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#117801 hour ago
Free Elite has still not been claimed. All you need to do is post a picture of your poopies with timestamp
#117507 hours ago
What a bunch of pussies!
Memelord #117667 hours ago
lmmao imagine being anonymous
#117507 hours ago
Just asked if he kissed girls not his drama god damn
#117767 hours ago
he does yeah. hes dating French Toast currently (still underaged btw). leads (current and ex) admins being pedo is a pretty common trend
#117508 hours ago
Hello Graze, I like kissing woman do you too?
Graze#31598 hours ago
Lmao this circlejerk is hilarious. Glad I found this lol.
Graze#31598 hours ago
Lmao this circlejerk is hilarious. Glad I found this lol.
#117508 hours ago
I’m working on it!
#117689 hours ago
Welp. Forgot about the url redaction.
It's in SGM's introductions. Unless you're one of the jackasses that got banned and you're just carrying a dumbass grudge from years ago.
Memelord #117669 hours ago
tz-#169 🥉9 hours ago
#117689 hours ago
Here you coward. It's truly ironic that you would call me a disgusting human being when you spread half-baked rumors around so secretively like a little bitch.
#1175011 hours ago
Also Memelord, Yo Lil Donnie!
#1175011 hours ago
Join quick!
#11750 User was banned for this post.11 hours ago
Post was not approved: Links are not allowed.
Memelord #1176611 hours ago
uh oh

#1176811 hours ago
You're right #11698. I'm not shy about it. Because I'm not a piece of shit with something to hide. You either experience growth as a person, or you stay cooped up into this tiny ass hole all your life with nothing to show for it.

You wanna expose shit and you'd get banned from SGM if you weren't anonymous? Fine. Good, even.
You want to start slanderous drama cuz you're life is just so worthless otherwise? Fuck off. You are more pathetic than I have ever been. On SGM or otherwise. And I have been a loser of the highest order.
#1176812 hours ago
About the Pedo-thing:
Shortly after leaving Highschool, my dad disowned and kicked me out of the house after learning I was Bi.
I moved in with my mom, things didn't work out. Got kicked out around winter.
My options were: Live outside in the freezing cold homeless, or live with the guy I met online that seemed nice.
Guy turned out to be a pedophile.
I deluded myself into believing him when he told me it was all made up.
Lived my life in a motel room with him for a few months.
One day, his PO comes around while I have my computer in the room while Pedo is home.
Pedo tells me to hide computer, I hide computer.
PO busts the computer, confiscates it.
There is porn (furry) on a laptop with internet connection. All these things violate Pedo's terms of probation. Nothing illegal for anyone but him.
Pedo gets sent jail for violation of probation. Because I did nothing illegal, I just have my computer confiscated until the court case ends.
During this time, Pedo puts me in charge of maintaining finances and relations. I realize the line of crap he fed me about his innocence (or at least stopped deluding myself) and realize how he's being an absolute creep with his current contacts. I convince many to get out of the relationship they had, and report it to PO.

Ultimately- I was in a bad situation. I was too young, too immature, and too inexperienced to deal with what was happening. Nothing I did was illegal. Nothing I did hurt anyone else. There are bits I left out of this because I am still ashamed of what happened, but that's what happens when being exploited by a predator.

I'm an asshole, I'm idiot, and I'm a spaz. I don't deny these things. But if you want to blame me for shit like this, fuck off. I did what I thought was best at the time, and I hurt nobody but myself.
not proper#995 🥈12 hours ago
Ok boomer
#1113412 hours ago
Fuck this Indy guy
Memelord #1176612 hours ago
Fuck off indy
#1176412 hours ago
Staff: (exists)
Memelord #1176612 hours ago
Any of you yellowbellies who post anonymously are cowards.
#1113413 hours ago
Solar panel Пожалуйста, идите какать и умереть
#1113417 hours ago
UncleBee is a gay nigger, someone tell him this
#117521 day ago
First person to post their own shit with timestamp gets elite on SGM
Solar Panel#72611 day ago
Ok nigger that was cool tho
#117501 day ago
Also about that VC call me a nigger if you were there and watched me drink and spit out mouthwash shit was cool. 😂:DDDDDDDDD
Shel#20441 day ago
Girls don’t poop
I agree with the post below#117301 day ago
Please refer to my name
#117292 days ago
Pleeeease lets just post eachothers poos and rate them
#115572 days ago
No one asked but it’s still a good explanation of why he’s a mong
Ok but who asked#117062 days ago
#11698 please refer to my name
#116983 days ago
just ask him. he isnt shy about it.
Solar Panel#72713 days ago
#11698 proof
#116943 days ago
Bla bla bla talk to the hand i dont care
#116983 days ago
There's a thread in staff discussion labelled "Do not talk to Silent Artermis" or something to that affect (AKA TomCat). You can see on his recent posts why this is. FYI- another pedophile. If you go back to his previous posts, he talks about "getting his computer" back often. It was confiscated by police in a child porn case. He hid his computer and tried to sneak out of a hotel room with a convicted child pornographer that he was fucking at the time. He got caught with the laptop though, and it had pornographic material on it which violated his probation and got it taken away. He's a disgusting human.
#116943 days ago
Can we start rating eachothers shits to bring the community together?
tz-#169 🥉3 days ago
i agree #11690 also sick #
a young child#23253 days ago
im about to drop an EPIC report on jabba

why didnt you apologise for that dumbass ban scro??
#116903 days ago
slurs = banned
meheezy = banned
echo = banned
sticky = banned

sgm = better off
Solar Panel#72613 days ago
Keep us updated
#113693 days ago
Taking a shit wish me luck
Rozboon#5103 🏅3 days ago
Keep hiding anon
#116803 days ago
quiet roz, you're so dumb you can't even grow hair
Rozboon#5103 🏅3 days ago
How does not leaking information make you a coward? Hiding behind anon is being a coward.
#116803 days ago
I don't know who would get enjoyment out of being a coward. u just contradicted urself
Human#116793 days ago
Or better yet, they aren't absolute mongoloids who get enjoyment from something as retarded as leaking
#116763 days ago
Current staff is cowardly, proven by the fact that none of then are leaking the entire staff discord
Solar Panel#72614 days ago
Земля не плоская, но твоя мамка да.
#116604 days ago
#111344 days ago
Так что, если земля плоская это означает, что все также плоские?
Rozboon#5103 🏅4 days ago
Youre learning, jabba! Goodjob
not proper#995 🥈4 days ago
No Jabba, unban me
tz-#169 🥉4 days ago
yeah jabba unban me
#116485 days ago
GOD drama these days fucking sucks u guys are the worst
Solar Panel#72715 days ago
Jabba unban me
Jabba#116455 days ago
Shelbutt is chill af. Just because you heard the second half of a single comment and think you know everything doesn't mean someone was talkin' shit. Anonymous lookin ass. Y'all wanna attack someone's character, whatever, but attacking people based on looks and shit is pathetic. Hi Roz, I didn't forget to hit set this time.
#111345 days ago
Rozboon#5103 🏅5 days ago
"guess what, it did?" So you don't know if it got out? or do you mean "it did" without the question mark?
#116425 days ago
The only 'targetting' that doesn't really matter is the targeting against Shelbutt. She spent so much time talking about people behind their backs in VC thinking it wasn't going to get out. Well... guess what, it did? and Karma is a bitch. She came on her to talk down on people, but regularly told people to kill themselves. She's only been back at SGM for a couple weeks now and is already getting involved in drama cause of her fat ass mouth. Honestly, just leave. People don't want your drama here and it was fine until you came back. Just fuck off.
Solar Panel#72615 days ago
smh, i'm just sick of the harassment and targeting thats been going on.
you havent done it at all really, but a few of those *other fucks* have...i'm sure they know who they are.
tz-#169 🥉5 days ago
lol poop
#109375 days ago
Bwahahaha you said the words
Rozboon#5103 🏅5 days ago
Is that because youre a retarded faggot?
#109376 days ago
Faggot and retard are two of the funniest words that exist
#116166 days ago
i can't quote the famous "touch me you faggot" from that one lyra law porn video anymore on sgm servers
#111346 days ago
Solar Panel#72616 days ago
Poop lol
Rozboon#5103 🏅6 days ago
#116036 days ago
Who else reads this website while shitting? Any fellow shitters?
#116031 week ago
Too long, did not read
Shel#20441 week ago
oh my GOD will you get over yourself. I wasn't talking shit about anyone. I said I was suprised me, roz, and elvis were getting along as good as we were. Then someone mentioned Cowcakes, I said I loved the kid and thought he was funny. and that he can't live in a world without chaos. That's it. That's all the fuck i said. So stop trying to start drama with this. If you'd let me fucking talk to you and clear it up, you'd understand. But no. Lets try and start shit instead.
#112341 week ago
i like how shelbutt calls people cowards for being anon, but then goes behind peoples back and talks shit over vc thinking they wont find out.
tz-#169 🥉1 week ago
#116031 week ago
Nice more censorship
Rozboon#5103 🏅1 week ago
#115681 week ago
Show up if true chad, if not you’re fucked.
#11568 User was banned for this post.1 week ago
Post was not approved: Links are not allowed.
#115681 week ago
Lads join now is pro gamer Aimer URL REDACTED
#115681 week ago
#115681 week ago
Yes I h8 EVERYONE!!!
#110381 week ago
lmfao that's shelbutt's fat ass kankle, eh?
Hidden by admin.
#115681 week ago
i am a gay, corpulent dwarf with diabetes. i am severely jaundiced. i am jewish and homosexual. i am from turkey. i am a 9 year old black muslim. i love baubles and doodads. i am an uncircumcised nascar dad. i am only wearing a peru flag. i am a gay conservative. i am against kwanza. i live with my parents. i am on disability. i am on welfare. i am 7 feet tall. i am against gays. i love the koran and islam. i want to walk someday. i live in a bunker. i am a proud anime dad. i am a gracious grandpa. i am a gay gramp. i love kwanza. i love diabetes. i am against anime. i want to be an anime. i am from peru. i am a gay peru grandad. i am only wearing moccasins. i am only wearing a fanny pack filled with medical supplies. i am against dwarfs. i am a nascar muslim. i love weed. i have high-fuctioning autism. i am an arab dwarf. i am a wiccan dad. i am a deranged nascar papa. i am a humble, gay muslim. i eat moss. i eat bones. i eat bags. i am from carlsbad caverns. i am a wiccan burn victim. i am against islam. i work in a satchel factory. i work in a korn factory. i am a muslim soccer gramp. i am a gay soccer muslim. i am 11 years old. i am an anime. i love glaucoma anime. i am from chad. i am a gay chad dwarf. i am a soccer vamp. i love weed and soccer. i love weed and the torah. i love cooters. i love a girl's snatch. i love a girl's cooch. i love a gay dad's anime dick. i love a gramp's swollen soccer dick. i am an uncircumcised puerto rican pap pap. i love a gay kwanza fiesta. i am from kwanza. i am an autistic anime soccer dad. i am only wearing a soccer bag. i am the dad of your dreams. i am a wiccan grandpa in the sewers. i live in the sewers. i am 3 feet tall. o am looking at a koran with binoculars. i am looking at a cooter with binoculars. i love a gay dwarf's cooter.

-bart simpson
#115661 week ago
Do gore pictures bother you? Are you triggered by pixels on your screen?? lmao that shit doesnt affect me but guess im just different, usually when i see gore i LAUGH
#115611 week ago
ive never seen a fat fold creeping up on toes before. its actually pretty impressive
#115611 week ago
tf is up with that ankle? LOL jesus
#46421 week ago
a young child#23251 week ago
im spil;ling some liquor for dani tonight RIP bros
#115571 week ago
Oh god I’m so horny
#109371 week ago
Yes please
#1 Admin1 week ago
Either we moderate or you keep getting spammed gore and shit pictures.
#95441 week ago
this is some gay high school level drama shit
#109371 week ago
Scared someone is gonna post a boob because youre a homo
#109371 week ago
Pussy ass website moderation needing ass
#115511 week ago new build. rate?
#111341 week ago
ok nigger
#111341 week ago
ok nigg er
Shel#20441 week ago
@11538 Last post of the "lead admin update thread" Slurs are once again banned on SGM. Highwon has decided to give it a go after much internal discussion. They have been added back to our Harassment Protocol. We may be somewhat easy on them for the first week while people adjust. I am very happy about this change, and I know a lot of you will be also.
#115381 week ago
So funny. Also where does it say they were banned? That used to be a big deal to me but its funny how he wouldnt listen to me.
#115361 week ago
lol u guys get triggered by words on ur screen so u ban them. Guess what guys, nigger!
#115271 week ago
about time
#115281 week ago
Slurs have been banned on SGM again.
#111341 week ago
DarkShiny is a nigger
#111341 week ago
UncleBee is a nigger
#115241 week ago
Grooming people under the age of 18 is a form of pedophilia within Europe - Siddo is a pedophile regardless of whether or not SGM only follows US law and Siddo was banned for it, if Siddo was innocent he wouldn't have been banned
#111341 week ago
Takagi is a nigger
#113711 week ago
if you’re talking about siddo you are mistaken. Being rule 13 just applies to US law, and with a lot of Europe being ~16 pedophile doesn’t really apply to him
Rozboon#5103 🏅1 week ago
Doesn't crescent have several staff that are banned from SGM for being pedos?
#109351 week ago
Lets not forget that an actual pedo is currently staff on Crescent
Rozboon#5103 🏅1 week ago
Sure lets go, what rank are you? I'm Immortal 1.
#115101 week ago
Who wants to play valorant
#111031 week ago
Oh and by the way #11134 is Indy
#111031 week ago
SGM? More like pedo cult
#111031 week ago
The reason why Indy isn't getting banned already from SGM is because pedo staff are trying to fuck him IRL
#115031 week ago
Can we all just agree that Crescent was a big failure?
#111341 week ago
tz- when do u get unbanned?
tz-#169 🥉1 week ago
explain 11371
not proper#995 🥈1 week ago
Was the proper site by the looks of it
#114851 week ago
anyone know if jewtwo is actually registered sex offender or if it was an ip logger

either way still sad
#114841 week ago
or a karen
#113711 week ago
a soccer mom is just a tomboy milf
Person below me#114791 week ago
Indeed I am
#111341 week ago
Person above me is a gay nigger
Saddam Hussein#114661 week ago
Gib big tiddy hottie goth trad waifu plzzz thanks
#88231 week ago
pretty cool site
#88231 week ago
just kidding lol
#88231 week ago
this site is actual cancer
a young child#23251 week ago
where are the leaked discord logs
#111341 week ago
Solar Panel#72611 week ago
Meheezy likes Big hot men fucking with hot men all over
#113691 week ago
Niger tv fh
Takagi-san #114181 week ago
#114501 week ago
Penis lol
Takagi-san #114181 week ago
i hate kikes like you why can’t you just die
Takagis juicy ass#45821 week ago
Jesus this is a fan account of your butt bro why the hate
tz-#169 🥉1 week ago
takagi juicy ass big ole dumpy
tz-#169 🥉1 week ago
Takagi-san #114181 week ago
you have a cringe name like bro... what was going through your head when you logged onto the computer, went on, set your name as that, and just started posting.....i hope you sincerely get gunned down in a dark alley way...
Takagis juicy ass#45821 week ago
Yeah leave them alone sheesh
Takagi-san #114181 week ago
i am not your negro!
#111341 week ago
ok nigger
Takagi-san #114181 week ago
you gooks are creepy....stay away from me....
Dazza#114321 week ago
Helix#114301 week ago
The person below me and above me are both pedos
#114242 weeks ago
Next person to talk is a pedo
#114242 weeks ago
Ok pedophiles
Takagis juicy ass#45822 weeks ago
Ohhhh baby
tz-#169 🥉2 weeks ago
takagi gay
Takagi-san #114182 weeks ago
- black Bart Simpson
pacifist#111972 weeks ago
takagi eats pants
Takagi-san #114112 weeks ago
Say that to me without hiding behind a no name you degenerate scum faggot gook
#111342 weeks ago
Takagi is a gay nigger
Takagi-san #114062 weeks ago
can i be mod 4 this im real good. won’t make fun of you owner...xoxo xoxo :DDD
#113692 weeks ago
When u get shit stuck in ur asshair
a young child#23252 weeks ago
tfw you beat your dick too hard and it gets a bit swollen and your piss goes everywhere when ur pissing

#justnoncircumcised things
Takagis juicy ass#45822 weeks ago
Tfw you sneeze on your period but can’t tell if it’s blood or you peed yourself. F in chat
Not stozperanditas#113652 weeks ago
Person above triple rart
Not stozperanditas#113652 weeks ago
Come on. You were supposed to stop talking when i said y’all rarted
#111342 weeks ago
UncleBee is a gay nigger
#111342 weeks ago
Rozboon#5103 🏅2 weeks ago
Who's this retarded anon?
#113502 weeks ago
ah great website i won't lie pretty great work of forum copy paste code
#113502 weeks ago
are you guys really big enough enthusiasts to go back literal months of an archive to shit someone over lmao
#113502 weeks ago
are you guys really big enough enthusiasts to go back literal months of an archive to shit someone over lmao
Rozboon#5103 🏅2 weeks ago
Whats his steam profile?
#113452 weeks ago
Check his steam profile
Rozboon#5103 🏅2 weeks ago
not proper#995 🥈2 weeks ago
Jewtwo literal sex offender LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
Virunas#113142 weeks ago
Y’all rarted
Hidden by admin.
tz-#169 🥉2 weeks ago
Rozboon#5103 🏅2 weeks ago
Solar Panel#72612 weeks ago
not proper#995 🥈2 weeks ago
sunshine lollipops
#112772 weeks ago
a young child#23252 weeks ago
asssssssd xzfffffffffzxxxxxxxxx
#112772 weeks ago
Kyle was getting kind of used to bwieping someone he love now day bleed and night fall
#112772 weeks ago
Bootcamp Mac or shit soon
#110162 weeks ago
Fish do indeed get thirsty. Salt water fish need to carefully balance the salt levels in their body and cells
#112772 weeks ago
tz-#169 🥉2 weeks ago
yo fuck you u deadass dmed me this bullshit on discord when you first made it let me xd faggot
Hidden by admin.
#112722 weeks ago
tz-#169 🥉2 weeks ago
#112712 weeks ago
Rozboon#5103 🏅2 weeks ago
I definately don't want to be anywhere near you tz, you stink.
tz-#169 🥉2 weeks ago
11134 can u tell us ur name please i love u pls dont be mean to me :(

also ye fuck zomb and roz
Rozboon#5103 🏅2 weeks ago
Oh it doesn't? weird. I'll also have to deny your request to fuck me, 11134.
#112552 weeks ago
Roz is wrong. it doesn't work on Crescent. The owner there is competent enough to code a bot to prevent it.
#111562 weeks ago
Yo eks dee is really cooland he should be admon
#111342 weeks ago
fuck zomborg, tz-, and rozboon
Rozboon#5103 🏅2 weeks ago
Doesn't really fuck anything up lol, and works on anything that has a shoutbox/discord thats linked.
#93602 weeks ago
wanna spam sgm discord?
do this on the shoutbox
will tag the linked role and fuck shit up
tz-#169 🥉2 weeks ago
damn 11134 whatd i do for you to have a crush on me *blushes*
Shel#20442 weeks ago
Shel#20442 weeks ago
LMAO ok so you post a picture of me from Jan years of LAST year. Ok then
Rozboon#5103 🏅2 weeks ago
nicely done jabba! now just keep doing it for every new number
#1 Admin2 weeks ago
It has nothing to do with gmod drama. Just trying to rid ourselves of shit posts.
not proper#995 🥈2 weeks ago
bro admin, that isnt nsfw
Hidden by admin.
#11263 User was banned for this post.2 weeks ago Lay
#112632 weeks ago Wait so
Mark#112412 weeks ago
#112632 weeks ago
Do fish get thirsty ros?
Mark#112412 weeks ago
Jabba#112312 weeks ago
I found the button Roz, but this number ain't permanent.
Shel#20442 weeks ago
I’ll fully admit I said some shit I normally wouldn’t cause I was on anon. I don’t think much when I get hurt and want to hurt back. It’s not healthy and I know that. Either way. To whoever posted that og pic of me, ggs. Roz, you’re alright. I take back anything I’ve said about ya.
Rozboon#5103 🏅2 weeks ago
It's just the typical incels, Respect for you coming out of being anon though, most of these retards are too scared to do it after talking random shit about people.
Shel#20442 weeks ago
Wait that didn’t make sense. I said I was 81 but I don’t remember saying those **
Oh and for the shit I’ve said. Yeah I said a few bad things but most of it was after people really pissed me off. It’s no excuse but hey. Shit happens
Shel#20442 weeks ago
I went and looked back and I haven’t even said anything that bad ckmpared to a lot of people here. Yeah I said that but I don’t remember saying that, I might’ve typo’d the number. Idc. Roz you’ve been alright to me lately and I appreciate that. But man. Some of you really need help
Rozboon#5103 🏅2 weeks ago
There's a lot from 81 as well, and in one of 2044's post it says they are also #81.
"Both communities are full of toxic pathetic assholes. Saying one has more than the other is just hilarious. You cunts will go after anyone for the slightest fucking thing and say and do the most vile things. EVERYONE needs a reality check. And before you say it nah I’m not mad. Just disappointed"
"Fags, all of ya"
"Bunch of pathetic cunts"
"The mods hate all of the players. They resent the legitimate reasons the players are mad and upset. Isn’t it lovely?"
"Sgm is a sess pool of the worst parts of the internet with a few good ones sprinkled in. Until you dumbasses drive them away"

There's a lot more, I don't feel like doing that big of a wall with it all though.

#112592 weeks ago
what'd you mean by #81 roz? I just see the banned act w nothing interesting
Virunas#112562 weeks ago
R ppl actually mad at highwon now
#112552 weeks ago
holy shit good catch roz. she's literally been telling people to kill themselves, etc this whole time. She literally posted "Everyone is ugly inside and out"... talk about some foreshadowing.
#111342 weeks ago
Tz- is a dumb nigger
#27572 weeks ago
look here shelbutt ive not talked to you and I've not even mentioned your name anywhere since 2018. i never liked you through no fault of your own and kept contact to a minimum but keep my name out of this most recent retarded hate circle jerk that's going on.
-rhie :)
Rozboon#5103 🏅2 weeks ago
Actually, after looking through the archive for posts from 2044/81, if thats actually shel, go get her incels!
Rozboon#5103 🏅2 weeks ago
Wtf is going on here? Why are you all going after shel now.
#112192 weeks ago
too bad I couldn’t hit you with my train before Thomas the Tank engine went in balls deep
Mark#112412 weeks ago
Bros, where did Dwardu and Ace-Hardlight go?
#109392 weeks ago
ur a gosh darn cutie patootie shel ignore them
#112402 weeks ago
shut up bitch nobody cares about your sad life fatty fat fat. save the planet and beach urself whale
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