How does this site work?

Each visitor is assigned a unique ID when they visit the site. The ID is bound to the visitors IP address. You can assign a name to your unique ID so every time you post it shows the name next to the unique ID.

Can I post links?

No, all posts containing a link (except will have the link redacted from the post automatically.

Can I post images?

You can only post images hosted on All imgur PNG/JPG links are automatically converted to images in the post. Other links from imgur are just shown as text.

What are the post limits?

You can post a maximum of 3000 characters (subject to change) and 3 images max per post. You can only post 3 times within a 2 minute period to prevent spam.

Is this site moderated?

We only moderate inappropriate images and doxxing. All deleted posts are marked as such so there is complete transparency to the visitor.

Can we post leaks?

You can post anything you want except for inappropriate images and doxxing information.

Can we post links?

Links are automatically removed unless it points to This is to protect our users from ip grabbing sites and malicious content.

What are future plans for this site?

If there is enough interest then it will be updated with more features and a nicer design.

How can I make suggestions?

Send an e-mail to Check your spam folder for replies.

How can I report bugs?

Send an e-mail to

Who are you?

I am visitor #1 :)

How long will this site stay up?

For a long time, hosting is cheap.