, that should cover everything I've needed to say.
You're an unkind person, Doc.
I mean, I agree that my ban is probably going to stay but thanks anyway Rozboon
Not sure who sgm is, but I wouldn't be so concrete about the perm ban staying, also setting your name as sgm as if your say matters is odd.
Try questioning the legitimacy of my second perma-ban. I did nothing to deserve it
You're not going to be unbanned just because you give up other members. You got perma'd and already got your second chance
Oh aren't you a smart one?
Go play on FRG or something
Is that better
Most is a terrible community. And what is with those voicing opinions in an anonymous form? What are they trying to hide or protect themselves from?
Why are you still hanging around SGM, your perma isn't getting lifted. Go bother people on moat instead
My evidence was provided to those at SGM and the person I accused was banned. Need I say more?
wheres your evidence of intent to groom or sexually abuse
Grooming doesn't necessarily implies sexual abuse, intent still makes it criminal
grooming implies sexual abuse, were you sexually abused?
If he was innocent then he should have protested my accusation. Grooming is a form of pedophilia
why would he
He didn't dent it was true, did he? He hasn't argued my accusation or evidence. He accepted if was true
you say he is a pedo. he isnt.
That would be true if I didn't have evidence. He isn't denying it, is he?
you are defaming him
I never said they were, and why do you hide behind anonymity? What do you fear?
sgm rules aren't absolute truth
If my evidence wasn't real or enough then why was the accused banned?
16 and 19 isn't pedophilia
And I appreciate that second comment Hex. What makes their accusations worse is the fact I helped out a pedophile from SGM a couple months ago that I was victim to
To those oblivious to what defamation is - and isn't, refer to the top source of information: pewdiepie's "Congratulations"
I never resented anyone, I cared for everyone I worked alongside and still do, even those that believed the lies Opalium told about me. Yes I mishandled the Echo situation greatly, but I did what I did mostly out of anger at the betrayal of my trust, something Echo knew I had issues with from my past
Also, to those of you who call TheDoctor094 a paedophile, no. And to do so without evidence is defamation proper.
Doctor, my use of your name is not defamation. I have respect for you, but you came to resent the people you once worked alongside and became desperate for vindication. Whether your ban was just or not, I don’t know, but your actions speak more than your words to us and they are to what I refer; this is a future that Helix can choose take to great irony.
Everyone get a life.
Also it's rather ironic that someone who had to cower behind anonymity tried to call me names
What exactly did I do that was pedophilic?
Doctor we gon get u some mental help on god
go ask ur mom for an apology
ey doctor, will ya stfu u fucking pedophile, u got banned rightfully so stfu ok fucking pedophile
If that is the genuine Helix (I presume this person is or is trying to be Helix) then I am asking owed an apology from you too. You are just as culpable as Opalium
Strange how this outlet has to be created for people to speak their mind. However, I wish to have a word in all this as well. I realize things have gotten out of hand recently and my responsability in this can not be overlooked. So then allow me to add some context to the events of late.

It was never my intention to force these changes in staff on the SGM community. Instead my goal was to make the necessary alterations to the way SGM was evolving towards a toxic gaming environment. I believe we have forgotten this is all just a game. Surely we can put the problems behind us and go back to the essence of what SGM is and has always been? A way to enjoy ourselves, laugh and screw around.

I realize the error of my ways in these series of events and agree on the decision to have me banned. I will prove myself one day. I'm trying guys.
To whomever this Hex person is, your use of my name only helps prove my defamation case that I'm considering filing against the likes of Opalium so thanks for that. I did absolutely nothing wrong when I got banned, I've proved that time and time again. I called out that Helix and Opalium were being all fishy and I was right, they tried to cause the collapse of SGM so that people would come over to the new community they were building. If you should also like to defame my name then feel free to seek legal advice, if not apologise and seek the withdrawal of your statement
Also cow has an application believe it or not.
I’m making teroxa promote sticky bandit next.
Zack is a faggot
Needs more leaks, page gettin boring you fags.
Console Command Capture + Hooks Capture, likely what was used to make SGMCC btw

pastebin ec31jBjc
stfu bitch
Wtf is this dumb shit faggots
Helix ratted out Pixel! What a fucking nigger
bitch word
probably found out about the gmod community he had on the side
This isn't shoutbox. Talk about Crescent/SGM or get hid.
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
why are u hiding everything now you bitch word
Hello is this Papa John's
n word lol
Wtf did I get banned for?!
oh shit is that you sith master?
Removed by admin.
only hint is french and I used to be butt buddies
hello bradyn
Removed by admin.
but whos me?
hello my teeth hurt
whos me?
me bro
Who is that
im tryna suck ur dick
Bad photoshop, 5/10
DM me your annual salary to find out
Getting hidden when I didn't even spam the picture
whats your paypal proper
Meh, let em get their tensions out.
i have a faggot up my ass and a dyke in my hand k?
Anyone posting real faces of people are absolute dickheads, I don't care who they are, I don't care how much you hate them, just don't do it.
everyone knows roz is retarded no need to point it out
Removed by admin.
Whats up?
hey number #64
True that trin
na she chillin
Trinity in with the reals
olivia is so hot god what a queen
Posted 42 seconds ago by Proper#41
Anyone posting real faces of people are absolute dickheads, I don't care who they are, I don't care how much you hate them, just don't do it.

Shes a huge drughead isnt she
olivia is so hot god what a queen i like this one more
maybe i want my strapon in a pussy not in a hairy asshole
Why you haf to be mad?
hey females have asses and so do males therefore its the same thing
i only fuck females sry 995 better luck next time
I got you fam
Removed by admin.
why my pp hard
Wtf is even going on
yo my real name is neo can u ban me now pls
are u female
peg me proper
LOL "Don't be a helix"
duh, im gay
Posting real names will get you banned. I don't care if it is "public knowledge" or not. Don't be a Helix.
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proper probably pegs
don't need proof for that tho
Removed by admin.
dick me down mommy
I'd fuck that redhead
Removed by admin.
1430 is just mad he aint cute as fuck
faggot here looking for fellow dykes
idk u seem kinda ugly..
why am i getting banned
depends who's askin
proper u tryna fuck
why the fuck did this cunt ass little bitch censor and hid my ricardo posts what the fuck ricardo is a masterpiece treasure that should not be hidden by anyone no one has any right to HIDE RICARDO,THE RICARDO REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED THE REVOLUTION WILL BE FELT THE RICARDO REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED THE REVOLUTION WILL BE FELT THE RICARDO REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED THE REVOLUTION WILL BE FELT
https://66.[URL REDACTED] I am high iq
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
he tryna fucccck
nigga can't take a "he sucks dick and cries abt gmod" without tryna add me huh
Nah just trying to figure out what I did lol
roz tryna fuck
Today my mom caught me dancing in sync with Ricardo Milos, first she laughed then looked at the Smart TV, she was disappointed at me. I was preparing to dance in our class party we did take a video my friend deleted it just after he sent it to me, sadly he was blocked :') i still have the LQ version of it because my friend had a screen recorder and recorded a video of that video. Ik it sounds confusing.
Accept my invite on steam, proper, unless you want to keep being a child here.
roz i said 1 thing about you im sorry you need my attention but im busy
[img]https://66.[URL REDACTED][/img]
I am Brazilian & born in Rio De Janeiro with my identical twin brother. I reside now in the United States ,I am a professional fitness and adult model, exotic dancer - entertainer, and competitive natural body builder. I am delighted you located my site an can assure you will be coming back for more. There will be constant updates in my non- members & members section (which will open soon) with various pictures, video,, posters, t-shirts, greeting cards an other memorabilia. Feel my Brazilian passion , a place where I will keep you watching and wanting more. I work hard to maintain my hard body builders physique , changing my image making you addictive to my eroticism. I have been photograph for magazines, calendars, art book etc. Photographers love to shoot me for I am a total package and with natural ability to make PICTURES COME ALIVE. Go ahead add this to your favorites for instant viewing pleasure. Enjoy an look around , check my schedule to see where I am located, what am I up too. I am highly intelligent , upbeat personality with a million dollar smile and love meeting new people. My natural sex appeal with a masculine aggressive charismatic charm will sparks your curiosity. I am very well grounded down to earth, striving to set the standard for integrity an excellence in my professional services. So come in ….Feel this Brazilian heat , Lavish in the Passion, and Desire my Intensity.

Goddamn, proper is like a kid having a temper tantrum and lashing out at everyone around them, the fuck did I do to you?
Removed by admin.
go suck my dick
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
steam is a service hosted by valve
Whos steam?
literally in his steam profile u big brain fuck
No need to spam the same image. Post it once. If you keep spamming images then I will turn them off.
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is pegging gay
Removed by admin.
What's more gay, that picture or whoever took the time to edit out a dick to paste on it hahahahaha
Removed by admin.
hey site owner libtard,
this is a message from your buddy ol' pal, Highwon,

It's not doxxing if it's in the damned idiot's steam profile.
proper is pegging gay
oh F im banned huh
shit gyazo isnt allowed?!
im not a redhead wtf
i get to fuck a redhead? :o
RIP proper, sharing the nigga's name.
even better
she can be the hulk
jokes on u the redhead has gay green hair now
Doxxing is not allowed.
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Wait, why are you mad at me proper?
I'd fuck her like the hulk fucks cement trucks
whos that redhead
My days going fine besides people spamming my pic :/.
hey guys how is your day goin
Posted 3 minutes ago by not proper#995
hey guys how is your day goin
Removed by admin.
Whos the souless bastard
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
hello are how is everyone doing today
massive dyke inboud
I dunno who u r so can't say I love you.
I love you roz
Uh again with bringing me up... what is your fascination with me?
good job proper real proud of u
nvm lol
who even is that
Thought this was shit on opal not shit on highwon
Fucking url redaction. pastebin ec31jBjc

Or google ulx customcommands
Console Command Capture + Hooks Capture, likely what was used to make SGMCC btw


lol @ all the people tryna trash highwon. dudes ascended above this shit for years. Takes an intellectual to recognize an intellectual apparently.
hey site owner that is a doxxing image you should take that down
what the fuck is with the spam... rofl
That's still too expensi
Sub to my premium Snapchat for 2 cents
Pegging isn't gay, prove me wrong.
You wish chief
You're ugly anyways without the filters
The subscription gets rid of the filters on every 30 pictures 😎
I'd rather subscribe to propers, less filters
Hey guys, sub to my premium snapchat for only $20 a day! Limited time offer, 1 day free with the purchase of 365 days
I strongly dislike personal attacks, but HelixSpiral, you’re a fucking retard. You may not have been the first to leak cc but since when did your judgement become clouded enough to spread awareness about it? SGMleaks is a niche and small scale platform few saw it.
You know full well how many hackers were caught with the admin+ tools in our time and most likely still are today. Why must you act like a stubborn teenager and protest that ‘because it’s public knowledge it’s okay to say it’ when you know full well the value of keeping these things from all but the most determined.
I applaud you for reporting staff members for their sloppy behaviour and trying to raise standards, but I cannot defend your actions here. I hope that you move on, although if you become another TheDoctor094 I will be very much amused.
yeah fuck the system, leak all of sgm and remove the curse of leaking permanently
Mega Leak Incoming
SGM niggas be like “permabans from our ebic gmod community matter”
If you leak my super secret dinner recipe that is staff only I will get you permabanned
Fails at being lead,
Fails at starting new community,
Fails at not leaking.

Succeeds at getting perm banned.
>knows the consequences of leaking
>gets perma banned
gee golly we better start a riot
Hardons* my bad
?? what do people agree with me about? Hardens?
“Leak.” 🤣

or i just don’t give a fuck? Lol
So you just leaked that info again? Haha you’re autistic
nah, I agree with roz. That 100% wasn’t the only reason I was banned. That’s just the reason given.
thats echo btw
So if it was public knowledge, why did that person ask what that command was? I mean it sure looks like he leaked it to him. Just cause 10 people saw it on sgmleaks doesn’t make it public knowledge. It’s still a leak. Well deserved ban imo
roz ur retarded
you think thats the only reason he was banned rofl

Over this btw. All public knowledge unless you’re under a rock lmao. Was on SGMleaks over a year ago.
so i guess 0?
ok and?
Crescent doesn't exist anymore so how would you check their hours?
how many hours does each staff have now
Aww, did your butt buddy helix get banned and you're mad now?
64 is still autistic
Finally, helix was pushing his luck for far too long.
Fucking retarted
When even the owner makes the site about SGM instead of Crescent.
remember guys, leak something that hasn't been leaked? Temp ban. Leak something that's been leaked a few times before? Permad
And you can have a constant hardon for me
Ok you can be a virgin forever roz
We all know what's in your forbidden section.... so I'll pass.... sorry...
U can shop at my forbidden section ;)
Nah bruv, I dont need to shop at the forbidden section.
Roz wants to diddle kids with me?
roz has a small crush
Oooh i will diddle helix :drool:
Did any1 screenshot report on teroxa?
only females are allowed to diddle
You dont want cowcakes unless you dont mind second diddles after helix
I mean you use fulters on sc so it doesnt matter
I'm legal bud
Can i diddle cowcakes
Damn cowcakes is low-key cute
I play the fiddle too so would I be a fiddler diddler?
Siddler Kiddler Diddler confirmed?
I'll only diddle you if you're old enough, also if we are all me, am I diddling myself?
can someone tell helix to stop targetting me please
Just kidding, that wouldn't be nice she's a Christian girl who does no such thing
Guys who wants propers nudes
I am rozboon
I think we’re all roz
I’m not roz lol but i bet roz would try to diddle you too
no roz you can't
995 can i diddle you?
Yeah, I exported them when I left
I heard helix exported them, that true?
Calm down star trek character
Then post it ffs
they’ve been exported for ages lol. It’s also total aids to go through
Come on fuckers I heard staff chats got exported where they at
Imagine getting banned
Anyone wanna diddle kids with me?
xpro more like dumb bitch
no chains - xpro
this has been a place for cocksuckers since its inception
You suck a whole lotta dick
bold of you to assume that i am not a god-fearing good christian e-girl
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iron man dies
time travel saves everything
everyone unsnapped
gamora dead
romanov dead
When did this turn into a dick sucking place?
proper you suck too much dick to be lesbian
Oh nice a red banner for your message, fancy yourself highwon?
Attention! I’m a lesbian
wtf why was my comment hidden? if you havent seen back to the future, you really need to check yourself.
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
i dont think the person likes spoilers that arent really spoilers, Marty goes back in time and almost sexes his own mom.
idk who's more autistic, jewtwo or this site owner
Why are you censoring anecdotes
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
hey dumbass, obviously spiderman gets unsnapped if he has a fucking movie coming out next year
they time travel you fucktard
guys spiderman gets un-snapped in Far From Home
I am glad that the site owner is at true intellectual paragon, a man whose balls are so hugely disproportional to his inward penis that even though they barely measure up to a single pea, he can at least brag that he has some. Can't say the same for that sad excuse of a dick. God knows, I am impressed, truly, at his ability to say "I don't give a fuck lmao" while defending being a butthurt shitter because of mild spam on a site that serves no real purpose - not that it ever did.
At least he sobered the fuck up and stopped censoring the spoilers and memes. I'm glad you've learned and grown. Maybe your balls dropped and you actually became a quite endowed man, both in the sack and what else you might pack. Congrats on that, dude. Merry Christmas.
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
About 2 years ago I was jacking off in my bathroom. When I reached that moment I quickly grabbed the tissue that I had prepared earlier and I suddenly realized that a fucking spider was sitting on it. Now I am kinda arachnophobic so I can't explain what happend in my mind that moment...I remember that I freaked out because there was a big ass spider near my penis so I decided to aim at the little fella and cover him with my nut.

I stared at that tissue in my hand for 2 minute straight, than I started laughing like a maniac while dropping my new friend in the toilet. I remember that before flushing I saied "I win bitch!".

I'm still arachnophobic but now when I see a spider I can't take them serious anymore.
.-.. --- .-- -.- . -.-- --..-- / .- .-. .. .- / .. ... / .--. .-. . - - -.-- / -.-. ..- - .
i feel i have the biggest balls in this chat.
Be patient, Jesus Christ!! You clearly have no experience running a complicated minecraft server like this. Ffs.

There are four to eight “runners” which are in peak physical condition sitting at keyboards until your click comes through. They immediately print out a ticker tape of the request and sprint to the filing cabinets to retrieve the correct world chunks. There may be more than one. These are passed on to carrier pigeon to fly to your local packet distribution center, at which time another technician loads the chunk to render the packets onto the network line.

If you have NO idea how to take care of tens of thousands of pigeons, you have NO FUCKING RIGHT to sit here and criticize CrescentCraft. Try it your fucking self, get on Amazon and start with a couple of dozen of Cisco Packet Pigeons and see how far you fucking get. Do you even understand the fucking infrastructure required to keep tens of thousands of pigeons healthy and happy and ready to go at a moment’s notice? You can’t fly them 24/7 you know...think on just the logistics surrounding that for a fucking minute.

The amount of arrogance on display on this site every day is truly astounding. Not sure how people get out of fucking college without a basic understanding of pigeon backbone topology. You probably know fuckall about long haul smoke signals too smdh
Stfu poofer
why is unclebee telling me to suck his dick you poof
-. .. --. --. . .-.
Yeah Trinity, suck his dick you poof!!!
Sure fooled me, you seemed to love taking the big ones
I'm not someone who participates in felatio with parties of the same sex to be honest.
I'm not someone who participates in felatio with parties of the same sex to be honest.
Hey trinity, you're a faggit, shut up and suck the man's dick
This dude is saying "could care less" but should be saying "couldn't care less". To say that you could care less is saying that you care at least a bit. If you couldn't care less, you are actually incapable of caring less, hence you have 0 care. But if you can care less, you have more care than 0 care. "could care less" contains like no information, and the only possible thing that is scrapped is that you don't care at all, which is the one thing that you're trying to portray.
Is that SGM related enough
Hey someone on sgm says ironman dies
Also suck a dick.
Now that Crescent is completely gone, I could care less about this site. It’s gonna stay up cause hosting is paid for but I could care less if you cry about me removing or hiding posts. Obviously anything SGM or Crescent related will stay up. Good day.
sorry, it's too small to suck
Imagine being this cuck lmfao
Suck my dick.
stop hiding our comments hitler admin, you made a shitpost site for cynics, trolls, and faggots like me. stop being such a little bitch, we dont need moderation. fuck off. without the censorship of opalium but with the censorship of big retard brother.
See you when the Crescent rises again = See you when the Jew cunt needs more shekels
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ironman gives thanos' infinity stones some TLC and does the ok sign. then thanos blows his load so hard that he disintegrates. ironman looks at the ok sign and realizes he will never get a victory royale, so he does the floss and commits die. everyone laughs while crying emoji.
Thanos gets snapped
CrescentCraft: another quick cash grab by Opalium has been finalized.
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
ironman dies and if you didnt expect that, you're autismo
how old r u
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
Ironman snaps
yo i lost my number again
Its shutting down again?
Breaking news: CrescentCraft shutting down. Owner blames lack of interest. Critics point out inability to make easy money off sheep.
SGM Drama Patrol is reporting on the developments as they happen.
i want it
right meow just feeling it out since theres no consequences for posting here
do it #29 no balls
ayylmao this userid
look at u fags playing minecraft lul lol xd haha owned libtard get rekt....
Sounds awesome, can we name it "the moonpack"?
Oh look I have my old number back. I wanted to consider starting a modded expert pack where everyone has individual bases, but we all contribute towards the common goal of beating the pack. I'd love to see some things divided out, like have one person who loves bees do them and supply the rest of the server. Same with tech stuff, magic, twilight forest, etc etc. If u like lmk
sounds like great idea, we can shut it down in less than a month too
guys lets start a modded minecraft server
Dead like ur DMs loser
dead chat
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Imagine having an ugly face and ugly feet lmao
those are some nasty ass feet wtf
👣 sample
sending feet pics for $1 each
oh FUCK i forgot i put my name here
guys i think i have diarrhoea, can anyone help?
Just realised I misspelt gmod as good in my last post. Doesn't change much and you're too busy being argumentative to care, but I thought I'd clarify.
Imagine dragons rofl
imagine caring about notes lmfao
fuckin lozwer4s
imagine asjkinbg for notes from toxic users

Xproplayers admin notes
I'd say love you too, but Mason might get jealous
i love rozboon only second to cock
Imagine being so infatuated with rozboon you bring him up every day. Love you too.
imagine being rozboon
nah theyre just stating facts its all good
I agree with tz on you being mad lmao
Watch out 995, tz will think you're mad.
64 you're autistic
Oh so your theory is broken, nicely done, retard.
no im just stating facts about what youve said about crescent
Also by your theory, I'm mad at you, and you're mad at me, right?
I've heard it before about you, guess you've proven it to be true.
tz this dude real mad
who says im retarded but you rn lol, also youre mad in both senses of the word, mad as in very angry and mad as in mentally ill so i guess we'll just keep this conversation going as long as you want to try to defend how youre not mad even tho you really are
iF oNly ThAt WaS thE rEaL cOwcAKEs
What is "Mad" to you? Stating a place is full of incels, cringe, and making fun of it doesn't mean someone is mad at that certain place, are you really as retarded as they say you are?
no youre legit mad at crescent as seen by your post, calling it cringe, making fun of it, calling it a bunch of fucking incels

youre mad, sorry im just stating facts you fucking retard
If only that was the real cowcakes, then it would be entertaining.
64 you're fucking autistic calm your childish ass
Stating facts makes me mad? you really are retarded.
64 you literally seem like the biggest incel here getting so mad over this shit like holy fuck
Crescent is pure cringe "teehee lets put a moon in our profile posts and talk about the moon rising cause we are a bunch of revolutionary people!" bunch of fucking incels.
Crescent wasn’t a failed good server. It was the biggest piece of shit community filled with SGM rejects. Crescent is what came to be from SGM vomiting. From what I’ve heard, when Opalium was learning how to code, even his hello world sample was crashing. Guy can’t write code to save his life.
Helix is just trying to find meaning in his life, failed at life, failed at crescent, things he can become fan of the people by making reports on their behalf, hopefully he gets banned soon.
Imagine trying to say fix the staff team when you don’t know half their hours. A few of the ones you do know are indeed tragically below the hours requirement, but most are almost double the requirement. Stop sucking the dick of a ghost and show something that isn’t mostly fantasising and extrapolation

But yeah shit doesn’t look good for them, not actually doing anything wrong, from what I’ve seen at least, but helix has taken a disliking to how they operate or something and the reports are making them look bad because it’s seemingly disorderly and teroxas doing a wink.

Also note how this stopped being crescent long ago, a years funding is excessive for this site, especially seeing as few care about one of a million failed good servers.
Just join popstars, biggest sgm shit talking discord, and a variety of faggits too.
hey im in like 4 sgm shit talking discords
I spend 5 hours masturbating before my prostate exams. I edge, and edge and edge, until a butterfly sneezing on my taint could bring me to orgasm. I tactfully shuffle my way down to the doctor's office and when he lubes up I nearly cum every time. But I've trained my keggle muscles enough to the point where I can hold in Mount Vesuvius' wrath. Then as soon as he puts the smallest bit of pressure on my prostate I unleash with the fury of a lion hunting its prey. As the room gets covered in my hot sticky juices the doctor looks on disgusted and leaves the room. I always go to a hospital far away from where I live to get it so that I don't have to go in for surgery under the doctor that I busted to. Best thing is we have free healthcare here, so the doctor gets me off and it's covered by taxpayers. That's my fetish.
“Let’s make an SGM shit talking discord!!!”

I have now stolen your brain
nobody here wants a discord
shits gonna be retarded regardless
anyone wanna make a discord instead of using this ugly website, hmu
Thank you for requesting a staff member, please understand the staff are aware of staffless servers and shoutbox staff can not always join the server. Please be patient, if a staff member is available they may join, but staff are not obligated to join, they are volunteers.
it me.

fuck you and anyone else with the density of a black hole. listen up for a minute: if these fucking retards want to waste their lives putting hours upon hours into suycking each other's dicks and doing de facto daycare in a deceased game, cool.
but why the fuck are you out here sitting on the tallest fucking horse since troy, whinging and moaning that waah waah this isn't enough ree my fucking autism has reached its peak and it's less than 15 someone do sometihng!!! fink of the childern!?

ok? did you get it? leave managing hours to the people in charge instead of shitting your dick the moment it doesn't live up to mr anons standards.
fuck you.
Yo why did crowned ask me for dick pics
What's your problem bro? How long did it take you to get all those times? LOL
Why is Highwon laughing?
Who the fuck cares that much to track all their times?

fix your fucking staff team
Ferocious Cat is a legit hoe
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✅✅✅ I will sexually assault
✅✅✅ the iron golem
✅✅✅ unless
✅✅✅ the IRS
✅✅✅ voids my taxes for 2009-2019
✅✅ ✅✅
✅✅ ✅✅
You have 💲 on 📲 now [REDACTED][URL REDACTED]
I've got two left feet and I'm starting to cheat on my girlfriend again
Why do you fucks keep talking about me? You arent getting my dick.
i guess you could say, you're not a TAINT to humanity haha
also my facial hair looks like pubes, im balding man.
hey im a 30 year old canadian army man who likes to spend his free time by trolling and tilting 14 year olds on the internet and being a faggot
"server crashes make my willy hard" - highwon
"server crashes make my willy hard" - opalium

pick your poison
If you want to get aids and die, go right ahead.
I'd give proper a proper dicking
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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.
Stfu unclebee

tHe tAiNt Is GoNe!11!!!!!
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April 12nd iFunny weekly digest is here http:/ /ifunny .co/digests/2019/04/12?pid=smsc Reply STOP to unsubscribe.
April 12nd iFunny weekly digest is here Reply STOP to unsubscribe.
Re-read my statement. Your reply is a logical fail. I would know because I scored a 174 on the LSAT which got me into Northwestern Law after graduating with top honors from UC Berkeley. BTW...the LSAT is an exam in logic.
also y'all niggas dumb i said produces the situations infested with pedophilia develop some critical thinking skills
aries is the thiccest bitch ever i love that hoe she can eat me out any day
Low-key, Aries is pretty cute
produces more like attracts
is it like a pedo factory?
I didnt realize communities produced pedos.
Yo stop calling my links malicious
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ill have 2 number 9s. a number 9 large.
chick-fil-a is trash
Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich $3.05

Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich – Combo $5.95

Chick-fil-A Chicken Deluxe Sandwich $3.65

Chick-fil-A Chicken Deluxe Sandwich Combo $6.55

Spicy Chicken Sandwich $3.29

Spicy Chicken Sandwich – Combo $6.19

Spicy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich $3.89

Spicy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich – Combo $6.79

Chick-fil-A Nuggets 8 Pc. $3.05

Chick-fil-A Nuggets 12 Pc. $4.45

Chick-fil-A Nuggets – Combo 8 Pc. $5.95

Chick-fil-A Nuggets – Combo 12 Pc. $8.59

Chick-fil-A Nuggets (Grilled) 8 Pc. $3.85

Chick-fil-A Nuggets (Grilled) 12 Pc. $5.75

Chick-fil-A Nuggets (Grilled) – Combo 8 Pc. $6.75

Chick-fil-A Nuggets (Grilled) – Combo 12 Pc. $8.59

Chick-n-Strips 3 Pc. $3.35

Chick-n-Strips 4 Pc. $4.39

Chick-n-Strips – Combo 3 Pc. $6.25

Chick-n-Strips – Combo 4 Pc. $7.25
y'all ever just run a community that produces several pedophilia-riddled situations and mentally unstable teenagers
anyone up?
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Big oof
ur both fuckin weird
Dont you have some more kids you should be diddling, sith?
Roz is a bitch
shitpost central for all the toxic sgm people
So why does this site still even exist?
64 more like sixtywhore get fucked
did i hear #64 asking for a dumb rating
Who in their right mind would white knight Opal? that's like white knighting trinity...
I lost my number again
Beat my dick call it dead horse
When you white night opal
Fun fact of the day #972 has no life
Highwon probably reported him for his code stealing habits which opened an investigation at his work and they caught him. Karma is a bitch! Hahahaha
Hahahaha Opalium got fired for stealing code!!!!
why the fuck do you idiots know so much about opaliums irl shit what kind of sad and pathetic losers are you guys to follow him and stalk him like this jesus fucking christ get a life of your own you fuckin wastes of fucking life
How do you know opal got fired irl? Wasnt he unemployed?
Stop censoring stuff #1
???? West, east, and vanilla have all been reverted and are constantly crashing.... Has EU been reverted? I haven’t heard of much crashing going on there.
opalium aka the hitlerjew just got fired irl lmao... guess why? he had sold company code lmfao.. inb4 he sold sgm code
smh cutting out the "next thing you know sgm is corrupt part" loser
tHe sErVeRs ArE fIxEd NoW tHaT tHe tAiNtEd CoDe Is GoNe!!!1111!one

For a great low rate you can get online, go to The General and save some time!
Things are so boring now that opalium isn’t actively crashing servers. What do you think he is crashing next?
if u say so boss
Nah, you're racist
i requested my ban u lil nigga
stop tagging @everyone unless you want to be banned
slow reader is broken.
you still banned, trinity?
t r i g g e r e d
nigga it was a full album u retarded lil cuck
Just post the image link next time smh
Getting unbanned on SGM btw ([URL REDACTED]):
imgur /a/R9RL1
imgur /a/A0Prf
i.imgur /LnOpzEw.png?1 (Note- messages these were later confirmed on her SGM account as well)
Getting unbanned on SGM btw ([URL REDACTED]):
https://imgur /a/R9RL1
https://imgur /a/A0Prf
https://i.imgur /LnOpzEw.png?1 (Note- messages these were later confirmed on her SGM account as well)
When Sscotty still gets the hard on for the kiddies
Was Opalium the developer involved in this project?
Xproplayers dick is 6inx1x25in
uwu x3
Minecraft was "funded" to stay up, I don't know who did it as it always has 0 people, actually i saw Qaaap on it earlier so maybe he funded it.
Why is crescent a black map now? Did opalium not get enough shekels to make a proper website for you nerds?
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This site is here to discuss what happened with the Crescent Project without the censorship of Opalium. All posts are completely anonymous.

How does this work?

Visitor: Opal#956

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Who wants to see xpro adminstats?
Posted 3 hours ago by #980
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800-588-2300 empire today
Posted 3 hours ago by trin#596
800-588-2300 empire today
Posted 3 hours ago by #30
800-588-2300 empire today
Posted 3 hours ago by Opal#956
800-588-2300 empire today
Posted 3 hours ago by #978
Thats the Real Mango
Posted 4 hours ago by Opal#956
Hey, atleast I kept my number
Posted 10 hours ago by #64
Thats not the real #64, he retarded himself
Posted 13 hours ago by #972
Thats not the real mango, he rebranded himself
Posted 15 hours ago by #64
alright kids. Let's calm down.
Posted 20 hours ago by MangoTangoTV#968
don't struggle honey
Posted 20 hours ago by trin#596
You're stupid trinity.... T0p k3k 69
Posted 23 hours ago by #64
Page removed?
Posted 1 day ago by trin#596
pastebin com T0pk3k69
Who wants to see xpro adminstats?
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800-588-2300 empire today
800-588-2300 empire today
800-588-2300 empire today
800-588-2300 empire today
Thats the Real Mango
Hey, atleast I kept my number
Thats not the real #64, he retarded himself
Thats not the real mango, he rebranded himself
alright kids. Let's calm down.
don't struggle honey
You're stupid trinity.... T0p k3k 69
Page removed?
pastebin com T0pk3k69
That's pretty hot
3 ½ inches
how big
i saw xpro's dick
Need to rename this place to "losers of sgm"
yo wheres all the good shit you guys are so fucking boring stop posting old discord chats like who fuckin cares
sir, have you tried getting 15% or more on car insurance?
lol staff has such a hardon for me - xpro
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15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
15% could save you insurance on 15 car minutes.
[URL REDACTED] p / create
Guys, I'm making a game, could you create a character here for me: [URL REDACTED]

It's a lot of effort to make graphics, thanks.
15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
Staff doesn’t like Xpro!
15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
pastebin jeM9CpKE
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this place is boring now yall need to step it up
shut the fuck up nigga and take me
Shit, I got you*
Yeah if to you trinity, same time and place as last time?
rozboon can I get ur dick?
Proper has an 8 incher
Goddamn you faggots need to stop fantasizing about me, if you want my dick just ask.
Nigga what?
guys, nigga is racist can we not say it please, I'm pretty offended by that...
in other news rozboon is still a faggot
Nigga toilet
Opalium is a moron. Does he even know how to code properly without causing so many crashes?
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Left/Right vena cava, to the right atrium, through the right atrioventricular valve, then it goes to the right ventricle where it then goes through the pulmonary semi-lunar valve before it passes through the pulmonary trunk in the the pulmonary artery. from there, it'll go through the cappillaries in the lungs where they become oxygenated. after the lungs, they'll return through the pulmonary veins in to the left atrium. from the left atrium they'll go through the left atrioventricular valve in to the left ventricle. from the left ventricle they'll go through the aortic semilunar valve in the the aorta where they'll then go through the rest of the body. after it goes through the capillaries in the body, the blood will return to either the left or the right vena cava to return back to the heart.
Send Milos nudes please
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Im gonna say the N word.


Mrs. Obama I’ve done it, I’ve stopped racism.

Thank you Skipper now I am free to roam this earth.

Not if I have anything to say about it, and I do!! I’m gonna say the N word!!!



Mrs. Obama where are you, are you ok?

She is no longer with us Skipper, and with her death I am finally free to say the N word whenever I want.

Not if I have anything to say about it Trump, and I do. Prepare for my Civil Rights Beam.

*Beam sound effect

*Epic guitar solo


Skipper my son, you wouldn’t let me die, would you?

Shut up cracker.

Hey Kowalski who’s that guy in front of us rising out of the water?

It is I Barack Obama.

Mr. Obama what are you doing here?

I have come to exact my revenge on you penguins for allowing my wife to die at the hands of Donald Trump

But Mr. Obama we’ve done everything we could!

I’ve already made up my mind.

Mr. Obama don’t do it! This won’t bring Michelle back!



*Plane crash
61 = Mr Admin Ryan Pepe shall rule all
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This site doesn’t crash enough for Opalium to be running it.
>how sprays work
opalium running this site confirmed cause of scuffed limitations on images
your mom has the same qualities
Calls people retards, can't even post an image, nice.
you gotta space it unless its imgur link
pretty much how sprays are done
let image go thru stupid idiot who hosts this
[img][URL REDACTED][/img]

retard #2 of sgm rn
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Is 364 propers new number?
get a load of this fucking mongoloid
okay, i will explain exactly why your dick is fucking crooked. why is there a minimum hour req? to make sure people don't take up a slot on the team while doing jack shit. it also keeps the retard bots trying to at least get on every now and then.

but. you may have noticed. this fucking team aint full and it wont be for a while still. healthier than it has been for a long time but not full. id sure as fuck rather have people doing a few hours and not staffing in the exact same time slot literally everyone else staffs in.. than have someone putting 15 hours in the overstaffed section. moral of the story, shoot yourself or get over yourself.
nigga if he staffs 3 hours where there's a shortage of staff, who gives a fuck. stop sucking your own damn dick so hard about minimum hours, literally who gives a shit? if he does good staff work and covers a time where nobody else is on to staff anyways, fuck it, we're good. kys if you're so edgy that you can't let people have fun. good lord.
opps typo it should’ve been game instead of games
Maybe you should tell their admin :oops:
ok, and?
he did what i asked him to do twice, +1
+1. Xpro will make a great difference in ensuring crescentcraft surviving for years.
hey guys i managed to steal opal's money and will be giving everyone who bought a rank a refund, so just send me the amount you paid for your rank so i'll know which rank you bought and send you back double ty
i was gonna make my name not xproplayer and +1, rip. this is real xpro tho
+1 lol
yes this is xpro im applying for dev on crescentcraft please +1
OpAl BaD
Besides servers, what else can Opalium make crash?
oPAl Is BrOKe aND sTOlE AlL yOUr moNEy
OpAl iS uNeMpLoYeD

Y'all are savage
No actually you do not. You get an offer from another company before you quit your job. The only time you quit before finding another job is when you’re as moronic as Opalium. Hey atleast we will have a savior for when computers try to take over the world, we can send Opalium in to make them all crash constantly.
You don’t quit your job before starting a new one? Odd
Opal is unemployed. How do you not know that?
He is unemployed. Check your facts bitch boy.
> Can’t hold a job as a programmer...

>Literally has a job as a programmer.

Keep stroking your dick, buddy. :)
Opalium has been a programmer for how long? And he isn’t even considered entry level. I mean look at his employment status. He can’t even keep a job as a programmer. He ruined SGM then thought he could launch his own community. The guy doesn’t even realize he is a moron and can’t be a boss.
Tim Hortons?
lol @ 64. did opal shit in your fucking Tim hortons or something? the raging hate boner you got going on is getting pretty damn funny at this point roz
Only reason SGM might have been shut down was because of Opal, he was the one who wrote the shutdown notice, and the one responsible for the crashes (Look at crescent, same reason it failed) the shit talk that happened when people switched was funny, then they went crawling back to SGM like little babies.
People act like it’s a bad thing people went to Crescent then back to SGM. SGM was clearly dying and was going to shutdown. So people went to Crescent. Crescent failed in the end and died so people went back to SGM with the shutdown cancellation. Players go where the game is. Grow up.
I thought this was without censorship
Dox is NOT allowed.
I love you, like poverty loves diamonds. Like quiet men love the mountains. And I am better broken, I am better broken.

Things will be better this way.
God you guys are some petty fucks
welcome to #crescentblox, use your #CC to buy #croissants and become the awesome #victoryroyale you were born to be #nofilter #kony2012
Oh shit I live near rozboon, party at his house?
"Tfw almost nothing that is posted here is related to Cres at all. If only SGM members could grow up and stop acting like some sort of and drama whores"
Crescent was just the outcasts of SGM, and since Crescent is dead, they are all back at SGM, so SGM=Crescent.
Meant to say mob after sort of but rip autospelling /shrug
Tfw almost nothing that is posted here is related to Cres at all. If only SGM members could grow up and stop acting like some sort of and drama whores
thanks for the dox on roz gonna go meet him after i hop the border fence
i heard that opal did a poo poo in my cereal this morning
this is so sad can we exile him to the moon
Ima Thot
because this is a leak site! leak everything!
whats the point of sharing these things lol
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
Also we all know grim and cat were dating when grim was her admin get that old shit outta here :thonk:
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Early life
Ceylan's love of photography started at the age of 15. While studying at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, he participated in cinema and photography clubs and he took passport-style photos to make pocket money. After graduating from university with a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering, he went to London and Kathmandu, Nepal, to decide what to do in life. Then he went back to Ankara, Turkey, to do military service. When he was in the army, he discovered that cinema would give shape to his life.[3]

Style and themes
Ceylan's films deal with the estrangement of the individual, existentialism, the monotony of human lives, and the details of everyday life. He uses static shots and long takes, usually in natural settings, as well as play with sound, including the use of menacing silences. He is known for filming his protagonist from behind, which, in his view, leaves the audiences to speculate on the brooding emotions of characters whose faces are obscured. Until Climates, Ceylan's films are made on low budgets, with casts generally consisting of amateur actors, most of whom are family members (such as his mother and father).[citation needed]

Ceylan named his ten favorite films in the 2012 Sight & Sound Greatest Films Poll: Andrei Rublev (1966), Au Hasard Balthazar (1966), L'Avventura (1960), L'Eclisse (1962), Late Spring (1949), A Man Escaped (1956), The Mirror (1975), Scenes from a Marriage (1973), Shame (1968), and Tokyo Story (1953).[4]
The Toshiba TG01 is a large touchscreen phone/Mobile Internet Device. It is based on the Windows Mobile operating system and uses Qualcomm Snapdragon chip architecture (QSD8250), rated at 1GHz. Connectivity-wise, it is a quad-band GSM phone with support for 2100 MHz UMTS with HSDPA download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbit/s and HSUPA upload speeds of up to 2 Mbit/s. It is Wi-Fi capable, GPS-enabled with support for A-GPS, and comes with Bluetooth 2.0, microSD expandable memory (up to 32GB) and a micro USB connector.[1]

Physically the device is notable for its size and thinness. Available in both black and white colours, it has a Magnesium alloy casing, while its main feature is a 4.1-inch 480 x 800 pixel touchscreen. It only has two buttons, at the bottom of the screen. These are surface click buttons used for Home and Back functions. Other features include a rear-mounted 3.2MP autofocus camera.

Another feature of the TG01 is its G-Sensor, which Toshiba claims enables gesture operations, such as shaking the TG01 to take a call or tilting it to switch between applications. It also has a custom user interface, which visually is demonstrated by three vertical stripes. Software features include the Internet Explorer Mobile 6 web browser, multimedia player, push email, and support for DivX and Flash for media playback.[2]

The first operator to announce deployment of the TG01 is O2 Germany.[3] It was thought that the device will be exclusively available through O2 throughout Europe,[4] but this has transpired to not be true. The second one is NTT docomo, which is the Japanese largest operator. The TG-01 for NTT docomo is named as "docomo PRO series T-01A." In June or July 2009, it will be sold.[5] In the UK the device is ranged by Orange.

In late July 2009, the Federal Communication Commission of the United States passed the CDMA version of the TG01 for inspection, thus allowing the device to be sold in the United States.[6]
wait.. you ratted someone out for trading nudes w you when you two are only two years apart in age? what a loser. lmao
TheDoctor more like TheAutist am I right
siddo got banned for trading nudes with me
It's e-dating until you meet in person loser
fucking lame
y'all ever join a gmod community that controls ur personal life
What's with all the rozboons
nigga it was a fuckin joke
I can't change your name but I can remove it so you can choose a new one.
Hi, can I request a name change to "Rozboon" v much thank!!!!!!!!!

(not actually rozboon epic style!)
Oh hey guys I’m gay and opalium is a huge jew cunt
Its multiplying mmmmmkay
Hey it's me again, just letting you guys know I'm gaaay oh my god how fabulous is thaat
No I'm gay
I'm gay
Siddo took a nice big bite out of the forbidden fruit. disgusting human being.
Given this has become about sgm I want to say what I've seen and my opinion.
Siddo got COIed and it wasn't leaking, could have been hacking/18+-18-/sabotage etc, can't see siddo having done any of that so it's going to be something personal.
Oxy got banned the same day and sent me a pm tryna stir shit, I wasn't the only recipient and they were inciting drama in sb. To all you all wondering why they got banned you're a little slow.
Heard aria and munkay thrown, from what I remember relationships are not forbidden, just intimate or sexual, unless you've got proof they are fine to be romantic.

As for crescent refunds you missed your chance you salty ass
Do I hear jealousy coming from satan?
You think Opalium stole all that money cause he is a Jew fuck?
you think falcor dates sweer cause she has a built in prop?
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
mozambique here
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents. I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now. When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray gleams steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me: when I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty, who formed us in his own image, and the breath of that universal love which bears and sustains us, as it floats around us in an eternity of bliss; and then, my friend, when darkness overspreads my eyes, and heaven and earth seem to dwell in my soul and absorb its power, like the form of a beloved mistress, then I often think with longing, Oh, would I could describe these conceptions, could impress upon paper all that is living so full and warm within me, that it might be the mirror of my soul, as my soul is the mirror of the infinite God! O my friend -- but it is too much for my strength -- I sink under the weight of the splendour of these visions! A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents. I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now. When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray gleams steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me: when I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty, who formed us in his own image, and the breath of that universal love which bears and sustains us, as it floats around us in an eternity of bliss; and then, my friend, when darkness overspreads my eyes, and heaven and earth seem to dwell in my soul and absorb its power, like the form.
Let’s be honest here. I win.
why did you even leak a private conversation between me and aquast LOL
Don't go too retard
#665 posting all these old pastebins
already posted on sgmleaks you retard
Rofl whos the idiot who chose the name optional
Hey Opalium stop being a Jew and refund everyone.
no u
You're all little bitches
659 ur a fake ass
Wasn't he just going to run via discord
Hey guys I’m going to host Minecraft servers for you, send more money! Shut down!!!!
Why is crescent site a 404 error? Oh right cause opalium took all the money and ran!!
who was siddo dating then lol
Speaking of Drama
Shouldn't Aria (18+) be COI'd for dating Munkay (18-) and Gimc (18-) and going as far as traveling to their homes.

I mean Siddo was coi'd for it. Favortism?
64 is Correct
nah, its not, roz. if leaking was that easy most of the staff team would be banned lol
If mango posted it in Staff Discussions and Ryan screenshotted it and shared it with non staff, it's leaking.
Someone sounds butthurt
are you retarded #649? lmfao. that's common knowledge that that is staff's protocol for shit like that. that isn't leaking.
Its Leaking.
do you think falcor licks her eye clean when she drops it on the floor and gets hair and dust all over it?
I don't get what's so incriminating about that screenshot with ryan?
Because at the end of the day... SGM will always have three things going for it.. drama, pedophiles and nazis.
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
Isn't this supposed to be an opallium and crescent leak site? Why is sgm shit getting leaked here smh
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
Thanks trinity!!!
has to be imgur bro
Wait I don’t know how to upload images please help!!!
https://i.kym-[URL REDACTED]
yo my nigga dont fuck with ryan you piece of shit
broken link
who plays minecraft, fortnite has better building.
Minecraft accounts from years back
What are those? passwords for something?
Jokes on you I don't use that password for anything other than pornhub

you da bitch boi
no name bitch boy
all those years of being friends on steam means nothing to you.
you aint shit to me without a name
You don't know who i am, I am disappoint in you for being my best friend and not knowing.
im gonna need another textadventure and to know who #64 is first
yea do greentexts
and more textadventures too
Why isnt siddo your boy anymore?
aye psa siddo is not my boy anymore
OH wait we can't because #NaziStaff
is this the new 4chan? Can we do greentexts on here?
Maybe you guys should ask Siddo
alright faggots, get to work, whyd they do my boy siddo like that
is it done
its done
What do you mean? nothings going on here besides faggotry
The fuck is going on this time?

What are you nerds up too now?
Damn lol
Lol lost your number, faggot
I loved that number 18
as well as cowcakes lololo
rozboon a Canadian fgt
Hey guys im gay
No, im super gay
Brain, i like men
Dot, im a faggot
Com, visit this website pls
#64 is rozboon rofl what a faggot
Fuck and marry highwon, kill Helix and Opal.
Fuck marry kill:
Highwon, Opalium, HelixSpiral
Show us the redacted links, just provide a warning, if someone clicks on a link known to be malware it's just survival of the fittest, but at least they can't complain about censorship
Can we stop the leaks and have more text adventure please :thumbsup:
yo you're fuckin dumb my dude
Owner/Lead Discord channel from SGM:
A. Pat her Head
#537 thanks for actual leak OwO
My favorite cartoon show is a an a was a if it was a an a an-anime.
yo why are you fucks still posting anonymously
Why is unclebee still spamming his "choose your own story"
C. Talk to Grace

Grace is the youngest, a tiny girl with freckles and long eyelashes. She mouths a timid greeting before hiding her face in Tabitha's side.

opalium is a genuine dick sucker
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
C. Talk to Grace.
C. The children

Apart from you, there are four other children in this room – two girls, two boys. They watch you with wide, uncertain eyes.

"I have standards" good one.
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
C. The children

'Beds' would be a very generous term. On the floorboards are a few piles of threadbare blankets. They don't smell like they've never been cleaned, but they don't exactly smell good, either.

There's one pile for each of the four other children, and one spare. "That was where Claire slept," whispers Tabitha. "It's yours now."

i have standards sis
God damn you raised your price, expensive ass ho.
Hey proper, how much?
stuff my ass with ur weeaboo cock senpai
505 and 504 is the same inbred, shit, stfu uncle bee.
505 stuff you inbred incel.
Btw i reported this website to the american goverment for various reasons. I also contacted digital ocean, ur fucking host fucking dumbfuck
This host is literally a fucking dog eating cunt. Go eat a dog u fucking idiot. 496 is probably rozboon, fat cunt can suck my peepee u fucking imbecile
500 reporting in. opalium sucks dick
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who will be 500
suck a dick 489
one time i hooked up with opalium and the next morning i told him i was catching feelings so he told me that he wasn't interested in a long term relationship so i stole the condom and got myself pregnant and then he said i was crazy and tried to put a restraining order on me so now im creating a website to call him out on his gmod server
I don’t understand why Opalium is sending his fanboys here talking about endorsing censorship. This site is 100% transparent and you jewfags can’t handle it! LOL
Opalium not only endorses censorship, he also endorses taking people’s hard earned money. Every project he starts fails within months just like his career. Worthless excuse of a human being.
I bet if you tried to play that game in Crescent Discord you would be banned by Opalium himself.
ok but I wanna know what happens when I look at the beds
I don't understand why this website is endorsing more censorship by the day... Jesus Christ.
This website was not made to play a text adventure. It was made to openly discuss the situation over at the Crescent Project. Any spammy posts will be hidden from view so visitors interested in the ongoing discussion can focus on that without being interrupted by your silly game. If you want to play a text adventure, I suggest doing it in the Crescent Discord.
Why are you censoring the text adventure????
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B* (am retarded)
C.The beds
B. Open the window

It's locked.
The light from the window is brighter now, and you can see your surroundings more clearly. There isn't much to see.

Opalium is a failure, he obviously can’t self start anything and had to leech off someone else’s hard work. No wonder he is unemployed because nobody will put up with his worthless loser personality.
i have a thiccy diccy little niccy said "oooo big papa i want ur cocca"
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B. Open the window
B. The window

The window is a pitifully small square of thick, warped glass. You can't see much through the frost crystals still thawing on its outer face: a foggy morning settling over a rocky incline.

It's called hentai, and it's art.
Posting porn is not allowed.
me like :3
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
B. The Window

They look sickly, but not starved. Their faces are creased with a kind of tiredness you've only ever seen in grown-ups before.
Don't be shy, little fish. This is your family now.
It's a girl with long ginger hair and a patched, too-small nightdress. At twelve or thirteen, she's the oldest one here.
Tabitha, show the new fish around and give it something to do. Something quiet. If you loathsome little toads wake me up before dinner I'll break your necks.
The other children stand frozen, watching the door, until his retreating footsteps have stopped shaking the walls. Then they all exhale as one.

The light from the window is brighter now, and you can see your surroundings more clearly. There isn't much to see.

B. Look at the children.

You scramble to your feet. The floor leaves splinters in your hands.
It's dim in here, midwinter morning dim. There are figures moving around in the shadows, but that's all you can discern as you struggle to blink the sleep from your eyes.
Look alive, kids. Say hello to your new friend.

The shadows start to take shape, stirring from sleep, untangling themselves from ragged blankets on the floor. They're all around your age.

A.Stick a gun in your mouth and pull it you worthless pile of shit.
A.Stand Up
Still waiting for someone to decide
445 Shut fuck up, weeb.
No I got a better idea.
Let's play a text adventure here. I'll start:

You awaken with a bump.

I've fallen out of bed, you think. I was having a nightmare about a man with heavy boots who carried me away in a big black sack. And I've fallen out of bed.

Yo anyone here play league? Add me I'm a teemo main
#444 is a really big dumbfuck. He is typing with his vagina. Cuz he obviously doesnt know how the system works what a faggot. 0161 motherfucker
I do not associate with n words
low numbers unite
Well #436 said it was a donation which is why I brought it up. It’s good to not just say things out of your ass without knowing the legalities behind it. Opal sold monthly ranks and Crescent Cash then abruptly shut down service for those things. Legally you are obligated to a refund per FTC consumer laws otherwise this would be considered fraud. Your bank would have your back and give all your money back. The only way for Crescent to not be liable is if they declared bankruptcy which from what I gather, they didn’t.
#444 are you saying that Crescent could get in trouble with their merchant solutions because they weren't registered as a non profit organization? But was it really donations or sale of a product? From what I heard, they were selling Crescent Cash and not really asking for donations in return for Crescent Cash. So which was it?
Everyone should contact PayPal cause crescent isn’t legally registered as a non profit and they were accepting donations! You can even call your bank and get your money back!
0161 From the motherfucking globe bitchrs
this nigga #444 and the rest of the whiny bitches are mentally r e t a r d e d
So are you saying Crescent is a non-profit organization and registered as such in the United States? Because it needs to be to be able to accept donations using PayPal. It’s a violation of PayPal terms if Crescent wasn’t registered as a non-profit and was accepting donations. Should I report?
The word has a more altruistic meaning than does simply "giving"; it suggests that you don't expect anything in return for the contribution
give (money or goods) for a good cause, for example to a charity.
"a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity"
chargeback pls
can i click the malware please
What was the malware site nigga?
Opal offered refunds and if you didn't request one at the time then you're an idiot.
Hey Opalium, I didn’t donate for CTTT just so you can have a Minecraft server. Please refund us or I will contact my bank for a chargeback! Everyone else should join me in getting back what is fair.
Don't be an idiot. I will hide spammy posts and remove any inappropriate images and links. That person posted a link (that wasn't redacted automatically) to a malware site so obviously I will protect the visitors of this site from malicious content. Any discussion, leak or image without malicious intent towards the visitor is allowed and not moderated. Enjoy!
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why are posts being removed and disguised as 'malware sites'? what is the admin hiding?
Please do not post malware sites.
Removed by admin.
Removed by admin.
fyi, i have used so much of your donations. its like unbelieveable amount of money i got through sgm donations. fucking idiots
#342 do u know 0161 u motherfucking faggot, how dare u talk to me like that u fucking imbecile, get yourself checked in ur moms pussy u faggot
Disregard those last 2 messages. Im stupid.
Oh I meant 368
I dont know who the fuck #393 is but that isnt me. Whoever you are trying to pose me as some ungrateful hateful cunt you need to get a life. "Thinking oh people do nice things for people without expecting anything in return that just being a brat." Me a brat? Far from it. Ive loaned people money and never expected anything in return, nothing in return. Your whole story you typed up is about French and trying to pass it out as me typing that shit. Do I like the decisions she made? Hell no. Do I wish death upon her? Hell no. I never wish death upon anyone, no matter how much they may stab me in the back or how bad they may betray me. I had people wish death upon me and still will never wish death upon them. Whoever the lonely cunt is trying to frame me saying that I would wish death upon a underaged girl, please fix your fucked up mind and go to a hospital, im more concerned for you than my current mental state.
hey jewcunt opal, you got enough shekels from your bloody pooftah community yet?
Oh hey I can type again.
Took me 2 hours to make this site. And it served its purpose quite well :)
weed number hype :)
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also dont censor posts.
"Great news! This site has served its purpose and Crescent isn't shutting down anymore. Largely due to what we have accomplished on this site. I could delete this site but I have already paid for the hosting so I will leave it up as I'm sure it will keep Crescent on its toes in the future.
Posted 7 hours ago by #1"
oh no boys and girls the site i worked so hward on is usewess uwu whatever will i do now thwat nobody cwares ugu i wanna shove a stick up my ass

If people think someone can use someone and not pay them back. Thinking oh people do nice things for people without expecting anything in return that just being a brat. Manipulating a huge story to make people feel sorry for you is shitty on so many levels when the story is not even remotely true. If you take something and threaten someone with not being friends anymore or suicide, and if you say "oh we are not going to be friends anymore, so I don't owe you shit" is a proper thing to do, its not... you just screw over someone that did so much stupid shit for you sacrificing so many friends. Kindly asking for them to pay you back does not mean come up with a way to blackmail them. And even if you don't become friends anymore... you screwed someone over you own up to your mistakes not scam them or destory every friendship they ever had.

I lost friends and time all because of one manipulative bitch that used me for my money and time. I really can't forgive her for that using me like a toy and tossing me out. I was a stepping stone for her new "boy friend" while I felt sorry for her "rape story" that wasn't even true, to begin with. She promised on her life she wouldn't betray me like she did so many others.... yet here I am betrayed the same way she betrayed them.... for what? To go to her mom that already knew about her pedophile? Making up child abuse is wrong, falsely accusing someone for not obeying you IS WRONG! I wish she were dead for doing that to me. I have no sympathy for a heartless bitch that single handy destroyed my life and threw me into depression. Replacing me with someone you met on a game I got you two days later is just sick and wrong... especially when you acquired thus game by making someone feel guilty for you. there is no justice in this world for twisted evil manipulative girls thus unless you make it.
I only wish death upon my worst enemy even if i have to do it myself. i can't forgive them for using me and manipulating me into believing her lies while she planned out how to ruin my life. one day she will know when the debt is paid.

pretending to have a shit past and pretending to be soemones friend is wrong, lying about being raped and abused by your parents is wrong, pretending to be suicidal after a rejection is wrong... there is no justice in this world for the pethetic little shits that use you for money and destroy your life.
they literally have a tag that says 'supporter' in the discord you idiot lmao
Who are these mysterious crescent craft people who saved the servers??? Let's go #1 GET THE INSIDE SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOP
confession ive used several vee pee ennnnns and made like 50 different acounts pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog pog
bbut crescent is shutting down???

and it was the crescent craft people who kept the minecraft server open?????
Highwon#127 you fuckin idiot, everyone can see what was hidden and I’m glad he did cause you’re autistic spammy ass shouldn’t even be on this site. Fuck off.
Oh man, opal trying to save face by restarting crescent after he realized so many people saw through his scammy ways, nice.
"This site is here to discuss what happened with the Crescent Project without the censorship of Opalium. All posts are completely anonymous."
hides my post, u fucking imbecile, u cant even make proper rules u fucking dickhead
0161 suck my dick u fucking cunt
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Great news! This site has served its purpose and Crescent isn't shutting down anymore. Largely due to what we have accomplished on this site. I could delete this site but I have already paid for the hosting so I will leave it up as I'm sure it will keep Crescent on its toes in the future.
Haha yes
trimming rune armour for free!
Who am I then, retard.
we can already tell who you are anyway fucking idiot
This site is here to discuss what happened with the Crescent Project without the censorship of Opalium. All posts are completely anonymous.

How does this work?

Visitor: [REDACTED]#64
lol same
trinity is a virgin
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This site is here to discuss what happened with the Crescent Project without the censorship of Opalium. All posts are completely anonymous.

How does this work?

Visitor: Trinity#18
This site is here to discuss what happened with the Crescent Project without the censorship of Opalium. All posts are completely anonymous.

How does this work?
Visitor: Proper#41
please ignore the disposition for my last comment. i forgot to delete it.

ok google, how do i commit virtual suicide?
yo #47, that's a cool invite and all but I haven't played league for a while. I don't even know who you are.

something pussy. something curtain. something drama.

anyway, you guys already know i suck dick. but i tried out pussy once and damn boy, i get the appeal. now, i wouldn't get in there with my little space explorer, if you catch my drift. emphasis on little. but i get the appeal. the curtain's drawn on crescent and why? multiple reasons, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. a lot of people put a lot of hard work in. was a it a cash grab? i cant prove it wasnt. did he make money? dont know. neither do you. you might want to think so, but i doubt it.

this drama feels like a waste of time. the memes are pretty fucking spot on though. more of those please.
osrs slayer 73 btw, but im 94 mining, so if you need some rune ore or amethyst hmu, i'll give you a friends and family discount.
Rofl, 127 is such a shit troll, unclebee is that you?
Can't believe this is actually a thing, fucking faggots.

vote to make #64 reveal their name, all in favor say aye

vote to make #64 reveal their name, all in favor say aye

I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.
@362, People paid for crashes and bugs? I also like how opal tagged it with "BETA"
I like turtles
Idk shit, I don't particularly care either, however I'll throw this in:
everything I've seen and read on here has been little but opinion and speculation. I've seen names thrown and scam-calling and yet most of you leave it at that with no evidence.
- Was crescent a scam? almost certainly not, have a genuine and hard think about it, maybe touch yo self Idk apparently it helps you think logically, players paid for an experience they recieved and enjoyed, a lack of traffic doomed this venture as with most before it
- Is opal shit at coding? No, but not good enough to keep a server stable, you all had fun, enjoyed the new content and it worked for the most part. Source isn't friendly and they kept updating bugs they found.
- Did dime make this? Genuinely don't know why this is a question, they left for school reasons, not demotion, they had little to do with crescent.
- One of you is a deceptive piece of trash. Not a question, just a statement, don't leak server code, even if it was never used.
- Will you dedicate your precious time to 1) figuring out who made this site 2) bitching a speculating in here 3) ranting to walls? Cause just don't bother. It's GMod, grow up. If you care about this, good, it's sad to see a community die, even if it wasn't your own, but this place'll die in a few weeks and be left to visits of the curious and the shitposting of Aquast

- xXPussyDestoyerXx
I know you fuckin spastic fuck
it’s not shoutbox you sped
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#333 make the video a highlight reel dude
I'm not finna watch an hour long video of some dude scrolling through shoutbox

also I know you're the inkern you stupid fuck, your pfp is showing smh
It only cost 30 bucks for a year of this place? goddamn Opal didn't pay much for keeping Crescent up for those 3-4 months, I wonder how much went into his pocket. (Let's not all forget he doesn't have a job soooooo)
Yeah unlike Opalium who instead of paying for hosting decided to pocket all the money he made from selling crescent cash. The guy literally implemented loot crates into TTT, took SGM playerbase and sucked them dry of their money, pocketed it and shut down servers instead of paying for ongoing hosting.
In response to #54. I don't know this Dime fella but you're right, I could have used that 30 dollars on something important but at the time I felt the hosting for this site was something important. What is that called? Oh right! A difference of opinion.
I made some changes to improve the user experience.
stupid ass censor.

youtube com / watch? v=SAnxKkHlk5M

theres ya leaks
Shit proper, you got me good, sell anymore nudes?
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⣿⣿⣿⡉⢀⣾⣿⡟⣩⣭⣭⡈⠙⢿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡿⣻⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡇⠄ ⣿⣿⡗⠄⣼⣿⣿⢸⡿⠉⠉⢻⡆⢸⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡿⢠⠄ ⣿⡻⠁⢠⣿⣿⣿⣦⡛⠢⠴⠛⠁⣸⣿⣿⣿⣿⡿⠛⢉⣉⣉⡙⢻⣿⣿⣗⠄⠄ ⠷⠁⠄⢰⣿⣿⣿⣷⣬⣭⣼⣷⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡏⢀⣾⠟⠛⢿⣿⣄⣿⣿⡏⠄⠄ ⠄⠄⠄⢹⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡇⠄⠳⢀⣀⡼⢟⣼⣿⡟⠄⠄⠄ ⠄⠄⠄⢻⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣮⣒⣲⣶⣾⣿⣿⠏⠄⠄⠄⢠ ⠄⠄⠄⠸⣿⣽⣿⣿⣿⣿⣉⣿⠿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠟⠁⠄⠄⠄⢠⣷ ⠄⠄⠄⠄⢻⣷⢻⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣷⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠏⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⢀⣾⣿ ⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⢻⣧⡙⢿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡿⣿⣿⣿⠿⠛⠁⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⢠⣿⣿⣿ ⠄⠄⠄⡀⠄⠈⣿⣿⣶⣭⣭⣭⣿⣾⡿⠟⠋⠁⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⢠⣿⣿⣿⣿ ⠄⠄⠎⠄⠄⣨⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠋⠁⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⣀⡲⣿⣿⣿⣿
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i hate niggers
#64 is a dumb slut bitch change my mind lol epic win for the win epic style gamered on awesome sauce LOL WIN
100 bucks that #313 is Hongo being a fat bitch
Sgm has never had enough mods, also Papa charlie, no one gives a fuck you fucked up and wanted to abuse powers, you're a fucking moron.
The fuck you smoking proper? is that a copy paste from scotty?
lol falcor is such a shit stain on sgm history. lets report a mod for testing commands on me while afk. thatll help the community! hes probably going to demoted now when sgm needs mods the most. becuase thats helpful LOL. stupid bitch is as fake as her eye
To come right out with it, I'm 20 and still a virgin. I also have never been on a date, had anyone interested in me or attracted to me, or had even my first kiss. Yes I'm very much aware of how pathetic this is. Believe me it is not for lack of trying. But I'm cursed with having no social skills naturally, so I've had to learn them from research and youtube videos.

The problem is that females can smell it from miles away. They know I'm faking. They know I'm secretly a socially disabled loser even when I'm behaving according to the social norms I've taken care to learn. There is no way to fool them. It's like they have freak-detecting radar that repels them from any guy who's not either suave and cocky, or impossibly good-looking. So I'm shit out of luck because I'm short with a thin lanky build (I do work out to try to gain muscle), and my facial features I used to think were average and didn't care, but now I realize they're just downright ugly. On
succ da pp
Once when I was staff, I wanted to ban Xpro. It was during the Xpro incident......... Opalium wouldn’t let me do it because he was the only one who knew how to fix hitboxes. :(
damn who the fucks 292 LMAO
No one gives a fuck about french toast. Waffles are better.
Which ones rozboon?
kill her self unless I do certain things, I bought her a bunch of games and messaged her "band-aid" that she betrayed. she then decided to take someone that I liked and convinced me that they were an evil person and throw them out of my life. she tried to have that person murdered in the past. After I did everything for her she replaced me with someone she just
french toast: this cheating SLUT/WHORE has used me and manipulated the hardest I have ever been in my life. She lives a fake personality around people to take advantage and make victims. She cried to me one night telling me she was badly raped and harassed, she told me she was going to
i like how we can clearly tell which idiot is rozboon
yo shoutout this anticheat guy tho
yo every one of you fucks not using your name yall are a bunch of bitches, you talk shit but never own up to it what kind of pussy shit is that

One of these is not like the other.....
Scotty's like 17 isn't he?
SGM Anti-cheat? Why does Temar get special permissions to evade it?

jewtwo can you fuck off
you fucking donkey it says heli and it even says that its only one of the 3
Why wasn't Scotty banned when he was clearing sexting an underaged girl?
Because Favoritism? send that to Highwon/Mango/Teroxa.
If Helix was involved with SGMLeaks, why wasn't he banned?
How is this place defaming Opalium? It's based off of what Opal did and what he said, and with his track record, he didn't need anyone else to defame him, he did it pretty well himself and well as his lackies, mainly Zack and Helix.

Also, on the defamation side of things, are you not guilty of it as well? Where is your evidence that it is Dime's doing? Has he publicly announced it somewhere or are you just assuming?

Can't think of anyone outside of this website that thinks Opal is stealing money? Not sure about the money part, but I know of several people who know Opal is a moron and can't code worth shit, so I wouldn't put it past anyone to also think he's a scammer.

Also, some helpful tips for the future 54, don't try to threaten people, that's when shit can get dirty.
How do you even know it was Dime who made this website?

It's like having a subscription on anything, or even a kickstarter of sorts, you pay money because the concept sounds decent and you want to support them on the monetary side (in this case there's 2 ways to support, pay and/or play) Sadly the place shut down and some people thought of the payment for ranks and other things (shards could be bought straight up could they not?) as an investment in the future of the place, which shut down abruptly when the money that was received could have funded it for a while (look at SGM) but due to Opal not knowing how to fix the crashes, or not having a care anymore (short attention span) it was shut down immediately. So having angry people is not an uncommon thing in these type of situations.
I do expect some decent grammar, however.

Also, it seems confusing how a lot of people here are anti-Opal and genuinely believes that Opal is stealing money, whilst I can't name a single person who believes these things outside of this website.

#64 had no reason to get upset at my post, and if it is not Dime, then he is fueled with negativity aswell.
You'd think if it was dime he would... if 1 is dime... can't expect too much out of this 54 kid lol
lol. If you're dime, consider using your #1 account rather than the 64th one. You had no reason to get upset at my comment unless you are Dime.

People payed for ranks on Crescent because they were receiving something out of it (a rank) and were also contributing to keeping the server they enjoyed playing on alive and functioning.

Paying for a website to simply defame a person you once worked alongside is something which clearly shows the negativity in one's mind. Dime does not achieve anything in this, other than to satisfy the fuel his brain requires to continue the train of negativity. I'm not here to be an ass, I'm here to tell others not to be asses.

#54, just as it doesnt really matter who wasted money on a scam site (crescent) why does it matter if dime or whoever the fuck made this, is paying money for it? Sounds like you need to get a life yourself, big guy.

Also what is opal going to press charges for? he has no proof who started this place, and what is he going to tell the cops? OMG AN ONLINE PERSON IS TRYING TO DEFAME ME, ARREST HIM!

#54 stfu you dumb little kid, I wouldn't he has surprised if you were helixspiral with the way you talk out of your ass.
Sort yourself out Dime, please. Behaviour like this leads yourself down dangerous roads, and in fact, websites like these are illegal, and Opal could easily press charges against you for that. Why doesn't he? Because Opal's a decent human being and would rather take the shit because he knows that you're just a kid who doesn't perceive things in a usual way.
I like how Dime actually thinks that he's someone. He was a shit staff member and the only redeeming quality he has about him is that he used to work on SGM's DarkRP server. He's hurt because no one notices him for that, he's hurt because his code didn't become anything. He picked a fight with Opal not for starting his own community or "stealing" his code. He picked a fight with Opal because he lacks the confidence he needs in his own life, whether that be in his code or in himself. Dime is a loser and refuses to accept that fact about himself and instead of trying to make a change, he kicks and punches and throws a fit until he gets exhausted. If you think this is bullshit, then Dime, please think about why you decided to use purchase a website for an entire year, just to spite another person, instead of using that money for something important?
this website is sad as fuck
Does it matter, Luna? You still dont know me.

And why shut down the site? It's pretty hilarious
I can’t believe helix turned his back on the community that made him popular. What an idiot.
dime can you actually shut down this site and behave like a good kid Jesus christ this is pathetic
You're really gonna insult her like that and not even have the balls to put your name on your comment? That's pretty damn pathetic
Anyone else notice that Olivia jumps on any dick to fuel her drug abuse?
helix was a bigtime loner before sgm

nobody knew who he was and he only got popular after getting lead there
Great news guys! I just paid the hosting for this site for a whole year.
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anyone notice you're a dick munching pussyboy #214?
I like to eat pizza.
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anyone else notice how big of a bigot you are
Anyone else notice how helix is trying to suck a dick back into sgm?
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You can only post twice within a 5 minute period to prevent spam.
You can only post twice within a 5 minute period to prevent spam.
You can only post twice within a 5 minute period to prevent spam.
You can only post twice within a 5 minute period to prevent spam.
You can only post twice within a 5 minute period to prevent spam.
You can only post twice within a 5 minute period to prevent spam.
You can only post twice within a 5 minute period to prevent spam.
You can only post twice within a 5 minute period to prevent spam.
Yeet yeet
on another note rozboon and cowcakes are autistic faggots that should go off themselves. literal cancer lmao - agent smd
Who made this site? Lol
luna is a homophobe
everyone above me is gay
No one organized a DDoS group, it's what random players in Gmod do, theres stupid exploits to crash servers that kids think is fun to do, don't bother looking into DarkRP if you think the DDoS for TTT is bad.

Also the playerbase was dead due to Opal not knowing shit about coding and having his servers crash due to it, exactly why SGM crashes less after the rollback before his shit was added.
Imagine organizing a group to DDOS CTTT and actively seeking to destroy its playerbase, then creating a troll site to accuse Opalium of stealing money when the servers close d/t a dead playerbase. It doesn't get much sleazier than that. Just Sad.
re #30 who thinks either community is run on a vps, you're retarded. They get bare metal servers and have to do this shit via a terminal, not through fancy web interfaces like gmchosting or another good gmod host. And then the actual network protection shit can cost hella
weiss how much did you spend on cttt?
they didnt get any money from my broke ass all my money went to drugs
imagine caring so much you make a website about it lmaoooo

you all can't let it go
so is my dime is up one of the four sad fucks that was ddos’ing crescent every five minutes
lmao who tf cares. i dumped a fuck ton of money in cttt but don't see me complaining. what does it matter anyways servers dead. none of the big3 are complaining, why are you? -weiss
opal cant code lol
tz how do you feel about opal taking all your money?
Ez clap
since the name shit didnt work its me ya boy tz
yo whoever made this shit dont message me on discord again unless you use your real account you fucking faggot, this fucking garbage is some real pussy ass shit youre tryna pull who the fuck cares that this shit died it was dead a week after it started and if you donated a lot of money to it youre just plain and simple a fucking retard
yo siddo if you see this, lets play league again at some point
strawpoll.c o m/h355fh7r
Proper who are you calling fat? Are you talking about Ragman?
Good job banning us on discord you degenerate incels. Obviously hiding something!
For the people trying to post javascript or SQL injection: If this was a site coded by Opalium, that probably would have worked.
A q p
That jew fuck
opalium didn't take anyones money, you all gave him your money like a bunch of idiots
Why did Opalium take everyone’s money?
proper ur a fucking idiot
⛰ ⛱ ⛲ ⛳ ⛴ ⛵ ⛶ ⛷ ⛸ ⛹ ⛺ ⛻ ⛼ ⛠ ⛡ ⛢ ⛣ ⛤ ⛥ ⛦ ⛧ ⛨ ⛩ ⛪ ⛫ ⛬ ⛭ ⛮ ⛯⛽ ⛾ ⛿

when you have to tag yourself in former staff cause no one noticed and you still dont get any friendlies
Who's on here talking about their clam shell smelling pussy and wannabe life accomplishments. You don't live your life if anything you live off someone else like a leech
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My Slayer level is 51.
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fuck you ﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽
fuck you proper
some of y'all bout to be real mad at me. but it must be said. some of y'all. is fat. and ugly. and unattractive. but that is okay. just be who you are. but you got to stop blaming opalium. helixspiral. and gmod for all of your problems. some of y'all gon tell me my pussy fucked up. that's okay, cos I could go get a thousand dollar one right now and put that shit right back on. some of y'all gon say i am ugly as fuck. that's okay, cos a bitch livin lavish. my boyfriend, a pro athlete, he play esports, and i'm happy. and u not. u see, what the problem is perspective. i'm happy and you on gmod complaining about why u not gettin chose. get yo life together.
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yeah you no life idiots, hahaha got them good.
an idiot that knows how to code and have actual friends and a life

jesus christ get off of your ass and start doing something productive with your life instead of raging at something that didn't affect you in the slightest lmao
Yeah, saying opal scammed people out of their money is a reach, that would take some intelligence to pull that off, Opal is just an idiot.
This site is so fucking sad lmao
Imagine totally ruining your reputation for a smear website that turned out so bad... good job My Dime is Up.
Slayer levels?
its not opal was being malicious, its just that his coding skills is incompetent and we all praised him for being good. in short we fucked up
should have known it was gonna crumble and fall since opal attention span is 3 months max.
did you suffer any monetary loss.....
no? shut your whore mouth then.
Think of it this way, who kept a "dying" communities servers online with buying ranks disabled and who shut down servers within a day with ranks still purchasable? Not to mention community version of cash and loot boxes...
Atleast sgm staff have something to staff (when/if they do)
this place has more autism than SGM's current staff team
This page has more autism than 4chan
liked the place, hoped it would've become something great for the players. Imo some things felt really rushed, but thats me. If u decide to re-do it again in the future i would like to be part of it again.
We belgium fuckers now :))))
2 messages sent before cooldown topkek, think those matter to me???
OH fuck nigga now I'm in mexico --- what now nigga LMAO trace my IP ;)))))
MyDimeIsUp created this website because he's pissed at Opalium for not letting him be Developer. Opal didn't do shit. He's just shit at managing things my niggas
I'll be back later ;))))
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#86 get a life faggot
it wouldn’t be shocking if he used cheap vps servers cause the game servers ran like shit. it makes sense since he wanted to maximize his profit from all the suckers who paid him
if you spent your money on a server still in it's infancy based around a dead game, that barely had any players in the past couple months, that's your own fault for making poor financial decisions. I'm sure opal realized that spending money to run a server for the occasional 1-2 players wasn't worth it. He also offered refunds given the circumstances. That isn't him stealing your money, you're just being dumb.
(that was in response to #86)
Yes, good argument. You convinced me.
Thank you for showing me the truth.
To the person who said "Also to those who asked about money, a gmod server is 25 bucks monthly with ddos protection and 30 person slot (there's cheaper ones) a minecraft server is only 10-15 a month. Crescent TTT lasted how many months? 3? 4? minecraft lasted barely a month? (american prices btw)

How many people bought crescent cash, ranks, etc. Cash grab from the start."
99% sure Opalium bought a VPS to host his shit on. Significantly cheaper than buying a gameserver. Plus, you can get a better one (Like what is likely required for such a big overhaul)
but opal still hasn’t proven he isn’t a thieving son of a bitch
Your last message proves what I said.
this site is a blessing as crescent from the get go would censor anything that could potentially hurt someone’s feelings, my friends wanted to get on when they first opened discord and say hey this greedy jew fuck is just gonna rob you all of your money but they couldn’t because they would be censored. it’s just ironic because now they don’t want to say anything except for i told you so and they were fucking right
Believe whatever you want. I don't care.
But try to be reasonable. It's easy to go out and attack people, but Jesus Christ. Take a step back and look it what you're saying.
There are no arguments here besides oPaL toOk My m0neY. fUcK OpaL.
Try to actually find some arguments for what you're saying, then come back.

Could he have handled it better? Yea, maybe. Could he have dragged it on for longer? Yea, certainly.
But in the end, you'd have been mad anyways. So does that mean he should post his financial information because some kids on the internet got mad and made a big scary site? Fuck no.
Stop wasting your time on this useless drama.
holy shit. that raccoon is massive
even i can't make a leaks page this bad

look at this absolute fuckin unit
opal is a thief and a liar and he just grabbed a bunch of players from sgm and took their money with no second thought about it being morally wrong

why can’t he let the servers stay up with the remaining money? because he wants that for himself, greedy fuck
Can you all stop being so butthurt and move on?
Crescent didn't work out. It happens. It wasn't a cash grab.

So why ar you mad? How much did you spend? If you spend hundrets of dollars on a new community for a dying game, that's on you.
Don't be stupid.
how much does an ovh server cost? take that times 4 and that’s how much he spent
That was an example, genius.

My main point still stands. You don't run a community with 50$.
taigachat doesnt exist for xenforo 2

nice try idiot

there is no way he spent $700 on addons but it would be easy to prove if he releases financials. the community deserves it
nice censorship. retar
I see why you people get suspicious, but this is not what a quick cash grab looks like.
The base version of xenforo (forum software) alone costs $160. It can cost as much as $700 if you need all features.
Plugins like taigachat (shoutbox) cost money aswell.
You need Gameservers, Webservers, etc.
And we're not talking 10$ servers here.
Anyone who thinks you can run a community with 50$ a month is delusional.
did you get mad you didn't get any tags in former staff before having to tag yourself
dude servers are so cheap now you can host a website on a $2/mo server nowadays

where is our money opal!????
>thinking a gmod server only costs $25 bucks and a minecraft only $10-15.

Also to those who asked about money, a gmod server is 25 bucks monthly with ddos protection and 30 person slot (there's cheaper ones) a minecraft server is only 10-15 a month. Crescent TTT lasted how many months? 3? 4? minecraft lasted barely a month? (american prices btw)

How many people bought crescent cash, ranks, etc. Cash grab from the start.
So, My Dime Is Up, I'm curious. What is the grudge you're holding here? What made you decide to start the website?

You made me spit out my drink @64
Opalium already gives refunds, in the form of crescent cash LOL
Opalium should offer refunds with remainder of money instead of pocketing it

Don’t be evil - Google
get a life faggot
nice opinion
Xpro, no one likes you lol
I love how the little fucks bitching about transparency shut up real fast now that nothing is removed. How is that for transparency? Can Opal be a bit more transparent? Maybe post the statements of how much was donated and how much was spent on servers and how much was transferred to his personal bank? Yeah I bet we wont get true transparency from someone like Opalium.
lol tf
xpro shut up about your crescent craft bs
This guy is the hero we all need but don’t deserve. He has given us a fully transparent platform to discuss the corruption and thievery at crescent. Opal is scum!!!
Official xpro here. All I care about at this point is hosting crescentcraft for the remaining playerbase. Dm me on discord if you're interested in helping. We'll need about $75 a month and I can contribute 10-20, ideally want to plan for at least 3 months of openness (but only need one month up front)
hi yatty #1
Tell us who you are then instead of pretending to be top shit when all you do is hide behind anonymity
Alright for all you cry babies, posts are no longer removed unless absolutely necessary (inappropriate images or dox info). Now I just hide annoying spam and visitors can still view the post if they wish to do so. Enjoy! Is Opalium this honest? I don't think so!
LMAO Word Brudduh
Just wanted to add, Zack's a bitch, you still living in your brother and sister-in-law's basement?
sorry, made a mistake on my last post. heres a correction
Way more honest? Idk about that one fam, how about you stop hiding behind fake names? Oh no you won't cause you're a little bitch
I'm actually going to make some changes shortly that just "hides" the post and allows users to view them by clicking a button. So no more removed posts. So you can stop crying about it. Also gifs will not be converted to images, just the URL will show so visitors can copy link and check out the GIF in a new tab. I'm way more honest than someone like Opalium.
>bitches about being banned for trying to tell the truth
>bans people from a place they claim wont have censorship

nice fucking meme dickhead
aluminumnutty confermund
Stop posting retardedly long images or arabic characters that go outside the page boundaries and you wont be banned. It's simple.
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
Why are people being banned from posting to the webpage?

What are you guys hiding?
>without the censorship of Opalium
Yeah but like "Removed by admin" so you guys censor it? lmao
Is the spam stopped?
For the sake of EXTRA transparency. For those wondering what those two posts below were that were removed. Just spam of arabic characters. Below is an image before deletion. The text went outside the bounding box and fucked the site design on mobile.
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
@ThWhoDaddy you need to right click the image and copy link address, dont post the imgur album.

Like this:
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
Lol. Can't make this type of silly shit up.
dis place is more alive than sgm shoutbox rofl
watched zack bully xpro because he told another admin he didnt like the way zack did things and zack got the info from said admin. so zack started targeting xpro, and couldnt even hold a conversation with him. Ever other sentence was about being able to get rid of him and ban him.
can we get sum juicy leaks in here?
tbf, we did rage at xpro a few times. lmao
That's an interesting observation, all things considered. I don't recall raging at a single person at Crescent. :d
Opalium fucked up plain and simple. He couldn’t sustain a community without daddy Highwon who didn’t teach him how to write code that doesn’t crash the server. 🤷🏿‍♀️
zack is a useless staff, does nothing, hikes up his pants and rages at people and talk down to them to make himself feel better. Try to talk to him he threatens that he has the power to ban you. Coward. Og coder420 zack on doody.
what I want to know is why didnt opalium come in to my house and stroke my nice, long, hard, big, black, throbbing, girl dick while looking me straight in the eyes and whisper in to my ear.................... "do you want a refund on your cttt?". absolutely nothing else is acceptable! nothing!
i want 30$ on pump 2, pack of white grape swishers, and a pack of zebra gum
So Opalium put this in small text in one of his random posts? WTF! How about you make that refund offer a huge flashing sign on the main page like your fucking 33% sale? Talk about being a deceptive motherfucker! SO SHADY!
For the people who sent me e-mails -- Make sure you check your spam folder for replies.
"However, given CTTT is no longer our main focus, we understand if some of you might feel you didn't get the value for your what you paid. Therefore, players who purchased a rank within the last 7 days of this thread being created, or players who have more than 30 days left for their subscription, may contact me in private (through a forum PM or a Discord DM) and request a refund."
[URL REDACTED] via cached page *shrug*
Then why not just limit post times.... instead you're actively removing stuff? What are you hiding?
Nothing fishy about it. If I were to remove the posts completely and not show anything then that would be fishy however if I let the same GIF stay up in 100 different messages, then some visitors phones or browsers might not be able to keep up and crash. This site is supposed to be used for discussion and not to post a bunch of irrelevant GIFs or memes. No discussion will ever be removed unless it contains doxxing information. The reason we allow images to begin with is if someone wants to share pictures of conversations they've had with Opalium or others for further proof to other visitors.
Why not let the spam just stay so we know you're being transparent? It looks like something is being hidden.... This is fishy...
The deleted messages are people spamming the same image over and over again. Mostly the ricardo gif. The URL redacted is automatically done by the site if it's not an imgur link for the safety of our visitors. Look at the About page to get the answers to these common questions. We aren't removing any posts pertaining to the discussion of the Crescent Project.
I’m confused, if there’s no censorship why is there so many redacted URLs and deleted messages? What is being hidden here?

dick riding sounds pretty fun though ;)
the fuck is this shit :/
Opalium never offered refunds! Stop spewing bullshit.
Because she is a whore
Why does it seem like proper rides everyones dick?
Opalium is a faggot
The only accusation made thus far was "Opalium closed the server and ran off with everyones money", which has been disproven. Opalium offered full refunds when the direction of crescent was changed and the CTTT servers closed down. I think the creator of this site spent to much time working on this website rather than researching the facts himself.
Honestly Ricardo is the only real fuel I have left, there is absolutely nothing else that motivates me to get out of bed in the morning and endure the cold and somber world.

After a long day of working like a dog you come home, life's never been a friend, you're 1 in a million but at the same time equal to everyone else. You enter your frigid home, hang your coat and leave the briefcase by the door, you have work to do but you know you've worked enough and your muscles wouldn't handle even lifting an arm. You boot up your computer and head to the only place where you can be something you're not and where you're never judged, 4chan. You visit /gif/ to get in the usual fap, to feed your degenerate habits that you know are morally wrong but can't do anything about it, it's the only thing that keeps you going, there is no reason to live but who knows what's after death, you worry too much about things, your mind is fuming with ideas, it's o
get a life faggot
You can post the ricardo gif just don't spam it please
There was absolutely a post made about it, lol. Also, stop hiding behind anonymity, it's hella cowardly. If you have a grievance, it's not going to be taken seriously unless it has a face behind it. So far, this is just some Alex Jones grade ranting with no premise.
please stop censoring the ricardo gif it's making me sad
Where did Opalium offer full refunds? Nothing was posted on the site and the plug was pulled without any discussion with community members.
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
imagine thinking that opalium has fanboys lol
Opal offered full refunds, for well over a week. If you missed out on that, that's your failing, not Opal's. It was there and open with an established time frame for request. People after quick 'cash grabs' don't do that.
>thinks thousands of dollars were donated
>has no proof of the amount of donations
>There were 4 GMOD servers, and a minecraft server

>lets say there was like $1000 left
>would $1000 be worth it for 4 months hard work by multiple people?
I just want to say I tried asking these same questions a couple of days ago when the shut down was announced and was promptly banned.
Thousands of dollars were donated to Crescent in total and how much do you think was spent? Server costs at OVH and Psychz are at most $60-90/month. Crescent was up for how many months? 4 months. So thats roughly ~$500. What happened to the rest of the money? Is Opalium going to offer partial refunds atleast?
>thinking opal took the money
>not realising that Opal and the Core Team put 3 months of hard work into the project
>also not realising that no money was really made and that there are better ways to earn money in 3 months
A bunch of Opalium fan boys are on here spamming images instead of discussing the real news story which is that Opalium took everyones money and shut down the community.
join the train
What happened? Just got here
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
Nobody is answering my question about why thetruth was banned?
I just removed a bunch of broken images. If you delete your image on imgur then I’ll remove the post.
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
imagine being sad enough to make this when all the community did was shut down lol
Hidden by admin.Click to view.
Why did thetruth get banned from Crescent discord? If you guys are saying "[thetruth] doesnt have the balls to talk on the discord with their own name" then why ban him? Why not keep the discussion open? Oh right, cause Opalium wants to silence everyone talking about it. How he took all that money.
find the gay person:

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can’t find them?

that’s because they live among us, looking like normal people. the only real difference is they’re going to hell
Why did thetruth get banned from Crescent discord? If you guys are saying "[thetruth] doesnt have the balls to talk on the discord with their own name" then why ban him? Why not keep the discussion open? Oh right, cause Opalium wants to silence everyone talking about it. How he took all that money.
imagine making a website for this :OOOOO
DM me your annual salary for nudes
niggas realized they didn't have enough time during the day, and was burned out of communities so they hung up their coats. *shrug* interest wasn't their on both ends, so why carry on?
This is pre dumb ngl
Do we really care this much to try and cause drama by dming tons of people, because a community died?

Like you're trying to be lion with the sgmleaks. You're just a fake, who doesnt have the balls to talk on the discord with their own name because fucking internet points and "friends"

Grow up, what you do on a internet discord isnt gonna affect you unless you do something illegal.

I think Opalium took everyones money and ran for the mountains!
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Shut this derpy site down. There's no mystery, things just didn't work out how we wanted them to. I realize you feel some compulsion to try and fish up drama out of it, but it's lame. Go play video games. -Zack
Are you fucking retarded? First of all, I don't even fucking hang around Cresent anymore. I'm too busy making money and being an active member of society unlike your bitchass. How about you take that stick out of your ass and actually ask questions instead of being such a bitch and hiding behind some dumb website and fake discord name. Get a fucking life you retard, go back to SGM.
Is this shit real lmao
Yatty stop spamming. 🙄
anyone want some doritos?
Are you fucking retarded? First of all, I don't even fucking hang around Cresent anymore. I'm too busy making money and being an active member of society unlike your bitchass. How about you take that stick out of your ass and actually ask questions instead of being such a bitch and hiding behind some dumb website and fake discord name. Get a fucking life you retard, go back to SGM.
ever just get diagnosed with straight?
Probably MisManagment
well opal tried to make SGM 2 and failed. duh.

You have to plan, you have to think out what will happen, and gmod is already a dying game so that didn't help. It's not as easy as just buying a server spot and having a website. It had a lot of potential, but ultimately went down.

SGM had nothing to really do with it. Opal didn't like how Highwon was running it and left, some players went because SGM was crashing constantly (but removing Opals code fixed this so)

Opal fucked up, simple.
trihard 7
Welcome to the site. Click the "How does this work?" to learn more about this site and then lets get to discussing what really happened over at Crescent. Did mismanagement of the community lead to its downfall? Was the leadership incompatible with each other? Was this a quick cash grab by the owner and others involved in starting this community? Was there legal action from another community such as SGM? What really happened?