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Crescent is having their open cash grab on 21.9-22.9. Sorry I meant cash grab.. errr... open beta! Don't forget to sign up and hand over mommy's credit card so they can buy some doritos.
wtf is this crap
Stop it guys! You're hurting Crescent so much with all this free publicity!
Ok #dork haha gottem
Lmao fuckin virgins
love ya cutie
everyone's reaction after beta LUL
west hasnt crashed in like 2 days and it finally took a shit. if this was opalium era then west would crash 7 times in 12 hours. opalium shitty coder bye bye
5512, they actually are more stable, not 100% fixed but a whole fuck load better
i like how highwon can't even afk on one server for more than a few hours because the servers keep crashing lul. more stable cause of the rollback eh?
...but he replied to you 2 days ago? proves he doesnt get on just for cash
U sure? He hasnt replied to me in 2 days
5443 what the fuck are you talking about? hgihwon is always online on discord answering questions. he got the discord to 1000+ members which is something opalium couldnt dream of ever accomplishing in his lifetime.
5443 seems triggered
and nah, call it self felatio but I’ve been the one of the most influential admins/leads these past few years. Even in my darkest hours of inactivity, I’ve helped make decisions for the better of the community and my forehead sized ego.
So starved for drama that the owner afking is newsworthy, holy fuck
Faggot is farming some faggot points! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
And oh this place is runned by Humancowcakes, if y'all didn't know that yet, what a pathetic faggot
Rozboon is highwon's biggest cock sucking toy
I dont get why people are hating on crescent, like Highwon only goes online for cash related things only, you faggots keep sucking him like he is your daddy, you faggots
How’s it a cash grab when I can’t enter your dads credit card info yet
cool fantasies bro
Occasionally i wonder if helix takes opaliums dick out of his ass
Occasionally i wonder if jewtwo is running the site
I only play on pluto
I’m illegal I’ll pass. I have questions for you though. Do you play on sgm? And do you plan on playing on crescent?
>hides images advertising it
>makes big announcement advertising it with all the relevant information

big brain moment
#968 suck my dick
#1 u a hoe
Doritos sound excellent right now tbh.
"they’ve crashed less times daily than SGM’s full servers"

If your servers crash... fucking lol
Don't spam the same image or I will auto hide it.
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wink has been the shittiest admin since day 1. even shitter lead.

I used to think paci was just a hardass I didn't get along with but now after seeing that shit about unable to do permabans thats fucking pathetic.
wink has been the shittiest admin since day 1. even shitter lead.

I used to think paci was just a hardass I didn't get along with but now after seeing that shit about unable to do permabans thats fucking pathetic.
LOL 5380.

They haven’t crashed for any non-testing related reasons during any of the alpha testing we’ve seen so far, and they’ve already rebuilt the database that was causing the previous crashes. So we’ll see. :)

I can say with confidence so far that during current testing, they’ve crashed less times daily than SGM’s full servers have since the rollbacks that “fixed” their crash issues. :)
however many times highwon doesn't have them ddossed
The real question is, how many times a day do the servers crash?
Oh, if you can’t tell- it’s helix btw. Feel free to add me on discord if you want helix#1111
Check out the Announcements section on the forums. It’s pretty much totally redone as we learned the hard way that majority of the stuff we had setup last time just wasn’t fun. There’s a lot that we haven’t announced yet that we’re showcasing tomorrow.
I just want to know what is the major difference between this new TTT server and the old TTT server that made it go in Beta.

- I was #5243, but I don't remember which proxylistpro server I was using.
the questions are: What is in beta? What is new?
because Opal's made a server before, so most "old" things shouldn't need testing nor to be in beta
You do realize it’s not a vanilla server, right? Not sure what is so difficult to understand lmao
it's a TTT server, is it not?
not the same a game that hasn't been released yet
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Yeah, just double checked. Store launched after the servers launched.

did it not*
That's what happened last time did it now? people were paying for forum ranks without a server rofl.
because that's what you call a game before it's released fully? lol
why is it in beta?
why would it open before beta? lol

Be sure to sign up for it. :)
I'm surprised they haven't opened their donation box yet
ok cool i care
beta registrations for this weekend are open on crescent btw
Hotter take: wink is worthless
acno was unbanned because he requested to be unbanned i think
you can ask pacifist he mentioned that it took 2 months or something but only pacifist really helped, i could be wrong

hot take: kythol is worthless
How am I bad
mad because bad

cuz ur mum gay
Why was acno unbanned?
I am 5147 Though. Grabbed the name from someone i found on league.
send noods
he goes after underage girls trying to get nudes from them.
Why is dazza a pedo? Can someone explain to me?
MangoTango? More like ditch SGM and advertise himself on SGM! ! !
You're not 5417 though
995 you do know me Though.
why is opalium so ugly? he looks like a turd
kinda gay don't you think?
fuck opalium
fuck opalium
fuck opalium
fuck opalium
discord gg kW322AU
fuck opalium
I don't even know you
Dm me 995 ❤️
give me that footlong #5417
nah, the nudes are enough
wow helix, you don't get paid even though you're sucking so much opalium cock?
I mean-- that's pretty standard for gmod communities that go beyond workshop items. SGM was an exception in that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
With me, no. I don't actually do much of anything except for glorified babysitting lmao.

With devs? Yes. They do indeed get a portion of the earnings.
There's one thing I've always been curious about, does Opal share the money with you or the devs at all?
I'm not perm banned :P
Hehe. Look who's talking. ;) Thanks for helping us out with the search engine optimization. Your website traffic is very much appreciated. :)
Helix, you're perm banned, worry about your own community, stalker.
"Making the bans perma is just not something I can do. Even if I wanted to, I just can't. My personal problems with a perma ban is that they are just so hard to manage. "

No.. it really isn't if you're not lazy.

"First of all, it would require that a lead admin be present to facilitate the permanent ban, which would be a massive load placed on top of me and scuffed. As my role is mostly concerned with the forums and helping admins, it would be rather annoying if I had to load up gmod every single day to ban someone who more than likely installed a free script they found online and decided to have fun for a half hour. If there was a way to delegate this power to the admins I would, but there is no way that the power to perma ban should be placed on the administration"

?????????? Admins can already globalize bans? You just have to go in the server once before that ban expires. Not every day? What? If you go on at least once every 4 weeks then this isn't an issue at all?

"Now I can handle a few bans here and there, i'm definitely up to the challenge (even though it would be annoying as hell), but what I dread more than that is the appeal process. Perma banned users are required to appeal through lead admins, which would mean that we would have to come together and decide on each individual case as to whether they should be unbanned. Any person going through that process will know that it is a major pain in the ass. It is a bunch of deliberation that takes a long time to complete, and often times we have to consult with the owner to see if those users should be unbanned. This means that three to four people will be handling an appeal in the background who may have had nothing to do with the original ban. I am usually tough to convince in an appeal, and that could be very problematic to any would be appealers."

Uh.. no? This isn't a pain in the ass? If only there was a system set up for this in the past? OH WAIT. THERE WAS. All evidence was stored in a thread in staff discussion (since evidence had to be collected anyways). If they appealed... Were they hacking? Yes. Appeal denied. It was easy af and is not the same as the social appeals that typically go through leads.

Literally the only person that complained about this process last time around was Pacifist because he didn't want to provide evidence everytime he issued a hacking ban. lmk if you want the chatlogs for this-- because this same laziness is presenting itself all over again in this controversy.
u go gurl
btw don't buy the excuse that it's "too much work for leads"...

It really isn't that much work going through the bans and perma'ing all of the 2nd offense hackers. I spent about 20 minutes every two weeks going through, reviewing all the evidence, and issuing all of the permabans. it really wasn't much work at all. It's a piss-poor excuse and only shows the laziness of the current administration. *shrug*

Fuck, stop doxing my real name! Its coolman btw, not coleman
rozboons real name is Gary coleman
He got banned for his username, not for the shit he said lol
Like fair enough that guy is super retarded but im not seeing anyone else being banned for retardation
Wait u can harass opal/doc etc however much u want, but being mean to roz gets u banned?
aRe YoU mEnTalLy hAnDiCapPed, have you guys seen rozboons face it looks like someone fucked his face pretty badly, just sayin
Ain't my fault you're a moron.
forget roz 5352 he's too worthless to think about
there's the roz we all love to see
How do I talk differently from here and sgm? are you mentally handicapped?
so hows everyone doing lately
seems like you guys are still on some shit as usual
people wish you talked on sgm like you talk here roz, would actually make the admins do something for your pathetic ass then
What do you mean, unclebee, I always talk like this on sgm.
rozboon suck my dick nigger
that lil shit face has no balls to speak on sgm like hes speaking here, what a cunt
some1 post rozboons fat face here aight
Nah 5352, you're just a salty cunt rofl
also what are the best porn subreddits?
baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo doo baby shark doo doo doo doo doo
babky shark doo doo doo doo doo doo doo baby shark
mommy shark doo doo doo
my fingers are tired from typing now
is wittle roz sad for his brother in arms

Ok boomer
ok boomer
Why would getting prebanned from crescent have any bearing on how he acts on sgm??

Stop being a salty little cunt, 5352.
falco aside, serves that lying shit right, cheers to them getting banned more times in the future
did someone actually call cowcakes a competent mod LOL

if you promote that faggot he'll attempt to only pick up girls due to how thirsty he is

don't care about kyuu but cowcakes is a downright retard who's been sucking dick ever since he got prebanned from crescent last year
Can someone tell Opaliums mother to stop sucking my dick? She wont stop!
opaliums mother is a raging whore
Falco doesn’t even have the deathscenes, nigga needs his evidence
falco is such a shit mod.

"you kill him because you assumed him to be cheating" uh... did you even read his response? he said he had a t-weapon out you autistic fuck

and wtf is that third one? you didnt even report him to get a reason? you just ASSUMED he RDM'd? this is the kind of shit that got you demoted last time you retard

Temar calling the kettle black with that report
I think we can agree that at least Opal and Highwon arent this guy
(Owner of moat)
As often as PB Keeps offering to buy everything I’m surprised he didn’t sell it
Wow that is very mean apologizeis
takagi shut up
poopies!!!!!!!!! Aaaaallllalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalqlal poopy time!!!!
3 digit gang
Ducks are cute as hell
highwon put losers like helix and opalium on the map. if he wanted to cash grab then he would sell sgm cash like crescent did.
helix is a fag and crescent is cash grab for sure
He’s too busy for anything else but god forbid someone “leak” anything.
Got the sgm road to revival:

Winky needs to go cuz he a dinosaur, who can’t put in the effort he needs to.

Irish and Lordy needs to be demoted (ineffectivity is the name of the game for themmmmm.

Promote two hella active moderators, Kyuu and Humancowcakes are my picks.

ez money for highwon
why doesnt he show up for other community matters though? because he “doesn’t have time”? People have been begging for the hacking protocol to be altered for MONTHS. people have been asking for his input on the nigger faggot rule change. It took him forever to answer python about the models... but someone asks a money related question he’s there within a couple of hours?

Because he doesnt care about the community anymore he just doesnt. all he cares about is the money
I wonder if Highwon shows up for the money stuff because he's the only person that can help in those situations? Nah, that makes sense.
“Cash grab” coming from the community that doesnt even have updates anymore LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

highwon is too busy to give content to those who are paying him money but always shows up immediately on the forums when someone has issues giving him more money lmao
koishi is awesome
theyre cute
Please tell me more about ducklings
hi guys do you have the time to talk about ducklings
wtf i call out the 3 digit boys and all the 2 digit fuckers come crawling out the woodwork
nobody talks about how opaliums mother is a whore truely
Doc is so obsessed with being right and completely oblivious to how fucked in the head he is. Get a grip mate
3 digit niggas represent
Is that helix again?
Not my words, but hilarious
i love how doc still thinks he was banned unfairly like if anyone else have a shit about him that mattered he would be unbanned but he had a psychotic break so everyone thinks it's funnier to let him fume and its still going on from lead admin to lead admin lol
Omg lol this website still exists? Hahaha so funneh
Holy shit this still exists, lmao.
I mean hes not out to get anyone like you are to him
in what way is he chill
Anyways i don’t understand why you decide to sheep off of helix and opal. Doc is pretty chill so stop being an asshole and get a fucking life
I’m not gay
5267 you're letting your jealous side show a bit.
guys dazza gets triggered whenever someone calls him a pedo as a joke and forum reports them from profiles

do it more often he deserves a lot worse

also unomi go suck doc's cock some more, he's gay and it appears so are you
5219, don't try to use logic with them, it will just make them angry.
Wouldnt pming someone your own private info mean u doxed yourself tho
don't pm Rozboon private info, he might dox you
If you hate someone on the internet this much you need to get a life.
Just ignore the edgy kids telling people to kill themselves, Or better yet, Grim, if that's actually you, send me a pm sometime on SGM, seems you're having a rough time with life right now.

5170, same goes for you, if either of you need to talk about anything, send me a pm, better to talk in private, then show the world how shitty things must be for you right now.
Teeheheehe I tell people to kill themselves because it “makes the world better “ seriously man grow some balls
I don’t watch anime
better than hiding behind an anime overlord name
Get some balls and stop hiding behind an anonymous name
5170 what is your problem.
Nah, he should follow through with it. Really would make the world a better place, doubt he's contributing much to it besides harassing a GMOD community
Some people are so pathetic on how much they can hate someone online stop getting so tilted you squares
This is how people, even if they're shitty, end up killing themselves. All thanks to some keyboard warrior online telling them to go kill themself, their family may get to wake up to a dead kid.

Grow the fuck up, all of you. It's a damn GMOD community. Just fuck off about it.
Leave him the fuck alone
Anyone else just find it weird doc is trying to hard to be a part of SGM? SGM is cool and all but its got what 100 peak players, its not like what it used to be. Wouldn't most of their friends be gone anyways
ive given it a minute of thought, and you are better off killing yourself at this point. no amount of "closure with the community" will do it for you.
nigga you arent and won't be welcome back to the community for the metric ton of bullshit you've done. you are like a pathetic loser still obsessed with their almost highschool gf 5 years later, dropping it will only help what little iq you have left.
You're literally fucking insane, message after message day after day for a community forum? dude doctor you're better off just offing yourself or something at this point, it's been a year or more now and you're still obssessed as the day you got banned.
can you just stop talking
Because he isn't the only one who has refused to tell the truth, every lead admin has refused to do so, regardless of knowing the truth in that I didn't. My reports against Teroxa were never because he didn't unban me after agreeing to do so, they were about his abuse of power in knowing that there was no evidence against me and still refusing to unban me
Why does it matter? He’s banned now.
My main priority isn't trying to get back into SGM, getting unbanned would be great sure but first and foremost I want them to admit the truth - that I didn't have anything to do with those emails, that Opalium did in fact lie about it and break SGM's ToS
Doc, its not worth coming back to sgm.
Theyre just a pit of vipers that will try to tear you apart.
Y'all are the biggest bunch of immature, petty brats I've seen. Grow up and respect each other. Someone runs you the wrong way then fuck them, you don't need them.

Make yourself happy first and don't give a damn about the hate.
Yes, well done on having no actual arguments so you have to resort to questioning my mental stability. You're a real genius!
It's okay to accept that you're not okay in the head, it's the first step to correction
And what about Opalium's claim I took part in the sending of those emails along with JewTwo and other perma-banned members of SGM that went to Moat? Where's the evidence for that? Oh right, there isn't any
What? You've seen the 2 screenshots that Opalium posted? The one that shows me in a private Discord server suggesting my friends should remove Echo because of his lies and one where I said some stupid shit to Echo because I was angry?

It's funny because me and Echo are still friends to this day, so unless you actually have anything to add other than speculation I'd suggest not getting involved
I've seen the screenshots from what you've said, and seeing how you act you act like a total fucking psychopath. If they let you back they might as well let Dazza be lead admin and have sith master back as well. Fuck it blow the whole ship up
That wasn't an apology to the upper administration in reality, it was more an apology to Echo for some of the stupid shit I did do because, you know, I'm not too cowardly to admit when I'm wrong
"Didn't suck lead admin dick"
5219, the thing is, there is no evidence against me so in any case I shouldn't be banned in the first place.

5223, they just follow it because their friends told them to. They don't know anything about what happened, very few actually do, but because I didn't just suck lead admin dick to get unbanned instead I've been standing up for myself they all choose to just hate on me.
Hehehe unban me guys so I can blackmail and threaten everyone more hehehe
actually not, just curious. Can no one answer me or is the doc hate train something u guys just follow cluelessly cuz ur friends told u to?
totally not doc btw
Wasnt Rice unbanned cuz after Opal and Helix left all the evidence about him was gone too? Wouldnt the same apply in Docs case, clueless btw cuz u guys dont leak enough
The appeal is still there.
Theres no appeal 5169 is baiting
what doc appeal?
Got my old name back nice
lol >wanting to be unbanned from the n word community
hes a fucking joke and absolutely clinically insane
LOL. TheDoctor094 is a loser. Look at that appeal
Haha funny doxx joke very original

I don’t even want this fucking name lol i chose it over 4 months ago
virginia-beta pluto gg

ez rdm ttt community
That’s an oof
Welcome to College Football Saturday
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SORRY i didnt mean to put that there that was meant for my facebook!
Mango unfortunately crescent got a new sugar daddy or something so this place has a purpose again
#1 stop banning me:(((((
not being negative =/= being positive
Hi guys, i doxx people.
What the fuck that's my line #2877
Lol Floof acting like MangoTango.
Aria is pretty cute.
Guys since we failed to be positive yesterday, we are trying it again :) Only nice things for 24 hours :):)
Mr. "Fuck literally everything up and leave as it burns"
shut up you disgrace of an ex lead
Holy shit this site is still active?
ye lol
Pretty gay
How fucking gay is opalium though?
Thank you for clarifying that helix but I never went to your friends list to add your family members as I do not know who they even are nor do i have or ever had reason to talk to them let alone contact you.
This is your final warning drop it right now
I didn't post evidence about the doxxing because that would literally dox my family itself. It was my mistake having my family members on my public friends list when I was apart of . a big community, but I honestly didn't think anyone would stoop that low. I've asked Rozboon to drop it, and to leave me, and my family alone and to no longer contact them anymore- and besides the false accusations here and there, he has done that.. I understand why it was brought up here- but that is just where I want to leave it, so whoever 5080 is, drop it.

He never threatened my family, I never said that. I just want all contact to cease.
Lots of things, one is me doxing him. Kinda need an ip or a name to do that and I dont have either.
what did helix lie about?
Imagine still coming here to argue with each other about GMod communities.
5080, you should learn about evidence and not listen to a known liar.
imagine having a 1*** number
Its cuz i keep getting banned for bringing good spirit to this place with anime
imagine having a 5xxx number
I am awesome
Tankor has a nice butt #allthehomo
Can we do one day of only awesome positivity???
Agreed :)
koishi is awesome
Why do y’all still post here wtf
roz why are you mad at ip's when you yourself doxx'd Helix and threatened him and his family

u can deny doing it all u want but it won't change the fact that ur scumfuck hypocrite ass did it
You ever get that feeling of déjà vu
Excuse me?

Excuse me?
thank you kind Samaritan for translating to the balding gorilla

Excuse me?
is wittle wozboon shad dat he can't get an account at crescent so he has to just lurk there

remember when 3 staff at sgm leaked home cities of people because they had access to ips omega lul

honestly roz get a life
Sgm has always had 2 prime servers. It just rotatea a lot.
Humancow bakes
Damn that Humancowcakes guy 🤤 very handsome
Sgm has been having atleast 2 servers fill up on prime time lately, before that they struggled with 1, doesnt seem to be dying, slowly coming back if anything.
Who said SGM is dying?
I think Microsoft stole IP tracking from SGM, cause obviously they're the only people who figured out how that works.
The community is literally on a falling decline and the staff team wants to be 100x more anal than 2016 when it was actually a respectable and stable community? Jeez, no wonder people say SGM is dying.
some gmod servers say in chat where you're from when you join
Are you questioning why I'm questioning him?
are you questioning why someone is choosing to be anonymous on an anonymous board
Shit I missed the n.

What makes me a redneck? And why dont you use your forum name?
Rozboon is a sad redneck
The fact that helix and opalium kept IP records from SGM is just shady as fuck. But what do you expect from a bunch that stole all their code to begin with?
When you do it to every person that visits, it's a bit creepy and borderline doxing when you start trying to locate where it's from.

Especially when you go as far as remembering where someone lived close to rofl. (I have several different ips which means helix is up locating them and assuming they are mine as they are close to where I lived when he had my ip from sgm)
That's literally how the internet works roz, this website can do it to.
I am so make, 4959 stop making me so make!!!
As #5000 who wants to see a pro-gamer move from yours truly
bruh why did bork's thread get hidden
bork took a fat L
Heads up to anyone who goes to opals new forums, they check your IP and use it on ip locator to find your location.

Xpro has confirmed this today.
You should already be pitying opal and the people who get sucked into his scams
What about opalium that has no job and keeps stealing highwons code every chance he gets
3660, he only does it because hes jobless, has no life, gf probably left him now since she's paying all the bills, and all he does is sit on gmod all day, dont be so harsh on the guy, pity him instead.
VV Twat trying to stir stuff VV
Python is honestly a bit of a twat. Why does he feel the need to report the staff on every little thing they do? He claims he's just, "trying to get clarification," but he clearly is trying to stir stuff and get someone punished.
Zomborg has mvp
why does no one care about Opalium’s dad
You guys are forgetting that Opaliums mother is a whore. Obviously he will find shit like that cute.
He thinks shit like that is cute but it really just shows his level of incompetence.
Opalium can't even do basic math. His code has been shit since day one. How do you not catch bugs like this from the get go? No wonder SGM crashed so much all the time. This guy fails at life.
is this not Opalium's site?
lmao how is teroxa still lead
Jewtwo is the definition of autist

Jewish funded the Muslim invasions.

..... Go research the teachings of Muslims

Research #IslamExposed

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They banned me from this site :((((((((
Bold of you to assume theres literally anything worth leaking
people begging for highwon's response on community affairs and policy changes?


someone complains about money and wants to buy a rank?

Can we get some fucking leaks on this site Jesus christ
agario but with traitors and innos
Hosting is paid for about a year. What would you suggest I do with it?
Bubonic! You fat fuck, go for a jog or something
Yo #1 how can you possibly stand reading all this shit? Should just burn it all down at this point
anime is being censored and my life is ruined
why are you fucks still using this?
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"Well its not like u actually care about charity either u just wanna bully people cuz ur insecure" - Naruto Uzumaki
I guess over 4k going to charity and not even acknowledging and flat out ignoring the main developer of the game AND shit talking them when you're speedrunning their game doesn't even matter? lmao
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way to bring up old shit that doesnt even matter

Pacifist run btw.
wink doesn’t deserve admin
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I am the chocolate chip cookie man and I hate natuato
cowcakes stop being a cuck
Posted 2 minutes ago by #4665
owo aria is qt
Posted 45 minutes ago by not proper#995
Posted 1 hour ago by Takagi-san#4309
Hi, what's going on, what have I missed upon my absence?
Posted 2 hours ago by #63
Posted 1 hour ago by not proper#995
cowcakes stop being a cuck
Posted 2 minutes ago by #4665
owo aria is qt
Posted 45 minutes ago by not proper#995
Posted 1 hour ago by Takagi-san#4309
Hi, what's going on, what have I missed upon my absence?
Posted 2 hours ago by #63
cowcakes stop being a cuck
owo aria is qt
Hi, what's going on, what have I missed upon my absence?
Ban me if you love Opal

highwon is my god i suck his dick every night

but opal is a fucking faggot
hey helix can you tell opal to stop stealing code please
He needs shekels cause his bitch mother doesn't bring in enough anymore. Her body be whack and dudes don't tip like they used to.

Crescent = Cash grab by opal to buy adobe CC
Lets not forget that Opals mother is a whore.
lol opal needs to give up
eu bad na good
opal bad highwon good
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My bad I didn't mean to triple agree
I agree with 3126
I agree with 3126
I agree with 3126
Opal sure is a cunt.

What he means is that some other developer figured it out for him since he is such a shitty programmer or he would have done the same for SGM. Opalium nobody believes your crap. You have always been a terrible coder and you couldn't figure out how to code for other games so now you're stuck with TTT since Highwon was nice enough to teach you everything you know.
Reminder from 995, Aria is indeed cute
Opaliums mother is a whore. Spread the word.
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"A soul needs a purpose to live... and so I concluded that my purpose was to kill everyone besides myself. I felt alive..." Gaara of the desert
You think banning a ninja or two will stop us? We are millions and we are powered by our companionship! Never give up fellow ninja army!
Daily reminder from 995 that Aria is a qt

since it got cut out from the weeb purge
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weebs out
weebs dansgame
“I couldn’t understand what a parent’s love was like because you guys were never there, so I could only guess. But now I know, I live because you and Dad gave your lives for me and filled me up with love before the Nine-Tails was inside me! So here I am, happy and healthy! I’m glad I ended up being your son!” Naruto Uzumaki
The pain of being not an easy one to bear..why is it...that I can understand your pain? But...I already have many people who are important to me now...and I can't let you hurt any of them...even if I have to kill you!
won't run away anymore... I won't go back on my word... that is my ninja way!
"Those in the ninja world who break the rules and regulations are called filth, but those who don't care about their companions... are even lower than filth." - Obito Uchiha
Daily reminder from 995 that Aria is a qt
Ban one ninja and you get the whole Dojo! Naruto fans will not be silenced by the oppressive staff of this place
"Those in the ninja world who break the rules and regulations are called filth, but those who don't care about their companions... are even lower than filth." - Obito Uchiha
Wtf you going on about
When you fuck up your GDQ
Alright, last few things I'm going to say tonight before I break down. I've been looking through twitter and on reddit and just seeing constant loads of shit being thrown on me. I understand that I should just ignore it, but it is very hard for me. I take a lot of pride in what I do and it hurts to see people take that for granted. I have said this several times now, and I'll say it again. I am sorry for ruining the pacifist run. I feel absolutely horrible for doing so. I can make as many excuses as possible and I still won't please everyone, but I just have to accept that. I don't know if it was read on stream, but I donated $50 to cover the enemies I killed, and I'm considering doing another $50 tomorrow. Just know that I have heard the outcries and read the hate and I understand where you guys are coming from. Just know that not everything is as black and white as you think it is, and your words are more than just shitty twitch chat comments that fly by on the chat elevator.
who the fuck is giraffe
Daily 995 reminder that Aria is a qt
"If you think I'm just a foolish kid ruled by his emotions, that's fine. Following Itachi's path would be childish, the whispering of fools who don't know hatred. If anyone else tries to ridicule the way I live, I'll slaughter everyone they ever cared about. And then maybe they'll understand what it's like to taste...a little of my hatred." -Sasuke Uchiha
I agree with his mother being a whore.
Opalium is a piece of shit and his jew whore of a mother is a bitch!
legit bet it's ashes, only thirsty person that's around all the whores on a regular basis
3014 i mean
5$ says 3018 is ashes
SGM: Lets make the hackers mod and ban the people who arn't hacking! GJ Elvis. same shitty evidence that got you demoted last time you were staff
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"The pain of being not an easy one to bear..why is it...that I can understand your pain? But...I already have many people who are important to me now...and I can't let you hurt any of them...even if I have to kill you!" - Naruto Uzumaki
youtube com/watch?v=EV_3IEBVRss
fucking shitty site let me post urls
the fuck is kishimoto even saying
"You aren't even worth killing, foolish little brother."

"If you want to kill me, despise me, hate me, and live in an unsightly way... Run, and cling to life, and then some day, when you have the same eyes as I do, come before me."

"People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That's how they define "reality". But what does it mean to be "correct" or "true"? Merely vague concepts ... their "reality" may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?" -Itachi Uchiha
ok guys who knows what the best phone app to accept money on i am a broke college student please someone help me

@4157 please feed me money i am but a simple ape needing money to fund my sins
Whoa 4157 are you saying that black people shouldnt play on the servers? Racist faggot.
all these servers are run by apes that are just in it for the money. that's the only reason shutdowns didn't happen a while ago and you're a retard if you think otherwise. most of the staff leak to their friends. others just to the wrong people who like to start shit. not only that but all the pedos that like to prey on these communities for some fucking reason is gross. also. fucking nigger being allowed on their server is gross.
4459 mad he can't get girls so he makes shit up yikes
Oh man #4459. How could she be trying to get with you three weeks ago when she hardly goes on steam due to work. She hasn't been trying to get with anyone. She is just living her life. I would like to see proof of this so called messages you speak of. Otherwise, you are talking out of your ass.
Slut, slur works too tbh
Come on now, we all know aria is a slur and always will be, you have to be a white knight to even attempt to defend her, hell 3 weeks ago she tried to get with me and I just linked her the steam group and blocked her
gimcsnooper cause he's a gimmick that snoops in other people's business :)
Okay woah there dude. She is not a shit person. She may have been in the past, but not anymore. I have seen her grow from a shit person to a good person. I'm not white knighting her. White knighting and standing up for someone are two different things. If you want to continue living in the past and crying about it. Then be my guest.
alright there gimc
Doesn't matter she's still a shitter and people like that are just rotten so enjoy white knighting someone who is clearly a shit person probably drops the whole "waa these are my issues in life feel sorry for me, i've got problems and hardships be a shoulder to cry on"
I mean as of 2 months ago, she hasn't been seeing anyone or leading anyone on to my recollection. But hey if you want to get your facts from the past be my guest.
at least she gets laid? that's not really an accomplishment when you have four guys on the plate at once that's just a disappointment, imagine being so fucked up you have to pick up multiple guys younger than you to get any sort of feeling and even then it just goes to show she puts out mad easy
Aria's pussy may look like lasagna but at least she gets laid.
lasagna is delish
aria's pussy probably looks like someone punched a lasagna
Aria still cute tho
"I don't care who I have to fight!
If he rips my arms out, I'll kick him to death!
If he rips my legs off, I'll bite him to death!
If he rips my head off, I'll stare him to death!
And if he gouges out my eyes, I'll curse him from the grave!
Even If i'm torn to shreds, I'm taking Sasuke back from Orochimaru!" - Naruto Uzumaki
im glad we have similar numbers xpro
daily faggot
Give it a Fortnite bro
bookmark. also i reveal that im xpro RE: tz#169
You lost all worth when you said "give it a fortnight"

And what are you even saying? Make some sense, faggot.
Opal’s Aight, yall just gotta little else better to do. Take up a hobby or some shit, learn an instrument, give it a fortnight yall realise this is like getting mad at the cashier for putting the pennies under the notes, understandable but pretty petty.
My mother is dead, thanks for bringing it up though.

Dont forget to try my cringe... I mean arg story! I've included furries this time around!!
Opaliums mother must be so disappointed in him. I know jewish women are very sensitive about their sons. And Opal is a huge failure. She must be so sad. Poor woman. Opal get your shit together man!
Opalium was the blight of SGM. I am glad they rewrote it and that he is gone forever. If Highwon ever unbans Opalium then Im going to rage!
shrunked rules
i like how the extended rules had a version that worked totally fine, was expanded and refined over years of the community surviving and 90% of the community wants back...

...however everyone is so salty against Opalium that they keep rewriting them and fucking them up more and more with each rewrite. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
I was meant to use "Highwon" as my name for that but I didnt click Set
Yes bro :) Love the passion you put in, by the way! Keep up the great work! Hopefully your server can thrive to success this time!
I'm opalium do you guys want to try my arg???!!!
I’m tuna
I'm tz
everyone should reveal
2377 dont tell someone else to reveal themself unless you reveal yourself first, faggot.
Hey man that was rlly mean pls apologize
no u faggot
pls pray thanky uo
[URL REDACTED] man guys im saddened by this :(((((((

please pray for me 34changers
4387 reveal yourself or remain a faggot for the rest of your life
crushes on the bits? What the fuck does that even mean lmfao.
Coming from Luna... arent you the one that always crushes on the bits because it's the only thing that will show you attention? Get out of here loser
daily faggot
daily faggot
Hard facts
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